Sunday, December 05, 2004

Surreal…but nice.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that in the past week, I could finally pay off my damn credit card debt!

Bare with me, this could get crazy. I have not written in a long time due to the fact that for the past week or so my life has been a whirlwind of the most pleasurable magnitude. Don’t worry…I will sleep next year.

Last weekend Steve, Naomi, Josh and I embarked upon our road trip to New Mexico to catch R.E.M’s final North American show. After planning on leaving at 5:00 and actually getting on the road at 7:00 we stopped at some motel in the middle of the night in middle of nowhere to catch some Z’s. You know a motel is interesting when the name on the front is “Route 66” and next door is the Road kill CafĂ©. It was getting cold and after Josh turned on the air-conditioning thinking it was the heater, and then finally found something that might look like a heater, we managed to get some sleep. Well by some sleep I mean a couple hours. There seems to have been some slight snoring coming from the other room. Hehe.

We got into New Mexico in the afternoon of the next day and I have to say that Kelly and Donna’s house is just fabulous. You know a house is good when you automatically feel comfortable and at home. Kelly and Donna were the most amazing hosts and it was so good to see them again. Their kids are adorable and just what I imagined them to be.

So we finally get to the concert and of course REM put on one hell of a show. It is such a shame I don’t get to see them again until London next summer, but I consider myself lucky anyway. After the show we managed to party at Kelly and Donna’s until the wee hours of the morning….or at least until I passed out on the stairs and had to be put to bed. The party was…surreal but nice.

Then the snow came…
I tried to have a snowball fight in the morning. That did not work. We wanted to get out of town by 9:00 AM. That did not work. There was black ice on the roads and I had to flirt with a cop just so he would let us pass a roadblock. For a few hours we even had to snail along at half speed. However, 13 hours later we made it back home safe and sound. The road trip was over. The experience still fresh in our minds. The happiness and pleasure feeling set to last a long long time.

At the moment I am still bathing in the afterglow of the trip (among other things). Sometimes things happen that we bundle up into these little pockets of time. We can go back and think about these pockets always with a smile on our face. New Mexico is now in a little pocket of time.

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