Sunday, December 19, 2004

End of the year..Beginning of a new life…

Reflections on 2004.

Life changes pretty damn fast if you think about it. We started this year with me at a crossroads with every aspect of my life. My brother was not yet married. I was still coming to terms with his engagement and to say I was an ice queen is an understatement. I had lost my passion in 2004. At the start of this year not much affected me. There is merit in being unaffected by anything but too much of it and one can become hollow. I did not let anybody in and I was content with being alone. I wanted to be alone. I find myself at the end of the year in a complete opposite direction. I have let in a new sister. I have let in a new man. Scary as it may seem, I am happier than ever before. Much of what happened this year is a direct result of my way of thinking. I have found that the way we think directly results in what becomes of our life. Think happy and happy happens. Think passion and passion happens.

I said I would deliver my best of 2004 lists and I think I will have to start with the 10 best concerts attended this year. For the first time actually, I went to enough concerts to actually merit a 10 best of list in that department.

10. The Darkness – hair cheesy metal is back and in full force. These guys brought the fun back into rock n roll. With a full wall of amps, it was hard to hear the following day but a falsetto “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” while wearing a chest baring body suit more than made up for it.

10.5 – Britney Spears – Staples Center. I know this can totally get rid of my music credibility but hear me out. I am a dancer and when seeing a pop show like this that is what I judge by. Britney can’t sing. She lip syncs. Britney’s music is straight from the box teenybopper pop music. Music by numbers I like to say. With all that aside she still knows how to put on a show. The dancing and choreography was awesome. Her stage presence is that of a seasoned veteran. There were a few shocking moments involving dry sex on a bed and various makeout sessions with dancers, but it just added to the pure shock value of the night. Only a dancer can understand.

9. Fleetwood Mac – Irvine Meadows – The biggest reason I was in love with this show was Lindsey Buckingham. I always have considered him one of the best guitar players out there but this night even he shocked me. He was given a lot more solo time and for that I was extremely grateful.

8. The Shins – Wiltern. While the audience looked like they came straight out of The OC, The Shins were anything but trend of the moment. I was slightly worried how these guys would pull off a live show but it was awesome. I was in the worst mood going into the show that night. Why I was is a long story but the point is they got me out of my mood in two seconds flat.

7. Franz Ferdinand – Wiltern. – One of the only concerts where I was dancing the whole time. Franz Ferdinand are not as artistically unique as many make them out to be. They are basically a combination of many eighties bands. But they know how to put on a fun and entertaining show.

6. The Cure – Curiosa festival. I remember standing there with Ian when Smith began the opening chords to Fascination Street and thinking, “ahhh yes and this is one of those moments you remember.”

5. – Travis – Wiltern - Fran Healy speaks we can’t understand him. “Amy what did he just say”? Amy replies, “Does it matter.” Yeah Fran has that sexiness about him. However, they also put on a great live show. The highlight was when Fran unplugged his guitar and did an acoustic (not even a sound system) version of Flowers in the Windows. Just him and his guitar with an eerily quiet audience and everything fell into place.

4. – Gomez – Ventura. I have been a fan of Gomez for a couple years now, ever since Liquid Skin came out. However, they are a completely different experience live. Gomez are one of those bands that are truly a “live” act.

3. – Radiohead – Coachella music festival. This was on Saturday, the day I did not get trampled and knocked unconscious. We were hot and in dire need for water. I was with four boys and in need for some “no testosterone” territory. BUT the show was perfect. The show was amazing. In renewed my faith in radiohead.

2. – Prince – Staples Center. There is a reason why this guy is an icon. There is a reason why he has lasted so long. He is a man who knows how to put on a show. He is a man who performance aside gives impeccable musical output. He is the closest to technically perfect I have seen. I was in the 8th row and for a good solid 2.5 hours he stopped my heart.

1. REM - Irvine Meadows. I had four REM concerts to choose from. Each one was beautiful and memorable in their own right. However, I wanted to choose just one for my list and for some reason this one was the first that came to mind. It was not just the concert but also the events that surrounded the concert. We had an awesome tailgate party where I met some new friends and I got to go backstage for the first time. The show itself was pure REM gold.

Stay tuned for more best of lists.


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