Friday, October 22, 2004

Last night I was conversing with a girlfriend about the hilarity of everything and anything we could come up with. Prepare for randomness people this could get ugly.

We first discussed that book ( the one from the sex in the city guy) and about how much I thought it was crap. What followed was a new insight to what this book really was about. Now I know I said most of this book is not true, but we all know that when it comes to people there are always patterns. I did, however, already say that many patterns are always apparent when it comes to two members of the opposite sex. What was funny were the letters written in this book. I admit I did not read all the way thorough but by suggestion I just had to. The letters these women write in are the funny part. A women would actually ask this author that if a guy did not call her did he not like her. Well, duh, but who cares? Date the ones that call, disregard the others. All the letters stated every mixed signal a guy could ever give to a women, and being a fan of strong women and direct signals I found myself laughing, not at the advice, but at the actual letters. This book made women out to be needy desperate losers and while any strong women can be offended I think it was more hilarious than anything.

Now for more important matters, what to do about expensive panties. I have tried my hardest to buy the cheap kind. I went to Fredericks. I tried out those three packs. You know what? I give up. These are items of clothing that I wear most and have the closest contact with my body. Cosabella underwear. French. Comfortable. Perfect. Never mind the fact that you are paying 18 bucks to wear something that can be rolled up into a ball the size of my thumb. I have gone broke wearing these panties but I just can't seem to help it anymore. Why buy the cheapies when they will just sit there, looking all uncomfortable, in your underwear drawer? I figure if I have to splurge this is the way to go. Cosabellas....heaven.

Nir has called me like four times in the past five days. This might be a new record. I have to say nothing has made me happier. Could it be things are changing? I have to wonder if this means our friendship might be heading back on track. This would make me the most cheerful girl on the planet if this were the case. He is going to come to my family gathering for my birthday which is the day after. Maybe this is the start of a new beginning for us.

My life, currently is in one of those places were I am content with the way things are. This is a rather unsettling feeling. When there is something to worry about there is something to keep your kind occupied. I have no worries now. I could be doing better in school but somehow I am not stressing about it. I still miss Rachelle and Lyndsey but I have enough to keep me occupied. So when one has no worries, what do they think about? Well I am talking about bad books and panties, so I venture guess anything that grabs my fancy at the given moment. At the moment I am contemplating many a thing. Who to trust, who to not. Who to keep out of my life and who to keep in. And, most importantly what and who to care about.

I am finding my life can no longer be explained through any book, any quote or even any movie. I know there is a road I am on, many detours have and will arise. Many people come in and out. Some stay. Some go. Some die. But I just continue on this road and am sort of letting everything negative bounce off and turn the other way. When I talked about resonance before, this is what I meant. And while all of this sounds very deep, I guarantee you wearing those cosabellas make that road a whole lot nicer! :)

Now we all know I have this weird jean fetish but I have to argue that next to the panties jeans are most important. I was recently told that every pair of my jeans rides so low, they hit just above my butt. Well yeah this is true but comfort is comfort. When one finds a perfect fitting pair of jeans, the world is a beautiful place. So while, yes my jeans ride rather low at least they fit. Frankie B's everyone. They are heaven

TO talk about something else, so I can appear less like a clothes whore I have to say although I am quite happy, I am also getting a little restless. I get these sudden urges to go run wild and et off some steam. I have been TOO responsible and I need to doing something stupid and irrational or I might just go mad. I was thinking of maybe getting a group together and having a massive orgy. :) OK all kidding aside really am getting restless. Rachel plus restlessness is never a good combination. I could snap. Control. Control. Control. It is all about control.

And now back to work....

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