Thursday, December 30, 2004

Everybody goes home for Christmas

...and another year end list from yours truly.

Well the holidays went off without a hitch. For the record, without a hitch in my family means no one was seriously injured and no one professed their sheer hatred for one another. I am becoming aware of many peoples blasé attitude toward the holiday. I for one don’t think I can ever be anything but excited for Hanukkah or Christmas. Yes, the gift giving can get a bit psychotic. Yes, all families can get a bit…much. But, I think people are starting to miss the point. December is the one time of year where everyone HAS to get together. No excuses. No backing out. Who cares if giving presents has become the mere exchange of a good for another good worth the same exact price as said gift you bought for that person. Who cares if people fight and go crazy and yell and then hug and then yell some more. The point is we are doing this together. I have three of my great grandparents left. Thank God, they are all alive and healthy but I don’t get to see them much. The holidays help that. They let me see them for however long I will still have them here.

Christmas morning Josh and I went to his family’s house. His family is one of those great “All American” families. He has three husky brothers, a bbq cooking dad, and a very outgoing sweet mother. Around five it was off down to San Diego for my families shin ding. My family comes from a slightly different world than Josh’s. To sum it up, my very large family gathering, very loud family gathering, and very comedic family gathering was held at La Costa country club. Needless to say I slept like a baby that night.

So the year is almost to an end, I have a few more days of best of lists coming but for now I will give you what, in my life, where the ten best things or experiences to affect me this year. In random order…

1. Amy and Ethan’s wedding – After what seemed like years of planning and stressing, the wedding finally arrived. Thankfully everything came out beautifully. Well beautiful yet very “Kaplan” oriented. The rings were misplaced, the rabbi told the entire congregation that my Aunt Jenna was pregnant (she isn’t), and actually made fun of my brother during the ceremony. Aside from that…no hitches! I had never seen my brother so happy before. He has had this glimmer of life in his eyes since the day he met Amy. August 7th magnified that glimmer. Those two compliment each other perfectly and there is no one else I would ever want as a sister. Sometimes I find myself stopping to think, “Wow I can’t believe my brother is married! And he is only 3 years older than me.” We are growing up and pretty soon I will grow up too. Oh yeah, getting toasted with the whole bridal party afterward was some fun too.

2. New Mexico – We took a road trip to New Mexico to catch the last show of REM’s North American tour. Besides the concert being absolutely fabulous, the experience of a road trip with cool and fun people had to be the highlight. Between playing a game of “truth” for hours in the car, sleeping in the seedy Route 66 motel, and having one surreal party, I would have to say the whole entire weekend was the actual highlight. New Mexico was a time capsule. It is now a little bubble of time to be kept in the memory bank for safekeeping.

3. The Alchemist – this book was written years ago. However, I just read it this year. This is a very thin book written in simplistic language to resemble a fable. This “fable” of sorts changed my life. I identified with Santiago, the main character a someone who, at the beginning of the book, was in the same place I was in my life. Santiago was on a journey to find his own destiny. Along the way he meets teachers who are not teachers and friends who are not ordinary friends. I do not lead a mystic life or a life of an alchemist, but this book parallels my life and gave me inspiration when I needed it most.
4. My new friends and my new relationship – Between my new job and meeting fellow REM fans, I have made quite a few new friends this year. I have to say though the best part about all these new friendships is my new boyfriend. I started out the year not wanting to let anyone in, and somehow it just sprung up on me. It was a surprise. It was something I tried to fight for a while…but at years end I have found myself in love, no matter how hard I tried to fight it at the beginning. I guess sometimes things just happen that you can’t stop. It all happens for a reason and right now I am just glad it did.

5. Coachella – This was my first music festival event. I went with my brother, brother – in- law and a few other friends. Besides the concerts being unbelievably incredible the experience of being at an outdoor festival in the middle of the 110-degree dessert was the part that sticks out. I felt like a rock n roll princess. I stood in the pit smashed up against everyone for 7 hours and eventually, yes I did get knocked unconscious. It was the greatest day.

6. REM Tour – In four days I went to three REM concerts in October. I can go to 20 REM concerts and never get tired of it. There was a big group of us who went to all three shows and we managed to party for four days all the while seeing some of the best live music I have ever seen. Michael was in top form and seemed to really just enjoy doing what he did. Besides the LA show, the crowds were awesome. And, the tailgate party at Irvine was one to remember. Well….try to remember anyway.

7. Leaving the Dance Studio – I miss the dance studio with every fiber of my being. I miss my dance teachers and my fellow dancers everyday. It was just something I needed to do to grow up. I went and got a full time job. I started making my own money. By leaving the dance studio I became a full-fledged adult. If I had to pick one thing that CHANGED my life the most, it would really have to be this job switch. I attempted to learn time management. I became used to not being able to do anything with my day. At years end I can honestly say I have become a responsible adult…well at least as much of one as I will allow.

8. Rachelle and Lyndsey – It was nice to have my two best friends home all summer. What is even more amazing is that after all of these years we are still best friends. This summer, although very mellow, was one of the best summers because all we did was lay out and watch Sex and the City.

9. The entire month of November – My birthday is November 6th. However, I took it upon myself to declare November the birthday month. I must have had about 5 different parties with separate groups of friends. I got the best gifts, including my long awaited right hand ring, as well as a Disneyland annual pass. I went to see a concert, I saw my whole family, and had a drunken night of hell raising with the girls. It was a great month

10. Harry Potter – Harry got me through the rough patches of the year. I had not given in to the phenomenon so I had all five books to read this year. The books are classic fantasy fiction, perfect for escaping the depressed days and diving into this new world of bravery, action, redemption, and infinite possibility. Add on to that the three movies I also saw this year and I have to say Harry really helped me forget those “down days”.

I have no idea what this next year will bring me. However, like I said before I am now happy living with the questions, instead of always striving for the answer. Hopefully next year will bring more happiness, health and love to my life and to those around me. I have a slight feeling it will be a good year…just as long as we don’t behave too much.

Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Christmas time...

It is Christmas eve as I write this. I have just gotten home from a nice stressful day at the mall. Yes I know, I did my shopping late. I had finals and then the busiest week at work, so get over it.

However, I am finally done with my gifts. All I have to do is wrap. AND I can finally just sit back and enjoy the holiday. OK not so true…

Tomorrow I have two, yes two family Christmas parties to go to. In the morning I am going to Josh’s parents house where his whole family plus many friends will be there. Oh yeah not stressful at all. I have not even met a single member of his family yet. Stressful is not the word I am looking for…. just a little nervous maybe.

Then for dinner we are off to San Diego for a four-course Christmas meal at the La Costa country club. My entire west coast family will be there and they are a piece of work. There is a new person coming to dinner and I have no doubt they will all be on him like a shark on a nice cold raw slab of bloody meat. My Grandpa can be scary to new people (think of the Godfather) and the women in my family are worse than I am. The women in my family are what I will be in 40 – 70 years… Yeah picture that. I feel bad for the boy already.

This morning Josh and me decided to go to the mall right when it opened in order to beat the crowds. It is something I like to call wishful thinking. We got to the mall after he dropped off his car and the parking lot was already full. Now me in a mall is like a kid in a candy shop. Josh had to stop when he would realize I was 100 feet behind him staring at a new lip-gloss. I wanted to go in every store and kept getting the usual, “ no honey we are on a time limit.”

I am happy to say that we survived the two malls and three stores we had to attend today and, like I said, I did manage to finish all my shopping.

So I am surviving Christmas.barely. But in reality I have to say I am one of those people who just LOVE the holidays. I love giving gifts. I love getting gifts. I love all the moods everyone gets in. I love the food and the joy and just the all around warm fuzzy feelings.

I hope this finds everyone in the middle of a crazy but joyous holiday. Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Merry Christmukkah…

Lets have many more…

Sunday, December 19, 2004

End of the year..Beginning of a new life…

Reflections on 2004.

Life changes pretty damn fast if you think about it. We started this year with me at a crossroads with every aspect of my life. My brother was not yet married. I was still coming to terms with his engagement and to say I was an ice queen is an understatement. I had lost my passion in 2004. At the start of this year not much affected me. There is merit in being unaffected by anything but too much of it and one can become hollow. I did not let anybody in and I was content with being alone. I wanted to be alone. I find myself at the end of the year in a complete opposite direction. I have let in a new sister. I have let in a new man. Scary as it may seem, I am happier than ever before. Much of what happened this year is a direct result of my way of thinking. I have found that the way we think directly results in what becomes of our life. Think happy and happy happens. Think passion and passion happens.

I said I would deliver my best of 2004 lists and I think I will have to start with the 10 best concerts attended this year. For the first time actually, I went to enough concerts to actually merit a 10 best of list in that department.

10. The Darkness – hair cheesy metal is back and in full force. These guys brought the fun back into rock n roll. With a full wall of amps, it was hard to hear the following day but a falsetto “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” while wearing a chest baring body suit more than made up for it.

10.5 – Britney Spears – Staples Center. I know this can totally get rid of my music credibility but hear me out. I am a dancer and when seeing a pop show like this that is what I judge by. Britney can’t sing. She lip syncs. Britney’s music is straight from the box teenybopper pop music. Music by numbers I like to say. With all that aside she still knows how to put on a show. The dancing and choreography was awesome. Her stage presence is that of a seasoned veteran. There were a few shocking moments involving dry sex on a bed and various makeout sessions with dancers, but it just added to the pure shock value of the night. Only a dancer can understand.

9. Fleetwood Mac – Irvine Meadows – The biggest reason I was in love with this show was Lindsey Buckingham. I always have considered him one of the best guitar players out there but this night even he shocked me. He was given a lot more solo time and for that I was extremely grateful.

8. The Shins – Wiltern. While the audience looked like they came straight out of The OC, The Shins were anything but trend of the moment. I was slightly worried how these guys would pull off a live show but it was awesome. I was in the worst mood going into the show that night. Why I was is a long story but the point is they got me out of my mood in two seconds flat.

7. Franz Ferdinand – Wiltern. – One of the only concerts where I was dancing the whole time. Franz Ferdinand are not as artistically unique as many make them out to be. They are basically a combination of many eighties bands. But they know how to put on a fun and entertaining show.

6. The Cure – Curiosa festival. I remember standing there with Ian when Smith began the opening chords to Fascination Street and thinking, “ahhh yes and this is one of those moments you remember.”

5. – Travis – Wiltern - Fran Healy speaks we can’t understand him. “Amy what did he just say”? Amy replies, “Does it matter.” Yeah Fran has that sexiness about him. However, they also put on a great live show. The highlight was when Fran unplugged his guitar and did an acoustic (not even a sound system) version of Flowers in the Windows. Just him and his guitar with an eerily quiet audience and everything fell into place.

4. – Gomez – Ventura. I have been a fan of Gomez for a couple years now, ever since Liquid Skin came out. However, they are a completely different experience live. Gomez are one of those bands that are truly a “live” act.

3. – Radiohead – Coachella music festival. This was on Saturday, the day I did not get trampled and knocked unconscious. We were hot and in dire need for water. I was with four boys and in need for some “no testosterone” territory. BUT the show was perfect. The show was amazing. In renewed my faith in radiohead.

2. – Prince – Staples Center. There is a reason why this guy is an icon. There is a reason why he has lasted so long. He is a man who knows how to put on a show. He is a man who performance aside gives impeccable musical output. He is the closest to technically perfect I have seen. I was in the 8th row and for a good solid 2.5 hours he stopped my heart.

1. REM - Irvine Meadows. I had four REM concerts to choose from. Each one was beautiful and memorable in their own right. However, I wanted to choose just one for my list and for some reason this one was the first that came to mind. It was not just the concert but also the events that surrounded the concert. We had an awesome tailgate party where I met some new friends and I got to go backstage for the first time. The show itself was pure REM gold.

Stay tuned for more best of lists.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The energizer bunny just keeps going and going and going…

The holidays are upon us again. Between dealing with overcrowded malls and irate customers you would think I would be on my last leg. Fear not my friends, I am not down for the count. Finals just ended today and I am now officially on winter break. My New York trip and consequently New York shopping spree are looming in the distance. Holiday love and cheer is in the air. My Chanukah presents were satisfactory. Everything is falling into place. Well almost.

I am at the moment sick and I only have Josh to blame. I can’t remember the last time I got more than four hours of sleep a night. I am still not done with my Chrismukkah shopping. And, I am falling into the big giant holiday stress abyss. No worries, though, I am still happy as a clam and it would take a lot to break me down.

I am really looking forward to New York. The whole family plus Josh are going for Shane’s Bar Mitzvah and then me and Josh have extended our stay for a few more days to make a sort of mini vacation out of it.

Before New York comes though we still have two holidays left. Christmas will involve family gathering hopping. New Years will involve a heavy dose of fun and resolutions. Gifts will be given and I have no doubt a dramatic story arc will play out in one way or another. It always does. We just have to love the holidays.

In other news….I am head over heels for Neil Gaimen. Everyone read him. Do the literature world a favor. Do your brain a favor and read this author. It is like a literary LCD trip. This reminds me that my annual best of lists will be coming to a blog near you. It is that time of year. We all know I have perfect taste so rest assured the lists will be informative.

I am sorry for the sporadic updates. Life has been busy right now. When I have time to breathe I am usually spending it…..yeah well…

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So I changed my blog a bit. It is so purty now. You can also post comments which is neato. Feel free to rip me apart now! :)

Monday, December 06, 2004

A year end questionaire!

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
I took a road trip to New Mexico for an REM concert. :)

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I am not sure I remember what they were.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?
no thank God, knock on wood!

5. What countries did you visit?
none, the wedding put a damper on my travel plans

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004?
Love, more travel, more adventures,

7. What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
October 16th that was the Irvine show. October 20th it was my first date.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Getting a full time job and being good at it.

9. What was your biggest failure?
I really did not have any failures. I don't believe in them

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nothing bad. Normal working out injury stuff.Hurt my back a bit.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
well the best thing was something bought for me which is my diamond right hand ring

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
too many people to name. my friends and family and Josh all treat me wonderful.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
I don't let anyones behabior depress me

14. Where did most of your money go?
to clothes and cds and dvds :o

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

all my REM concerts I went to

16. What song will always remind you of 2004?
Ascent of Man - REM, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - U2, My Preogative - Britney

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i.happier or sadder? happier
ii. thinner or fatter? the same
iii. richer or poorer? ehhh the same

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I wish I would have done more traveling

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
spending money on clothes

20. How will you be spending the Winter?
shopping, traveling to NewYork, cuddling,

22. Did you fall in love in 2004?
with the world

23. How many one-night stands?

24. What was your favorite TV program?
Lost and the OC

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
I don’t hate anybody

26. What was the best book you read?
The Dark Tower VII

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?/new artist for 2004?
Clinic, Secret Machines, Tv on the Radio

28. What did you want and get?
I always get everything I want. I got the person I wanted. I got the gifts I wanted too :)

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 23. I went to see The Delgados. I also had a birthday party. I also got taken to Disneyland. I also had a family lunch thing. I like birthdays

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
my mini REM tour. Meeting all the new people I met.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004?
always cute. hehe

33. What kept you sane?
not staying in even if I was tired. It kept my mind off of work hanging with my friends.

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Michael Stipe and Johnny Depp.

35. What political issue stirred you the most?
the elections

36. Who did you miss?
Rachelle and Lyndsey both moved away so I miss them all the time.

37. Who was the best new person you met?

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004:

Every time you break a bone it grows back even stronger

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:

"Wouldn't it be a lovely headline...'Life is Beautiful'..."

Sunday, December 05, 2004

So what follows is as much of a description of New Mexico that I can give as well as some cute pictures.

You know you are working too hard when you fall asleep watching movies on two different dates. Yeah I am turning into one of those people.

This past week has been one hell of a week. Which, incidentally is the reason I have not had time to post anything.

Got some clarity on a few things this week…some good clarity. Other than that I have been so busy with school, work, and life stuff that I really can’t remember the last time I got four hours of sleep in a night. More updates coming but for now, enjoy the pictures and the New Mex recap!

Me being me :)

Me being me :), originally uploaded by Rachelkap.

way into the night in New Mexico...drunk as a skunk! :)

Me and Naomi

Me and Naomi
Originally uploaded by Rachelkap.

Taken right before the concert. We are just so cute! hehe

Surreal…but nice.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that in the past week, I could finally pay off my damn credit card debt!

Bare with me, this could get crazy. I have not written in a long time due to the fact that for the past week or so my life has been a whirlwind of the most pleasurable magnitude. Don’t worry…I will sleep next year.

Last weekend Steve, Naomi, Josh and I embarked upon our road trip to New Mexico to catch R.E.M’s final North American show. After planning on leaving at 5:00 and actually getting on the road at 7:00 we stopped at some motel in the middle of the night in middle of nowhere to catch some Z’s. You know a motel is interesting when the name on the front is “Route 66” and next door is the Road kill Café. It was getting cold and after Josh turned on the air-conditioning thinking it was the heater, and then finally found something that might look like a heater, we managed to get some sleep. Well by some sleep I mean a couple hours. There seems to have been some slight snoring coming from the other room. Hehe.

We got into New Mexico in the afternoon of the next day and I have to say that Kelly and Donna’s house is just fabulous. You know a house is good when you automatically feel comfortable and at home. Kelly and Donna were the most amazing hosts and it was so good to see them again. Their kids are adorable and just what I imagined them to be.

So we finally get to the concert and of course REM put on one hell of a show. It is such a shame I don’t get to see them again until London next summer, but I consider myself lucky anyway. After the show we managed to party at Kelly and Donna’s until the wee hours of the morning….or at least until I passed out on the stairs and had to be put to bed. The party was…surreal but nice.

Then the snow came…
I tried to have a snowball fight in the morning. That did not work. We wanted to get out of town by 9:00 AM. That did not work. There was black ice on the roads and I had to flirt with a cop just so he would let us pass a roadblock. For a few hours we even had to snail along at half speed. However, 13 hours later we made it back home safe and sound. The road trip was over. The experience still fresh in our minds. The happiness and pleasure feeling set to last a long long time.

At the moment I am still bathing in the afterglow of the trip (among other things). Sometimes things happen that we bundle up into these little pockets of time. We can go back and think about these pockets always with a smile on our face. New Mexico is now in a little pocket of time.

Me and Joshy

Me and Joshy
Originally uploaded by Rachelkap.

Yeah I was a little drunk in this picture. In fact, the memory of when this picture was taken is slightly blurry. But damn it is a cute picture!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Through the looking glass....

I have not written in a while due to some business I just can't shake.

Sunday Simoney and me went to the Hustler store to stock on some goodies. And man did I stock up. We also got money a new vibrator, which she better be practicing with now! I got so many cool things like honey powder, heated massage oil, and some new ruffled panties. :)

Last night I got one of my best birthday presents. (Yes I am still celebrating my birthday get over it) I got taken to Disneyland and I even got an annual pass. :) I have not been in months and it was so beautiful so see all the holiday decorations. They made the Haunted Mansion up for the holidays with all Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. I also got to see the fire works and the electric parade. I had not been to the California Adventure Park ever, so it was really cool to see that. (Of course I can now go all the time hehe)

It got so cold and with all the lights it reminded me of being in New York over Christmas time. Even with just walking down Main Street looking at the holiday windows, I got this nostalgia for the Macy's windows. I hope they are still up in January. I did just find out that my little cousins are already counting down the days to see me. I am so creating monsters.

Aside from all this I have just been hanging out with my girls and enjoying the few hours I am not working or in school. It is nice to have this week off from school, I feel like I can breathe. Tomorrow night Ethan and Amy are coming down since they will then go up to Lake Arrowhead tomorrow with the rest of the family. SANS ME! Yup, that is right I am getting abandoned for Thanksgiving. The kicker is what my gram gram said to me about it.... get over it! I can't believe she said that!

Life is pretty much going to be go go go go for the next few months. Just the way I like it. I am getting a holiday buzz going on. I was in LA on Sunday and saw the new holiday funky lingerie outfits in the Trashy Lingerie window. Funny enough, that is when the buzz hit, thinking about how cute I would look in red velvet lingerie. I love the holidays. I love the lights. I love the presents and the Christmas music. I love the mood everyone gets in, so giving and loving. I know it is bad to celebrate Christmas, but hey it is a great holiday I can't help myself. :) I figure I just get two....or should I say Christmiskah (Thank you Seth)

Not much else to write just wanted to give an update. I shall leave you with a demand...Get the new U2 album!!!!

"The glow of inspiration warms us, it is a holy rapture." - Ovid (yeah I know I am obsessed with him)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ok taken from another's blog

A Series of Threes...


1. Depression. I should understand depression because I have been there. However, I don't get it. I don't get how someone can't just choose not to throw caution in the wind and look life in the face and laugh and giggle and have wide eyes of pure awe. Everything, and I mean everything, is a blessing. I wish people would get up every morning and thank their lucky stars for every single thing in their life. Because, we have a life. We are alive. Being alive is the greatest thing and to groan and whine about life when one is actually living it...I just don't understand.

2. I don't understand war. There just has to be another way. War just brings death and destruction and it seems to me that there are no winners ever.

3. I don't understand my head sometimes. It tells me conflicting thoughts and feelings and I know my inner voice is the only truth but damn if that "devil inside" does not get loud sometimes.


1. Boy shirt undies
2. Birthday suit
3. Baby oil


1. A half a can of diet coke
2. A bunch of pictures
3. Some magazines


1. Jump out of an airplane
2. Fall in love
3. Run with the bulls in Spain

1. Russian
2. Scottish
3. and part Goddess


1. My eyes
2. My butt
3. My tummy


ehh not much I am fine with it


1. I have survived three near death experiences. (Somebody up there wants me alive!)
2. I have had surgery.
3. I sometimes suffer from night terrors and wake up crying. (Damn over active imagination)


1. WhatEVER
2. tsk tsk tsk
3. I am so cute


1. New York (someday Rachel will live there)
2. Aruba (for the rest of my life this is my paradise)
3. Africa


1. Rachie
2. Snatchy
3. Precious/sweetheart/cutie pie etc.

Adding a few...


1. Throw myself a pity party. - They are so not worth it
2. Kill anyone (I may threaten though hehe)
3. Regret anything EVER!


1. Passion fruit
2. Orange roses
3. Chocolate anything


1. Everything
2. Everything
3. Did I mention everything?


1. I am hot headed
2. I am spoiled
3. I am such a brat


1. I am hot headed
2. I am a brat
3. I am confident and I believe in my life and myself. No matter what happens


1. The Count of Monte Cristo
2. Something Wicked this way Comes
3. The Idiot

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire." - Aristotle

Chance - I can't talk about chance without writing my favorite quote from one of my favorite poets. "Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish." Ovid was essentially the most impassioned poet of his time, as well as the most controversial (writing about sex acts in 10 AD will do that to you). But, here we see that leaving things up to chance is not merely sitting around waiting for something to happen. It also has nothing to do with going out to find it. Leaving things to chance involves being available to receive it, anytime and anyplace. The world will give you what you want, but you do have to live in the world, here and now, to even know what the hell it is giving you. Chance is a mere myth, just as coincidence is a myth. Things you get by chance, people you come across by chance, were supposed to happen. However, leaving things to chance opens doors you never even knew were there to begin with.

Nature - You can't fight nature. The tides chance, the sun rises, no matter how much you don't want it to. The nature of the person is the same way. You can't fight your own nature to be what you are. We learn to appreciate the tides as soon as we accept that that is what is in their nature to do. We learn to accept ourselves when we truly begin to love our own nature. We learn to accept other people as soon as we stop trying to change what is in their nature to be.

Compulsions - Compulsions are mere obsessions in disguise. I don't think they are all a bad thing either. Some of our compulsions are what makes us unique. Just so long as it does not become OCD I think compulsions are a great thing. Whether it be with chocolate, shopping, collecting certain things, a band, or even someone's ass. ;) We identify with people because of their compulsions. Compulsions are something we do unwillingly, some call it a weakness. I have a compulsion toward shopping and chocolate but that is what makes me me.

Habit - Habit is what gives us character. It is not enough to say we are going to do something. We must do it and do it often until it becomes a part of our character. Habits can be good or bad. Good habits, though, are necessary in life.

Reason - ahh reason, like a drug can be harmful in excess. Reason can be useful in solving problems but reason without any heart is horrid. One must follow their heart and instinct and use reason to HELP with the process, not the other way around.

Passion - Passion is probably the single most important thing one needs to have in life. Without passion for anything we would just be hollow shells. If anything can be deemed the most important quality in life, I would say it is passion. Passion is what drives me every day to do what I want to do. He who has passion has everything they need to make it in life. Yes, passion can sometimes cause pain, but it also is the cause for the greatest ecstasy we will ever know.

Desire - In Kabbalah when one asks, "Who am I"? The answer is, we are what we desire. Essentially what we desire makes us who we are and nothing else. I think maybe what we desire is what gives us a reason to even live.

This day has been a weird one for me. I am faced with a big decision and I am not sure what to decide. I have wanted to study in London for as long as I remember. Now I come to find out that may not be possible next semester. I might just have to do the 5-week summer program. (Hey at least REM are still playing this summer in London LOL). The reason I might not be able to go next semester is money. I come to find out that I just can't afford to pay back the loan right now and because of various reasons I will have to start paying it back right away. This is where reality and desire clash. I always say though there is a reason for everything and maybe I am not meant to leave home for 3 months. Maybe I am supposed to go for only 5 weeks. So I can either go in January and get into major debt that I am not sure I can pay off or I can go in the summer for half the cost. I defiantly have a hard decision to make.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Me and Maytal!

Me and Maytal!
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I get touchy when I am drunk, what can I say....hehe
more photos soon!!

drinking an oatmeal cookie

drinking an oatmeal cookie
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Me, Maytal and Lena...when I was still standing.

Getting started

Getting started
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Some pictures from last night. This was before we even got there. We started early. :)

Birthday madness is painful! AND, it is not even over, we are only halfway through November and I have about two or three more plans for my birthday left.

To better explain last night’s birthday party, let me give an example to what I woke up to.
A cut on my hand that was bleeding
- Various messages on my phone that included:
"Where are you"?
"Hey Rach, just wanted to say you are a good kisser..." (From Maytal!)
"Are you ok, how are you feeling"?
- No recollection of how I got home and into my bed
- A new insight to how people change sometimes
- The worst hangover EVER!

I had to perform a blowjob on a cucumber where I then proceeded to walk around with it asking strangers if they were jealous.

We all know how I say what is on my mind all the time; add alcohol and well you get the idea...

I loved my gifts though and it was so good to hang out with some of my girlfriends. A good time was had by all. :)

Pictures following...

The three of us!!

The three of us!!
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testing again. I promise I will post my pictures from last night on here now that I think I got the hang of this thing. Oh yikes, too bad I don't remember taking any of the pictures, lets hope they come out good. :)


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This is just a test. I am learning how to post pics. Being that I have a million pictures and my blog can look bland without them. So here are the girls, all of us in are pretty dresses. :)

Friday, November 12, 2004

I was going through some photographs late last night because I am working on making some albums. It is funny how all of our memories can be summed up into these snap shots. I had this pile of shots dating all the way to when I was a baby (and a damn cute one at that!), up until now. There was my life, spread out before me, all fitting into one album. I found myself wondering if a stranger were to look at this album what would they think?

They would see smiley happy baby photos, dance photos, party photos birthday photos and an entire year of my life missing from that time line. Not one picture exists in print of my 14th year, does that mean something to a stranger? Would they wonder why?

So they would see a happy childhood, a hole in the timeline, various friends growing up with me and various friends fading in and out as the years went by. They would see me grow up (well not literally).

Certain years' pictures were centered around certain groups of people and yet some people remain throughout. They would see my parents age and my brother grow up as well. Is this what my life is? One picture album? They would see vacations and trips, competitions and school proms.

So my question would be what would a stranger think of me, looking at this album? Each of these pictures mean something special to me. A happy memory, a painful memory, a good story, a funny story, a loved one, they all mean something.

When my grandparents house burnt down they lost everything, except their pictures. They had 10 minutes to grab what they could and go. They grabbed their pictures.

I have been dabbing in photography for years now, even getting paid now and then. Always pictures. Always assigning a meaning to them. So really, what do pictures really mean?

They are all just a memory

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I am wondering, how sometimes life sneaks up on us and gives us the most surprising gifts and the oddest times. Amy called yesterday, just like that. Amy called and this was following a heated meeting we had, and a missed birthday of mine on her part. Amy called and we talked like we normally do, as friends. She asked the gossip on my life and filled me in on hers. We talked of anything and everything and it almost seemed normal. Could this be the start of our friendship starting a new?

How much can one damage a friendship and still rebuild it once again? Josh says that if it is a strong friendship there usually is a good foundation to build upon. If anything, Amy and me do have a strong foundation. I have no clue what the next few weeks will bring in regards to Amy and me. She is coming on Saturday and I am excited about that. I guess we will just have to build from there.

It is weird how just a bit ago I thought me and Amy could never be friends again...and now I see hope. Ah for some reason I think the rest of the year is going to be just peachy. :)

I really have nothing else to write about today, some stuff is brewing, but until then...

"Fortune and Love favor the brave" - Ovid

Friday, November 05, 2004

A few things that just need to be said. Actually there are many things that need to be said. I apologize first, if it all comes out like a bunch of mush.

This might be long but it is less than 12 hours until my 23 birthday so I can ge away with everything

This year has been about changes. I have been going through cycles (literally) of intense passion and intense apathy. I have gone through the ups and downs and euphoria and depression. I have seen despair, pain, love, joy, wonder, and most of all questions and answers. I have seen questions in everything this year; I have found answers in many. I have been witness to things I have found painful to watch or witness to things I wish others did not have to go through. I also have been witness to some of the most beautiful things I might ever see. The ebb and flow of life has caused chaos for me this year, but the good kind. It has caused me to throw away any attachments I have had to any plan I thought I had, any thought I had at the way I thought things "should be" and sort of let things unfold as the way they were supposed to be. What came of it was one of the most chaotically beautiful and educational years of my life.

And this is what I learned...

Obstacles are blessings and sometimes we need them. There is a plan for us all and if God does not like the plan we are following he just might pull the rug out from underneath us. Think of it this way, you would rather have the band-aid ripped off fast then slowly and painfully. This year there were many rugs pulled out from underneath me and the people I know. I think we were all left standing with our hands in the air asking, "Well what now"? We thought we saw grad school in our future, or a wedding, certain people alive, certain jobs, and maybe even a whole entire life plan if we were that anal. And suddenly the band-aid was pulled off and we were left with an open wound and that picture we painted no longer exists. Here lies he blessing. Once the band-aid is off, the wound can heal. Once the air is clear, we can paint whatever new pictures we want. We can go back to grad school. We can defy our family and do whatever job we want. We can go back to regular school and prove everyone wrong. We can do whatever we want to do because that is what we are supposed to do. Paulo Coelho said, "to realize ones own destiny is ones only obligation in life." Well what some of us thought was our destiny, just wasn't.

Many know of the celestial kick in the ass that comes around the age of 27 - 30 called the Saturn return. The Saturn return is, essentially the time when Saturn returns to the spot it was when you were born. If your life is not where it should be, everything gets sort of screwed up and you have to start over. If you don't, then you will just get another "kick in the ass" and the next Saturn Return (which is why you see some whacked out 65 year olds who dump their lives and start anew)
I think my brother started his a year early this year. I actually know a few guys that had their Saturn returns this year. We just all got our asses kicked. But, like I said, this is all a blessing in disguise.

Next lesson learned...

You CAN choose to be happy. If you don't believe anything I say, please believe this. I am the first person in the world that would ever discount this rule. For goodness sakes, I spent 6 months locked in my room depressed (literally!). But, it is true, you can choose it. It really is quite simple. It involves a choice. Getting stuck in depression is a comfort zone ya see. We get comfortable thinking about our painful past. We lived through it; we know it and we are safe there. We feel comfortable wallowing in our own self-pity and insecurity because it is easy. It is a lot harder to be happy, that is scary, and that takes us into the unknown, into the impossible, into the infinite, into the future. It is out of our comfort zone to actually love ourselves, despite our flaws, despite the fact that we might not have everything but we may have something. It is scary to be happy with someone else, or at a new job, or at a new school. We get happy, we get scared, we get hurt. It is a vicious cycle. But, it does not have to be that way. All you have to do is choose happiness every single morning.

I was talking to someone yesterday about it when they were less than happy. I reminded them of Peter Pan, a boy I refer to many times when thinking of inspiration. They could only fly when they thought happy thoughts. They fell out of the sky when they thought of anything bad. Of course, I am not saying we can be goody Pollyanna’s all the time. We are human, we
cry. But isn't it nice to know, that it is ok to be happy and it is something that we do have control over? I mean I know that some days we are so stuck in that place where the world looks like crap and all we want to do is curl on the sofa in are comfy sweats eating ice cream and watching sex and the city episodes while we can pretend what is going on "out there" isn't really happening. I know sometimes the tears will come so fast we feel like we might choke on them. It is just easier to get out of. Harder to stay down for the count, if you know that you are putting yourself there.

Next lesson...

Hold onto your friends as tight as you hold onto your closest family members. This is not a suggestion this is a downright demand. I have made some mistakes this past year, letting some friends go for petty stupid arguments. Other friends have made mistakes as well. Thank God, at years end we can all sit down together and laugh through how stupid we all were and the friendships that were damaged are working toward building again. I think, regarding one of my most important friendships (and you know who you are), I was upset because I wanted things to be the way things were, instead of accepting the way things were becoming. Friendships, just like relationships, can change. And while someone may not be in my life every day like they used to, they can always be "with me." Old friendships will go through cycles and yet if they are strong, they will remain in your life forever.

At years end me and everyone around me find ourselves in the calm before the storm. I had talked of the supernova a while ago and I feel it started to explode. None of us know what the hell we are doing. We started school again. We started grad school again. We got new jobs. We lost jobs. We got rid of old relationships. We said goodbyes. We said some new hellos. We lost beliefs we held dear. Whatever happened, it is an understatement to say we all got that rug pulled out from underneath us. We are now all left standing with questions rather than answers, something that would piss off any Kaplan. But, this year has been about living with the questions, and for some reason that gives me more satisfaction than any answer could. An answer means an ending, and this year, sometimes painful and sometimes more beautiful than words can know, is about new beginnings.

So, sorry if this made no sense at all, but Happy Birthday to me anyway. I am now OLD!!!!! :)

Year End Highlights (from what I remember hehe)

- Getting wasted on New Years 2003 with Rachelle and Lyndsey and all those guys from high school i had not seen in a longggggg time. Kissing 5 of my friends (guys and girls hahahaha) at midnight because of said wastedness.

- Coachella this summer. The concerts were awesome and getting to the front row of the pit was amazing! The whole weekend was an adventure. BUT I have to say what sticks out in my mind now is how much I am a warrior for getting trampled and knocked unconscious in the pit of a concert baby!!! HHAHA

- Going clubbing at Rage with Brandon and allllll those HOT HOT men. Yeah too bad none of them wanted anything to do with me because I had female parts hehe. But, actually that is what makes clubbing with them fun. I can dance with them without having to worry about what their idea of dancing is. See their idea of dancing was dancing, not rubbing their hard on up against you.

- Probably the biggest EVENT of the year. Ethan and Amy - the wedding saga. I could spend a novel describing what the few months leading up to August 7th were like, but just rent My Big Fat Greek Wedding and replace the Greek with Jewish and you will get a pretty good idea. The day was gorgeous though. Amy looked breathtaking. Ethan looked handsome. Hell, I looked damn good as well ;)
The wedding was fun and I have to say the after party was HELLLLLLAAAAA FUN!!!!

- Amy's bachlerette party. I am not going to get into this. Vegas. Table dancing. Handcuffs. Drunk. We do not need to go any further.

- All the trillion concerts I went to.

- My REM groupie tour. We just talked about this so I will not bore you again with the details

- Spending the summer with my girls doing nothing anyone but us would understand. No one but us will understand how we can watch the same episode of Sex and the City 10 times and not get sick of it. No one but us will not get weirded out by out idiosyncrasies. This was the laid back summer compared to last, but in a way it was perfect.

- Getting closer with my mom.

- Escaping to Santa Barbara at a moments notice

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Connections a slight buzz and the continuing story of a mystery call

It would be a little easier to explain the way I am if one knew the way I grew up. Some people call the way I grew up naive. I call it lucky I have come to know that we do not expect what we do not know. For example, that is why many woman who had abusive fathers end up in abusive relationships, it is all they know.

So I grew up with really smart people around me. I grew up with smart, successful, strong, dignified, chivalrous, and genuine men. I grew up with graceful, strong, proud, and confident women. I know I am turning into one of these women and only associate myself with these types of is all I know. This is why it REALLY PISSES ME OFF to see one of my beautiful, smart, confident girlfriends with asshole shithead guys!!!! It really pisses me off when said guys hurt said friend. There are some great guys out there. I know tons of them. I am going to start hiring them to kick these loser guys' asses. Mini rant over. :)

So I got my history test back and in no way did I deserve the A I got. Yes, this is the history class with the hot and smart teacher. So at best I deserved a B on that test. My conclusion is hot teacher is either an easy grader or he also thinks someone has a seductive smile haha. All kidding aside, I think he was just being nice to little ole me. I am not complaining though, I might end up getting straight A's this semester after all.

The birthday buzz is starting. Saturday Amy and Ethan have planned a concert I have been wanting to go to. Steve and Brendan are joining. Sunday is the family traditional thing. Oh joy. So Nir always comes with me to be my support through it all, and sometimes a few other friends. Lyndsey and Rachelle obviously can't be there this year because they have a slight case of the outofstates so I was really relying on Nir. Now tell me if I am being all selfish...BUT this is my family lunch thing. My family likes Nir's girlfriend and everything of course. They have known her since she was little. But, they are not close with her. I am not close with her anymore. Nir is supposed to be coming for me! Yet when I called to talk to him about Sunday he asked if he could bring her and what was I supposed to say? I can't be a mean girl and say no but how weird is that? It is a family thing. I can understand her coming to a friend thing. Or I could just be being a prissy girl.

So, moving on...

The following Saturday, since Simone’s birthday is near mine, me, some of the girls and some guys are going clubbing. Good thing, I need to let off steam but these guys better be some damn good dancers or they so are not dancing with me. haha Seriously though it will be fun to hang out with the girls for our birthdays. I have not seen Simone in over a month. And, speaking of long time no see, there is the Anna situation. Anna, I had not seen or talked to since February, until last night. I cannot for the life of me remember why we fought to begin with and neither can she. But for some reason we had a fight and being that the only person more stubborn than I am is Anna, we just stopped talking. Simone split her time between us but with our looming birthdays Anna bit the bullet and IM'd me last night. Here is the thing with Anna. I did not talk to her for months and yet nothing changed. We forgot that we hada fight and just jumped right into being friends again, which usually consists of:

(Warning taken from an actual IM)
Anna - Hey Bitch
Rachel - Hey You
Anna - still causing trouble you horny scorpion?
Rachel - as always
Anna - thought so
Rachel - I miss your ass
Anna - I miss your ass
Rachel - I miss grabbing yours

So anyway, the rest gets censored haha. But, I get to see Anna next Saturday. Which to me is the best birthday present in the world. I seriously can't remember why we had a fight. I don't think it even matters anymore.

So all in all the birthday month plans are looking good so far. Of course, those can't be the only plans hehe, but it is early yet. :)

So, I got another call from mystery private caller last night, Luckily, I did not give him a chance to say much before I hung up. It was at about 2 o clock AM, around the same time as last time. I would not have answered but I thought it was someone else. Serves me right for answering a caller ID blocked number; I should know better. It is not freaking me out anymore. I mean, what he says is sooooooo vulgar and gross and perverted. But, it is just pissing me off that I don't know who it is. I have a slight feeling that it is a friend of a certain guy, but nothing is concrete. One thing is for sure; I am not answering any caller ID blocked numbers anymore, at least none that come late at night.

I really truly am so happy right now about reconnecting with Anna. It is amazing what impact friendships can have. Some friends become family we make for ourselves. I consider myself lucky to have such a large family. I think it is growing by the years. People I love surround me and at this time of year, nothing could be better. Well...almost nothing;)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Today the world continues to spin. In honor of that I made a list of my favorite things. Ya know in the sound of music there is a storm outside, as soon as the children talked about their favorite things, it would not have mattered if the sky were falling, they retreated to their own little bubble. So, without further delay I give you my favorite things…

Casablanca lilies, orange roses, R.E.M, the feel of soft cotton sheets on naked skin, Clover, the sun over Palm Beach in Aruba, a harvest moon, having someone to cuddle with you to warm you up, sour patch kids, any kind of diamond as long as it is high class and good cut, sunglasses (mostly Fendi and Dolce), getting lost in a good book, getting lost in a good kiss, the feel of the hot sun of my body during the summer, the smell of a bonfire at the beach, swimming in he ocean at night, dancing around my room to loud cheesy music, doing anything possible to make my friends laugh, making babies laugh, my dog Boris, my dog Sugar, my cat Ebony, Via National in Rome which has the best shopping EVER!, the old city of Jerusalem in Israel, diet coke, chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, my black pearl ring, blue topaz, tanzanite, going shopping with my mom since it is our neutral zone and the only time we seem to not fight, my grandma’s sense of class and grace, knowing that when I am old I will have the same sense of class and grace (good genes!!!), the smell of coconut oil, the smell of fresh strawberries, TiVO, my IPOD, Sex and the CIty, hip bones, my hip bones, eyes (especially green or really dark blue), warm hot tea with honey, raw chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies n cream ice cream, faux hawks, black rimmed glasses, singing along with a bad voice, 5 o clock shadow (on a guy), hot doctors, things that sparkle, laughing so hard your stomach gets sore, crying at a really sad movie, getting scared at a really scary movie, laughing at a really funny movie, getting my tummy touched until I feel like I might not be able to take anymore, talking to my girlfriends without actually having to say a word, having a secret code with my girlfriends no guy would ever understand, giving a guy a look only he would understand, cosabella panties, juicy couture sweat suits, being tickled,all of my many many favorite bands,all of my many many favorite books, runners high, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a really really good hamburger, the way you can make someone more confident just by telling them how awesome their ass looks in those jeans, a really good steak, black jack, winning at black jack, dancing all night, my Tibetan wish ring, my charm bracelet, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, my grandfather being the smartest man in the universe, love it all its shapes and sizes, feeling the freedom of bungee jumping, Frankie B jeans, laughing just for the hell of it, crying just for the hell of it, the way a guy smells just after a shower, The Beatles in all their perfection, Michael Stipe’s blue eye shadow, seeing random acts of kindness, being wicked, the word wicked, passion fruit, honey roasted peanuts, a really good politically incorrect joke and last but not least…..the feeling that nothing can happen to get rid of any of our favorite things. EVER!

God Bless America! (For they sell French panties and Swiss chocolate. )

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I really do not have anything to write today. I hope everyone voted. I voted. We all know whom I voted for. I have nothing to add. Republicans surround me. I woke up to republican text messages.

There is this guy on CNN named Tucker. He is wearing a RED BOW TIE! Dear god, who dresses some of these people?! He looks like a goober. How can anyone take whatever his opinion is seriously? He is wearing a blue shirt with a red bow tie. It is crooked too. I have just been informed that he always wears this?! Does he know that he looks ridiculous? I guess he is the "conservative" commentator for CNN. Well my my, doesn't he give conservative's sense of style a bad name. HAHA

I really have so much nervous energy I need to get out. I am running around in circles here. I could go see a scary movie. Oh but wait. NO ONE WILL SEE ONE WITH ME! Yeah I now have every friend of mine refusing to see a scary movie with me. Seriously this sucks. What the holy hell man! Everyone, and I mean everyone has now told me they will no longer see a scary movie with me anymore. This is downright ridiculous. I might have to do some drugging and dragging. I am not that bad people I swear. I want to see scary movie!!!! Ohhhhhh the adrenaline rush! It is like a drug. :)

I could also dance around. But, I don't have that kind of nervous energy. I have the type of nervous energy that requires an adrenaline rush. It is the excitement energy. It is the combination of birthday fever. Life fever. Energy. Energy. Energy. I am an adrenaline junkie.

So, in honor of not wanting to sit and watch TV as the clock ticks on by I will blare the cheesy dance tunes, put on some dance tunes and do what I have not done in a long time. I will dance. I will actually do some hard-core dancing. I will put on my dance mix, Tiesto, Fatboy Slim, Christina, Britney, Dj Shadow, you name it and it is there, for my liking. I am going to turn it up so loud the neighbors complain. "It's a wonderful night, you can't take that away from me." Oh yeah baby. And my hips are shaking and I can turn like a spinning top. And no one can take that away from me. Dance is something that is all mine. The world goes away. The world is perfect. Tell me who wins tomorrow.

And being that I have nothing to write I leave you with a quote of someone else’s, I have to take up space somehow. I just realized I am writing about bow ties and dancing so something substantial has to be said, even if the words are not mine...

You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. Just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
-Franz Kafka

Monday, November 01, 2004

A few more random nothings from yours truly...

Note to self - no matter how much me and Amy are the best of friends now, a sex talk might always be awkward. Last night we went to dinner and one was attempted. The problem is I know he is always indirectly talking about my brother. The other problem is she will now always look at me like a little sister so she really does not like to hear who I want to get naked with. No matter how hard we try on this subject, "ewws" and "tmis" always get shouted at each other. We might have to leave this topic alone. It was bad enough giving her chocolate lickable body frosting for her bachlorette party. haha

Around midnight last night I fell into one of my moods. It is common knowledge that I am happy all the time. The moods are rare but they come. I did not know why I fell into depression. But once it hit a snowball effect followed and I found myself depressed about everything. For the past year of my life I have found the perfect balance of having passion about life yet not really caring about anything. The problem is I have become apathetic (slightly). I really have not cared about anything, anyone, any event... I have become hard. This means at times I am hard about my life too.

So I was sitting in my room last night and I looked over at Clover, my good luck charm, and realized how much good luck Clover has truly brought me. It made me cry. Did I really deserve it? Should I care more?

I have a wonderful family. I have amazing friends. I have some amazing new friends. I have a great job. If I lost any of it, what would happen?

This of course started the snowball effect. The common questions arose. What was my purpose? What was I here for? Am I smart enough? Am I beautiful enough? I could not come up with a single answer. Not one. That was ok. I am fine with not knowing. I just wish I knew something rather than nothing.
I wish I knew if I were to be a successful writer. I wish I knew if I were to be happy. I wish I knew where I would be in a year.

Around one in the morning I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how freaking silly I was being. The only thing that was happening was that little devil inside telling me I was not good/smart enough. I was falling into the common trap...the self pity trap. The real voice inside knew that everything is in the right place. The real me knows I am good enough. The real me knows I know how to care. The real me knows all of that. So I started laughing. I laughed for a bit and put on some music. I called a few people, my friends, and went back to life. I went to sleep last night around 3 in an extremely peaceful state. Everything was all right with the world. Everything was all right with my life. I was content once again. The hour of depression was just a minor glitch in the system. Maybe it was a wake up call, telling me it is ok to not be happy all the time. Whatever it was, I feel better today then I have in a long time. My life has its flaws. I may not be smart enough. I may not be good enough. But, I am good enough for me, and I guess that is all that matters

Note to self - When feeling depressed, you can make a choice to get out of it. Usually Clover helps.

Note to EVERYONE else - NOVEMBER 6th is just a few days away hehehehe

Sunday, October 31, 2004

In honor of my new song list idea, today these songs are not about any specific feeling but rather a range of emotions. These songs are among some of my favorite songs of all time. One thing they all do have in common is they make me feel something. And for that, they make me feel happy. This is the soundtrack of my life. Usually it is a piece of the lyric that gets me.

P.S Your Rock My World – The Eels – “Sitting down on the steps at the old post office, the flag was flying at half mast. And, I was thinking ‘bout how everyone was dying, and maybe it’s time to live.”
It was a time in my life when the truth of mortality had hit me like a ton of bricks. I was at my special spot one night just staring at the serene ocean with this song playing in the background. I did not understand the world at the time but a lyric played over and over in my head and I knew that I had to stop thinking about the "whys" of death and start life over again.

Let It Be – The Beatles – “When you find yourself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom…let it be.”
There were times in my life when a problem or a situation would tie my brain in knots. I would sit and mull over something until I was blue in the face. Unfortunately if we deny our feelings they just get worse. If we worry about a problem it just gets worse. Fear is a weird thing. This song always reminds me that when you have a problem it is no use to worry about it. Let it go, and what is supposed to happen will happen. Let it go and it will work out in the end. Like the wise one said, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok, it is not the end.”

Life and How to Live it – REM – This is my favorite REM song of all time. It also happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. It is one of those songs that comes close to flawless. “I will write a book and it will be called, ‘Life and how to life it’.”

Any Love – Ken Stringfellow – Besides Ken being the coolest guy ever! This song is just sheer beauty. He based on Jupiter and yet one line is what sticks with me. “Heaven Keep the light on so I can keep my eye on you.” Obviously it is important to Ken as well, since it is programmed right into his phone. That line is perfect. It represents everything great about unconditional love, romantic or platonic.

Flowers in the Windows – This is my happy song. This song takes me to my happy place. It would be downright impossible to listen to this song and not have a smile on your face.

Mad World – Tears for Fears - My decent into madness. We have all been there. Some more than others. Sometimes this world just does not make any sense. Sometimes we look around and the only answer we can come up with for anything is, “I just don’t know.” Things happen in life that can drive even the sanest of us insane. Sometimes the world inside our head gets so tangled in reality we forget what used to be real. This song is MY decent into madness.

Endangered Species – Dianne Reeves – “I am an endangered species and I sing no victim song. I am a woman. I am an artist. And I know where my voice belongs.” Besides Dianne being one hell of a woman, this song makes you feel like one hell of a woman. I always get taken back to when I danced to this song onstage. I felt powerful and beautiful, as every woman should feel.

Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis –
Hold up... hold on... don't be scared
You'll never change what's been and gone
May your smile... Shine on... Don't be scared
Your destiny may keep you warm.
Cos all of the stars are fading away
Just try not to worry you'll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

If you are so sad you think you might just pass out, listen to this song. You will know a) that people feel the same way you do sometimes and b) that being sad is a choice that you can get out of. This song always helps.

Let me Entertain You – Robbie Williams – “Hell is gone and heavens here, there’s nothing left for you to fear, shake your ass come over here. Now scream” And that is just the opening line. This is a dancer’s song and if you are not a dancer, listening to this song will even get your hips moving.

A Dios Le Pido - Juanes – This song is Aruba to me. Driving in the beat up Jeep over the rocky cliffs with Jomar, Christie and Nir. Aruba was like this little paradise tucked away form the chaos of the outside world I am reminded of dancing all night, sleeping all day on the beach and heading out once more.

Do You Realize – The Flaming Lips - This song is my anthem. This song is pretty much what I like to live my life like. Day by day. “Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die? And instead of saying all of your goodbyes…Let them know you realize that life goes fast, it’s hard to make the good things last…You realize the sun don’t go down. It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning ‘round.” Yup. Day by day. Make everything good last and feel good about it all.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I am a mess.

I hurt my knee but decided to run on it anyway because I am an idiot.

I then got my butt kicked at training and now my butt hurts so bad it is hard to sit. I am walking like a weirdo.

My lip is sore because I have a scratch on it. I am a mess.

I have no clue how I hurt my knee and I HATE being hurt.

More to come, just not in the mood to write, more like in the mood :)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Emotive sexual responses to music…No, chivalry is not dead…making people happy…and other random musings from yours truly.

Before I begin to discuss the music, let me first begin by saying how much life sucks when you can’t make those you care about, happy. I know someone’s happiness is never our responsibility. I know we have no control over anyone else. But, when I am happy I want those I care about to be happy and I find myself beating my brain trying to do so. I am reminded of a clown making faces at the crying baby, just to try to get them to crack a smile. Just one smile will do. Bottom line is if those I care about are happy, then I am just a little happier. When I was depressed, I saw black clouds where there were not any. When I was depressed I thought my life was full of a series of unfortunate events that inevitably lead me to believe that, no, I was just not meant to be content. Of course, I am now out of it, I am content with my life and whatever it decides to give me. But, I look at people and see that sadness in their eyes, the kind I used to have, and try to figure out what people I loved did to me to help me get rid of that. Turns out all they did was care.
I guess if I had to make just one birthday with it would be that everyone I knew were happy. And if not euphoric then just content. Hakuna Matata dear friends and I will never stop trying.

Lots of people out there say chivalry is dead. Chivalry is not dead. Case in point. I was walking into a bar with someone and almost opened the door when he grabbed it away from me just to open it first. Usually one would just let you go ahead and open the door. I was rather impressed by this. It is these little things that show me, chivalry is very much alive. Case in point #2. I was at work and needed some help with a customer only I was leaving for the day. This was a difficult customer and yet James offered to take care of it for me. Just as simple as that. I did not even have to ask him. Case in point #3, last night Steve rescued me. He was nothing short of a knight in shining armor. And, no, chivalry is not limited to males. Simone might be one of the most chivalrous girls I know. Lyndsey is loyal. Amy has honor. Rachelle has courage. It is many examples like this, which show me people are actually good-natured people. Now chivalry itself is described as the combination of qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others. There are knights in many places. Anyone who believes chivalry is dead, come to me and I will show you a knight.

I decided that instead of my weekly heavy rotations, I would instead talk about certain songs that evoke an emotional response. I had been letting this idea marinate and I had talked about it with Amy a while ago. While I kept a mental list of songs I thought envoked certain emotional responses, I had not written about it until now.

This week, since this is my longest list, I want to talk about certain songs, or even just snippets of certain songs that generate a feeling of “sexy.” I know you all know what I am talking about. We have those types of songs that, all of a sudden, make you breathe a little deeper. They make you want to get up and gyrate your hips no matter where you are at the given moment. You might find yourself (well maybe not the guys) rubbing your hands on your body and swaying to the music and your thoughts begin to wonder off….
This is hard when one is in the car; imagination running wild, and your friend is sitting next to you wondering what the hell that big ass grin on your face could possibly mean. It is just a song right? Hell no. These songs make you want to speed race home, get the hell out of the car, say goodbye to your girlfriend and make a beeline for your significant other (or top drawer of your nightstand in some cases).
Some of these songs make you feel sweet and sexy. Some make you feel aggressive. Watch out for those they can cause a lapse in judgment. Music can be just as potent as ecstasy. So without further delay…

Some are entire songs, some snippets and sections, and some just the lyric. Whatever it may be this list is elastic, so tell me “your” songs. I want to hear em'. :)

1. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Issak. – The entire song fits here. With the first three beats you find your body start to vibrate. You can hear the sexual tension in Chris’ voice as he croons to a background rhythm that can only be described as heavenly. When he breaks into the, “just how low low low she’ll go…” section I would be shocked if even the most insecure, depressed person did not feel just a little bit sexier.
2. The Passenger – Michael Hutchence – A great cover to a great song. He turns punk into sexy. Michaels voice is like water, smooth and brings a slight chill to the bone. The song starts out slow and suddenly the drums kick in. You might find yourself dancing in your living room to this one. Let it happen
3. Feeling Good – Nina Simone – somehow good R&B can make anyone feel sexy. The original anthem for a good day, listen to this whenever you need a little pick me up.
4. So Fast, So Numb - REM – specifically the middle section. The music slows down for a section and Michael stops singing to say, “You love it. You hate it. You want to recreate it,” before the loud riffs pick up once more. That few seconds is a heart stopper. You are getting into the song. It has a good build and all of a sudden Michael takes a breath and those words just roll off his tongue. It is about 10 seconds of pure pleasure
5. Blue man Group – I Feel Love – This song flows like an orgasmic experience. It slowly builds to a steady climax. This is one of those aggressive songs. You can’t sit still whilst listening to it. I don’t care if you are not a dancer, this song will make you dance. Your hips will not sit still. Everything about this song is a movement.
6. When Doves Cry – Prince – This whole song is self-explanatory. If you are feeling ugly. If you are having a bad hair day. If you just flat our feel undesired. Listen to this song. It is a guarantee to put some confidence back into your bones. Most notable lyrics, “Touch if you will my stomach, feel how it trembles inside…” (For obvious reasons of course)
7. The Man Who Would be King – The Libertines. – Not the whole song here. We get a slight break in the song before the build when he sings, “ Case we lived my dreams today. And I have lived it Yesterday. And I'll have lived it tomorrow. So don't look at me that way," before the guitar solo breaks in. You might find your eyes getting that intense glare in them when this section comes into play. Love it.
8. Binky The Doormat – REM – This song is, “everything you ever wanted to know about sex but forgot to ask.” I think it speaks for itself
9. Britney Spears – Toxic – I might loose all credibility here. But trust me, whoever wrote and produced this song knew what they were doing. Don’t think about Britney for a second and just listen to the guitar at the beginning and the heart stopping beats all throughout. You might just succumb to what is the best guilty pleasure song ever!
10. I Put a Spell on You – CCR – this is another song to listen to if you are feeling down on yourself. Somehow it just helps take away your worries. It is one of those songs that have the power to build your confidence and bring a smile to your face.
11. Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode. – While most of Depeche Mode’s songs are of the sexy variety, this one stands out for me because of personnel reasons. It could be a declaration or just a feeling but whatever it is, I find myself slowing down with every second this song passes.
12. Sad and Lonely – The Secret Machines – I know the title might say otherwise but the sexy part of this song is in the first 30 seconds. There is a build as the drums get louder and louder until they just stop and a voice in the background comes forth singing, “Did you get your heartache and your head rush confused?” I can’t explain this one nor will I try. You just have to listen to it and you will understand.
13. Sway - The Pussycat Dolls - (well many people have done this song but this is the newest version.) - "When we dance you have a way with me. Stay with me, Sway with me." THis song will remind you of being in an theatre, seduced by someone wearing hot lingere. If you are the guy you are the seduced. If you are a girl you are that seducer. It is a fantasy song.

There are many more but this is just a small example of the sexy songs. Listen to such songs when you are depressed, when you are in the mood, when you feel anything less than how sexy you truly are (which you are!), or when you feel like dancing naked in your bedroom when no one is watching. (Oh come on I can’t be the only one that does this!)

Other random thoughts of the day –

New Mexico is pretty much a go. Kelly and Donna have offered up their residence for the six of us feaks going. Fun times to be had by all.

As per Steve’s request I have taken it on as my responsibility to “liven” up the Love n Life forum of murmurs. It is a new mission and it could get interesting.

Accepting yourself for your good qualities is easy. Accepting yourself for your faults is harder, but worth it.

The Never-ending Story is one hell of a movie

George Bush needs to get rid of that face that makes him look like Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs.

John Kerry needs to stop fake tanning. He looks orange

R.E.M’s Around the Sun is a blissful treat

I have almost come up with all 23 birthday wishes. Two weeks to go.

and of course my current faveorite thought, "every time you break a bone, it heals even stronger." :)

Ta Ta for now!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

REM added New Mexico. 809 miles. 12 hours. The last show of North America and my last chance to them before the London shows. It is road trip time.

I am going to request that weekend off from work. I am going to beg and plead and barter days. It is REM. What is more important than that?!

I was hanging out with someone last night where we came up with this idea for a road trip there with a few other people and I tell ya, no idea can sound any better.

It is getting mighty cold outside. You know fall is here when you can see your breath in the air. I am happy fall is here even though for the next few months I will have an extended chill. I love fall. I love how it starts with my birthday and flows into this peaceful serene season that reminds me of everything good in this world. Everyone seems a little happier and friendlier. The air is a little cleaner. *cough* new clothes *cough*.

Friday, October 22, 2004

WHoa nelly! OK sooooo hyperactive that I might just jump out of my skin. So euphoric I am starting to wonder what the hell is in those diet cokes I have been drinking.

No joke, this could be a sickness I kept starting to crack up out of the blue at work today. I was pretty much dancing in my seat and at this point I am typing so fast my fingers might just fall off.

What the hell is going on? I mean I know I am rather hyper and happy but come on people, this is out of control!

Maybe it is just a defense thing to get me through my work day, who knows, but I hope it does not end anytime soon.

I was on my way home from work and I got a call from Jon. Man this must be just that time of the month or something. First Nir, now Jon, and Christie even called who I had not talked to in forever (well she lives in Aruba so we have an excuse).
I answered the phone without looking at caller ID, which I never do, so imagine my shock when I just hear on the other line, "Lucy!!!" Now given my hyper state of being at the moment I literally screamed. (thank God I was in my car). We talked for a while and made plans to go out tomorrow night which should be crazy fun. Wow, it has been so long he has moved into a new bachelor pad with like three other guys since I last talked to him. I actually don't think I have talked to him since he graduated.

Now this past week I have met a lot of new awesome people and made some new awesome friends. That in itself was neato and then all of a sudden a blast from the past and goodness me the man who would be king showed up.

In other news, I fell on my ass at work today. No really, right out of my chair onto my butt. Damn rolling chairs on cement. That makes me two for two.

I am still a little torn about my girlfriend who has recently gone through some tough times. I feel bad that, being that I did not know, I could not be there to help her through it or at least try to make her feel better. What is worse is I cannot tell her I know, I have to wait until she tells me. Sometimes I just don't get why we can't all be happy. Sometimes I don't understand why bad things happen to those i love. But like I said before, it only makes us stronger and it had to happen. I just wish it does not happen to those I love.

Lyndsey is going to try to drive down for my birthday. Thank goodness too I would not have seen her in over a month or so. She will make it as long as she can find someone to drive down with her to share the gas. Here's hoping.

being that this is the second post of the day and I still have all this nervous energy, I just might have to go jump around for a while. The end of the week is here and this past week has had some weird, odd, cool, sad and funny experiences. Not sure what next week will bring or the week after that. I think that is a good thing. :)
Last night I was conversing with a girlfriend about the hilarity of everything and anything we could come up with. Prepare for randomness people this could get ugly.

We first discussed that book ( the one from the sex in the city guy) and about how much I thought it was crap. What followed was a new insight to what this book really was about. Now I know I said most of this book is not true, but we all know that when it comes to people there are always patterns. I did, however, already say that many patterns are always apparent when it comes to two members of the opposite sex. What was funny were the letters written in this book. I admit I did not read all the way thorough but by suggestion I just had to. The letters these women write in are the funny part. A women would actually ask this author that if a guy did not call her did he not like her. Well, duh, but who cares? Date the ones that call, disregard the others. All the letters stated every mixed signal a guy could ever give to a women, and being a fan of strong women and direct signals I found myself laughing, not at the advice, but at the actual letters. This book made women out to be needy desperate losers and while any strong women can be offended I think it was more hilarious than anything.

Now for more important matters, what to do about expensive panties. I have tried my hardest to buy the cheap kind. I went to Fredericks. I tried out those three packs. You know what? I give up. These are items of clothing that I wear most and have the closest contact with my body. Cosabella underwear. French. Comfortable. Perfect. Never mind the fact that you are paying 18 bucks to wear something that can be rolled up into a ball the size of my thumb. I have gone broke wearing these panties but I just can't seem to help it anymore. Why buy the cheapies when they will just sit there, looking all uncomfortable, in your underwear drawer? I figure if I have to splurge this is the way to go. Cosabellas....heaven.

Nir has called me like four times in the past five days. This might be a new record. I have to say nothing has made me happier. Could it be things are changing? I have to wonder if this means our friendship might be heading back on track. This would make me the most cheerful girl on the planet if this were the case. He is going to come to my family gathering for my birthday which is the day after. Maybe this is the start of a new beginning for us.

My life, currently is in one of those places were I am content with the way things are. This is a rather unsettling feeling. When there is something to worry about there is something to keep your kind occupied. I have no worries now. I could be doing better in school but somehow I am not stressing about it. I still miss Rachelle and Lyndsey but I have enough to keep me occupied. So when one has no worries, what do they think about? Well I am talking about bad books and panties, so I venture guess anything that grabs my fancy at the given moment. At the moment I am contemplating many a thing. Who to trust, who to not. Who to keep out of my life and who to keep in. And, most importantly what and who to care about.

I am finding my life can no longer be explained through any book, any quote or even any movie. I know there is a road I am on, many detours have and will arise. Many people come in and out. Some stay. Some go. Some die. But I just continue on this road and am sort of letting everything negative bounce off and turn the other way. When I talked about resonance before, this is what I meant. And while all of this sounds very deep, I guarantee you wearing those cosabellas make that road a whole lot nicer! :)

Now we all know I have this weird jean fetish but I have to argue that next to the panties jeans are most important. I was recently told that every pair of my jeans rides so low, they hit just above my butt. Well yeah this is true but comfort is comfort. When one finds a perfect fitting pair of jeans, the world is a beautiful place. So while, yes my jeans ride rather low at least they fit. Frankie B's everyone. They are heaven

TO talk about something else, so I can appear less like a clothes whore I have to say although I am quite happy, I am also getting a little restless. I get these sudden urges to go run wild and et off some steam. I have been TOO responsible and I need to doing something stupid and irrational or I might just go mad. I was thinking of maybe getting a group together and having a massive orgy. :) OK all kidding aside really am getting restless. Rachel plus restlessness is never a good combination. I could snap. Control. Control. Control. It is all about control.

And now back to work....

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Last night I went with Josh to see Team America. Yes, Amy I know you are jealous because I got to see puppet porn and YOU didn't. :) But let's just say the pornographic scenes performed by these puppets are "slightly" different than our favorite Feebles. (Read: not as anatomically correct).

Porn aside, the movie made me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt by the time the movie ended. All the better is that, unlike many political satires this movie managed to make fun of all sides of the political spectrum without really offending anyone (I think). Well, if someone was offended personally by this movie they just really have no sense of humor.

Yesterday at work I was given these "energy mints" which I did not know contained the equivalent of one cup of coffee per mint. So of course I had 9, in which I proceeded to crack up at every e-mail, caller, and person that crossed my path for the rest of the workday. Those mints are deadly. No joke, they are like mini speed pills.

In order to not crash I just had to keep taking them so by the time I went to the movie, I was like a tweaked out drug whore. (Ok slight exaggeration I really was slightly loopy though and I might have had some lapses in, ehh, self-control. :)

So all in all it was a fun evening. :) And, Team America...go see it!

I also saw a preview of The Grudge with my girl Sarah Michelle. Well, I had to hide for the most of the preview, which made me wonder how scary the actual movie is going to be. I have to wonder, though, if I would actually see this movie if Sarah was not in it. I probably would being I have my love of getting scared. What is that about anyway? Is it the adrenaline rush? I get so scared like a little baby yet I love it! Which reminds me I got those free tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm! :) I remember the first time I went there, with Dead man's Party playing in the background, I got so scared I lost my voice and even started running a few times. Really, what could be more fun then that!?!
I was sitting on the benches at school, drinking a diet coke (of course) and studying for a test when I overheard two girls talking about this new author who had just been on Oprah. This guy, Greg Behrendt, was a writer on Sex in the City and he wrote a book entitled, "He's Just Not That Into You," which was taken from a very popular line in one of the episodes he had written.
So, always one to be intrigued by what is new in pop culture I joined in on their conversation and they praised and worshiped the ground this new book walked on. It was "revolutionary." It "totally cuts through the crap and gives it to women straight about men."
I am a skeptic when it comes to any book telling a reader how to conduct their live, but this does not mean I am not interested in these books. They fascinate me and while some are quite good, most fall into the piece of crap category.

This new book promises women a new insight to how men REALLY act when they like you. TO cut through it all he basically states that there are no excuses. An excuse is just code for, "he's just not that into you." Did not call you the day he said he would, "he's just not that into you." You know all those excuses for being not available at the moment...he is just not that into you. The conclusion of this book really stated that if a guy does not treat you like gold then he is just not that into you, no matter what "excuses" he might give. I am busy with work. I am in an emotional crisis. My grandma just died. Etc. Etc.

Really people this book is crap. Warning to men out there that this book is now sold out in almost every bookstore EVERYWHERE.

I do admit parts of this book are true. Ya know the parts any girl in their right mind would know. Of course, how a guy treats you depends on how much he is "into you." What pissed me off is this book put every single member of the male species into one tiny ball, rolled it up, and spit it back out to women in the form of a pompous, arrogant, asshole. Every guy is the same, they say. No exceptions. (Well he gives a 9/10 but who wants to compete with those odds)

Yes I do agree the part about a guy not being available basically means you are not the one for him. Or if a guy is a bully, tough cookies he does not love you. BUT COME ON?!?! This book reads like the second coming of The Rules and I thought everyone agreed that that was a joke not to be taken seriously. Not kidding, this book actually states a woman should never call the guy.

Let alone this author has no PhDs, masters or any experience except to state that once he found his wife he treated her golden and the excuses flew out the window.

Somewhere there is some poor girl who likes some poor guy and maybe the guy he too shy to ask her out. (I have a lot of guy friends who I have to practically kick just to talk to the girl they like.)

Somewhere a guy just got dumped because he had a bad day at work and retreated into some alone time.

Another guy is getting dumped because he did not call at 8:29 PM on Wednesday when he said he would.

This book is a big step back in the battle of the sexes. Didn't we come to the conclusion a few years ago that guys were humans as well? Did we not already establish that they have feelings, and mess up, and stumble, and get hurt? So what the hell just happened with this book? Will it be known as a parody in a few years to try to get more sales. God, I hope so.

I went on Amazon and read all the reviews. Here was the funniest thing I had seen yet. Every single guy reviewer gave it one star. Every single one. And why wouldn't they? Imagine a book telling guys about how when 100 % of women do this it means that? It saddened me though that most women were giving it four or five stars. A big kick in the butt, they wrote. Some said it had changed their lives. Oh please. A few smart women on there wrote these god-awful reviews, that I found hilarious, so thank goodness some women out there realize the truth.

This book is garbage people. I don't care what Oprah says or what any bestseller list says. Not a single person is the same. No one can be broken down into classes of behavior on a scale that is a 100% guarantee. Of course there are patterns, but like I said any women of sound mind and body would know them

So don't buy the book. Instead, call that guy and ask him if everything is ok because there might just be a sincere reason why he did not call.

Rant over...

Books to go buy right now instead if you really want to change your life...

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury. - This is a coming of age story about two young boys who are witness to an evil carnival that comes into their town to take peoples souls away, essentially. But, mostly it is about the good and "wicked" in all of us and how we need to accept our dark side. The imagery that Ray Bradbury is always able to give the reader is astounding. What is more shocking, though, is his ability to use the fantasy world, to show us the reality in which we should be living.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho. - The story is short and to the point. It is a fable about a young shepherd boy who is on a journey to find his own destiny. The language is simplistic but rightfully so. It states two very important lessons. When someone really wants something, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Also, to realize ones own destiny is ones only obligation in life.

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius. - There is a reason this guy was so powerful. He was actually a freaking genius. There is not much to say here because the lessons in this book are too numerous. I will, however, put one of my favorite sections in for your viewing pleasure.

Even if you were going to live three thousand years, and even ten
thousand times that, still remember that no man loses any other life
than this which he now lives, nor lives any other than this which he
now loses. The longest and shortest are thus brought to the same. For
the present is the same to all, though that which perishes is not the
same; and so what is lost appears to be a mere moment. For a man cannot
lose either the past or the future: for what a man has not, how can
anyone take this from him? These two things then you must bear in mind:
the one, that all things from eternity are of like forms and come round
in a circle, and it makes no difference whether a man shall see the
same things during a hundred years or two hundred, or a infinite time;
and the second, that he who lives longest and he who will die soonest
lose just the same. For the present is the only thing of which a man
can be deprived , if it is true that this is the only thing which he
has, and that a man cannot lose something he does not already possess.

Stephen King - On Writing. - More for anyone who is or wants to be a writer. But, even if you are not, you can get something out of this. King has a system and it is one that works.

White Noise - Don Dellio. - It was here that we are introduced to the notion that everyone is either a killer or a dyer. The airborne toxic event is coming and the fear of inevitable death is on everyone’s mind. What does this fear of the mortal make us really think and do? Delillo uses binary opposition here wit the notion that we are killers and dyers. We are separated into the strong and the weak. The book is not as bleak as people make it out to be and the message can kick your butt.

Anything by Aristotle - any book is a must read. There is a reason why he was pretty much the only philosopher who led a happy life.

So really take my advice, there are books that can change your life, and many I have not listed here. However, none carry the title of, "How to get a man (or woman)," or my recent hate of "he is just not that into you." Hell throw away that "The Power of Now" crap as well, for they all say the same damn thing.

OK now the rant is really over....until tomorrow. I am high on caffeeine energy mints I did not know were energy mints until I took them. So as I won't be sleeping anytime this century I might just go find another REAL book to open my mind up to a new world of possibilities.