Sunday, October 24, 2004

Emotive sexual responses to music…No, chivalry is not dead…making people happy…and other random musings from yours truly.

Before I begin to discuss the music, let me first begin by saying how much life sucks when you can’t make those you care about, happy. I know someone’s happiness is never our responsibility. I know we have no control over anyone else. But, when I am happy I want those I care about to be happy and I find myself beating my brain trying to do so. I am reminded of a clown making faces at the crying baby, just to try to get them to crack a smile. Just one smile will do. Bottom line is if those I care about are happy, then I am just a little happier. When I was depressed, I saw black clouds where there were not any. When I was depressed I thought my life was full of a series of unfortunate events that inevitably lead me to believe that, no, I was just not meant to be content. Of course, I am now out of it, I am content with my life and whatever it decides to give me. But, I look at people and see that sadness in their eyes, the kind I used to have, and try to figure out what people I loved did to me to help me get rid of that. Turns out all they did was care.
I guess if I had to make just one birthday with it would be that everyone I knew were happy. And if not euphoric then just content. Hakuna Matata dear friends and I will never stop trying.

Lots of people out there say chivalry is dead. Chivalry is not dead. Case in point. I was walking into a bar with someone and almost opened the door when he grabbed it away from me just to open it first. Usually one would just let you go ahead and open the door. I was rather impressed by this. It is these little things that show me, chivalry is very much alive. Case in point #2. I was at work and needed some help with a customer only I was leaving for the day. This was a difficult customer and yet James offered to take care of it for me. Just as simple as that. I did not even have to ask him. Case in point #3, last night Steve rescued me. He was nothing short of a knight in shining armor. And, no, chivalry is not limited to males. Simone might be one of the most chivalrous girls I know. Lyndsey is loyal. Amy has honor. Rachelle has courage. It is many examples like this, which show me people are actually good-natured people. Now chivalry itself is described as the combination of qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others. There are knights in many places. Anyone who believes chivalry is dead, come to me and I will show you a knight.

I decided that instead of my weekly heavy rotations, I would instead talk about certain songs that evoke an emotional response. I had been letting this idea marinate and I had talked about it with Amy a while ago. While I kept a mental list of songs I thought envoked certain emotional responses, I had not written about it until now.

This week, since this is my longest list, I want to talk about certain songs, or even just snippets of certain songs that generate a feeling of “sexy.” I know you all know what I am talking about. We have those types of songs that, all of a sudden, make you breathe a little deeper. They make you want to get up and gyrate your hips no matter where you are at the given moment. You might find yourself (well maybe not the guys) rubbing your hands on your body and swaying to the music and your thoughts begin to wonder off….
This is hard when one is in the car; imagination running wild, and your friend is sitting next to you wondering what the hell that big ass grin on your face could possibly mean. It is just a song right? Hell no. These songs make you want to speed race home, get the hell out of the car, say goodbye to your girlfriend and make a beeline for your significant other (or top drawer of your nightstand in some cases).
Some of these songs make you feel sweet and sexy. Some make you feel aggressive. Watch out for those they can cause a lapse in judgment. Music can be just as potent as ecstasy. So without further delay…

Some are entire songs, some snippets and sections, and some just the lyric. Whatever it may be this list is elastic, so tell me “your” songs. I want to hear em'. :)

1. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Issak. – The entire song fits here. With the first three beats you find your body start to vibrate. You can hear the sexual tension in Chris’ voice as he croons to a background rhythm that can only be described as heavenly. When he breaks into the, “just how low low low she’ll go…” section I would be shocked if even the most insecure, depressed person did not feel just a little bit sexier.
2. The Passenger – Michael Hutchence – A great cover to a great song. He turns punk into sexy. Michaels voice is like water, smooth and brings a slight chill to the bone. The song starts out slow and suddenly the drums kick in. You might find yourself dancing in your living room to this one. Let it happen
3. Feeling Good – Nina Simone – somehow good R&B can make anyone feel sexy. The original anthem for a good day, listen to this whenever you need a little pick me up.
4. So Fast, So Numb - REM – specifically the middle section. The music slows down for a section and Michael stops singing to say, “You love it. You hate it. You want to recreate it,” before the loud riffs pick up once more. That few seconds is a heart stopper. You are getting into the song. It has a good build and all of a sudden Michael takes a breath and those words just roll off his tongue. It is about 10 seconds of pure pleasure
5. Blue man Group – I Feel Love – This song flows like an orgasmic experience. It slowly builds to a steady climax. This is one of those aggressive songs. You can’t sit still whilst listening to it. I don’t care if you are not a dancer, this song will make you dance. Your hips will not sit still. Everything about this song is a movement.
6. When Doves Cry – Prince – This whole song is self-explanatory. If you are feeling ugly. If you are having a bad hair day. If you just flat our feel undesired. Listen to this song. It is a guarantee to put some confidence back into your bones. Most notable lyrics, “Touch if you will my stomach, feel how it trembles inside…” (For obvious reasons of course)
7. The Man Who Would be King – The Libertines. – Not the whole song here. We get a slight break in the song before the build when he sings, “ Case we lived my dreams today. And I have lived it Yesterday. And I'll have lived it tomorrow. So don't look at me that way," before the guitar solo breaks in. You might find your eyes getting that intense glare in them when this section comes into play. Love it.
8. Binky The Doormat – REM – This song is, “everything you ever wanted to know about sex but forgot to ask.” I think it speaks for itself
9. Britney Spears – Toxic – I might loose all credibility here. But trust me, whoever wrote and produced this song knew what they were doing. Don’t think about Britney for a second and just listen to the guitar at the beginning and the heart stopping beats all throughout. You might just succumb to what is the best guilty pleasure song ever!
10. I Put a Spell on You – CCR – this is another song to listen to if you are feeling down on yourself. Somehow it just helps take away your worries. It is one of those songs that have the power to build your confidence and bring a smile to your face.
11. Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode. – While most of Depeche Mode’s songs are of the sexy variety, this one stands out for me because of personnel reasons. It could be a declaration or just a feeling but whatever it is, I find myself slowing down with every second this song passes.
12. Sad and Lonely – The Secret Machines – I know the title might say otherwise but the sexy part of this song is in the first 30 seconds. There is a build as the drums get louder and louder until they just stop and a voice in the background comes forth singing, “Did you get your heartache and your head rush confused?” I can’t explain this one nor will I try. You just have to listen to it and you will understand.
13. Sway - The Pussycat Dolls - (well many people have done this song but this is the newest version.) - "When we dance you have a way with me. Stay with me, Sway with me." THis song will remind you of being in an theatre, seduced by someone wearing hot lingere. If you are the guy you are the seduced. If you are a girl you are that seducer. It is a fantasy song.

There are many more but this is just a small example of the sexy songs. Listen to such songs when you are depressed, when you are in the mood, when you feel anything less than how sexy you truly are (which you are!), or when you feel like dancing naked in your bedroom when no one is watching. (Oh come on I can’t be the only one that does this!)

Other random thoughts of the day –

New Mexico is pretty much a go. Kelly and Donna have offered up their residence for the six of us feaks going. Fun times to be had by all.

As per Steve’s request I have taken it on as my responsibility to “liven” up the Love n Life forum of murmurs. It is a new mission and it could get interesting.

Accepting yourself for your good qualities is easy. Accepting yourself for your faults is harder, but worth it.

The Never-ending Story is one hell of a movie

George Bush needs to get rid of that face that makes him look like Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs.

John Kerry needs to stop fake tanning. He looks orange

R.E.M’s Around the Sun is a blissful treat

I have almost come up with all 23 birthday wishes. Two weeks to go.

and of course my current faveorite thought, "every time you break a bone, it heals even stronger." :)

Ta Ta for now!

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