Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Grant Lee Phillips was on Thursday. Before the show I was sitting there talking to Brendan, trying to keep him entertained, because I am so boring, when he mentioned he is pretty certain that Bush is going to remain in the white house for another four years. Now I am leaving for London in January so if this happens I will miss the first six months of the god-awful chaos that might follow. The problem here is what will I be coming home to? If Bush stays I have a feeling this country that I hold dear will just go down the drain. I might just have to stay in London and finish out my degree there. I figure there is no better time in my life than now to live somewhere else. I have no attachments. No one's life here will go into chaos if I move away. This I the only time in my life I am replaceable. It is defiantly something to think about.

By the way...Grant was in top form. I can never get enough of that guy.

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