Friday, October 22, 2004

WHoa nelly! OK sooooo hyperactive that I might just jump out of my skin. So euphoric I am starting to wonder what the hell is in those diet cokes I have been drinking.

No joke, this could be a sickness I kept starting to crack up out of the blue at work today. I was pretty much dancing in my seat and at this point I am typing so fast my fingers might just fall off.

What the hell is going on? I mean I know I am rather hyper and happy but come on people, this is out of control!

Maybe it is just a defense thing to get me through my work day, who knows, but I hope it does not end anytime soon.

I was on my way home from work and I got a call from Jon. Man this must be just that time of the month or something. First Nir, now Jon, and Christie even called who I had not talked to in forever (well she lives in Aruba so we have an excuse).
I answered the phone without looking at caller ID, which I never do, so imagine my shock when I just hear on the other line, "Lucy!!!" Now given my hyper state of being at the moment I literally screamed. (thank God I was in my car). We talked for a while and made plans to go out tomorrow night which should be crazy fun. Wow, it has been so long he has moved into a new bachelor pad with like three other guys since I last talked to him. I actually don't think I have talked to him since he graduated.

Now this past week I have met a lot of new awesome people and made some new awesome friends. That in itself was neato and then all of a sudden a blast from the past and goodness me the man who would be king showed up.

In other news, I fell on my ass at work today. No really, right out of my chair onto my butt. Damn rolling chairs on cement. That makes me two for two.

I am still a little torn about my girlfriend who has recently gone through some tough times. I feel bad that, being that I did not know, I could not be there to help her through it or at least try to make her feel better. What is worse is I cannot tell her I know, I have to wait until she tells me. Sometimes I just don't get why we can't all be happy. Sometimes I don't understand why bad things happen to those i love. But like I said before, it only makes us stronger and it had to happen. I just wish it does not happen to those I love.

Lyndsey is going to try to drive down for my birthday. Thank goodness too I would not have seen her in over a month or so. She will make it as long as she can find someone to drive down with her to share the gas. Here's hoping.

being that this is the second post of the day and I still have all this nervous energy, I just might have to go jump around for a while. The end of the week is here and this past week has had some weird, odd, cool, sad and funny experiences. Not sure what next week will bring or the week after that. I think that is a good thing. :)

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