Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So Nir's birthday is today. Happy Birthday to my hunka burnin Israeli friend. Haha. SO Nir is one year older, but still the same old Nir. He said he did not feel any different. Are birthday's only big milestones for me?

It is getting into the birthday season actually. Brendan's birthday is next week and he is going over the mid 20s hump as well.

So I was talking to Amy today about this profound thing Ethan said to her, which was actually not supposed to be profound at all. He made a matter of fact comment, as Ethan usually does, when Amy was worried about this new path she has chosen to go back to grad school. Since she had such a horrible experience the last time, rightfully she is a little nervous. Ethan just making causal conversation replies, "Did you know that when you break a bone it grows back stronger"? It may not have meant much, but in a way it meant everything. He did not say it to be profound either; that is the funny part. Bones really do grow back stronger (I should know!). But it made Amy really think anyway.

Everyone we know who has gone through an obstacle has always come through it better and stronger in the end. Actually obstacles are not obstacles at all, I believe, but things that were and are supposed to happen for this very reason. People that sail through life never know a truly good thing when it comes and never really have the strength to make it anyhow. My brother was right and this time Amy will be a lot stronger.

Of course, this does not just go for Amy. I look at my brother now and see someone who has so much more confidence is who he is than even a year ago. He still sometimes falls into those "what the hell am I going to do with my life"? spells, but I guess everyone does.
I always told Ethan that not one of us never really knows what we are doing. I know people from 21 to 35 that don't. I think Ethan finally gets that that is ok.

Then there is me.... would I be who I am today? I doubt it 100%. Do I have it all figured out? Not in the least. My birthday is looming around the corner as well (work on those gifts people!) and I am not all freaked out. Not anymore.

Aside from this, I received some news today that one of my best friends went through one of these "broken bones" two months ago and failed to tell me about it. I could sit here and be very hurt that she did not tell me and I had to hear about it now through someone else but mostly right now I am just concerned. Although I know she is one of the strongest woman I know and she to will come out all the better I understand what it is like to feel like it hurts to breathe and I wish she would have felt that it would have been ok to tell me. I do understand why she didn't though. Some people just don't like to talk.

So happy birthday to Nir. Another year down and you still manage to piss me off. :)

To everyone else, remember that every time you break a bone, it heals even stronger (just ask Amy) :)

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