Thursday, November 04, 2004

Connections a slight buzz and the continuing story of a mystery call

It would be a little easier to explain the way I am if one knew the way I grew up. Some people call the way I grew up naive. I call it lucky I have come to know that we do not expect what we do not know. For example, that is why many woman who had abusive fathers end up in abusive relationships, it is all they know.

So I grew up with really smart people around me. I grew up with smart, successful, strong, dignified, chivalrous, and genuine men. I grew up with graceful, strong, proud, and confident women. I know I am turning into one of these women and only associate myself with these types of is all I know. This is why it REALLY PISSES ME OFF to see one of my beautiful, smart, confident girlfriends with asshole shithead guys!!!! It really pisses me off when said guys hurt said friend. There are some great guys out there. I know tons of them. I am going to start hiring them to kick these loser guys' asses. Mini rant over. :)

So I got my history test back and in no way did I deserve the A I got. Yes, this is the history class with the hot and smart teacher. So at best I deserved a B on that test. My conclusion is hot teacher is either an easy grader or he also thinks someone has a seductive smile haha. All kidding aside, I think he was just being nice to little ole me. I am not complaining though, I might end up getting straight A's this semester after all.

The birthday buzz is starting. Saturday Amy and Ethan have planned a concert I have been wanting to go to. Steve and Brendan are joining. Sunday is the family traditional thing. Oh joy. So Nir always comes with me to be my support through it all, and sometimes a few other friends. Lyndsey and Rachelle obviously can't be there this year because they have a slight case of the outofstates so I was really relying on Nir. Now tell me if I am being all selfish...BUT this is my family lunch thing. My family likes Nir's girlfriend and everything of course. They have known her since she was little. But, they are not close with her. I am not close with her anymore. Nir is supposed to be coming for me! Yet when I called to talk to him about Sunday he asked if he could bring her and what was I supposed to say? I can't be a mean girl and say no but how weird is that? It is a family thing. I can understand her coming to a friend thing. Or I could just be being a prissy girl.

So, moving on...

The following Saturday, since Simone’s birthday is near mine, me, some of the girls and some guys are going clubbing. Good thing, I need to let off steam but these guys better be some damn good dancers or they so are not dancing with me. haha Seriously though it will be fun to hang out with the girls for our birthdays. I have not seen Simone in over a month. And, speaking of long time no see, there is the Anna situation. Anna, I had not seen or talked to since February, until last night. I cannot for the life of me remember why we fought to begin with and neither can she. But for some reason we had a fight and being that the only person more stubborn than I am is Anna, we just stopped talking. Simone split her time between us but with our looming birthdays Anna bit the bullet and IM'd me last night. Here is the thing with Anna. I did not talk to her for months and yet nothing changed. We forgot that we hada fight and just jumped right into being friends again, which usually consists of:

(Warning taken from an actual IM)
Anna - Hey Bitch
Rachel - Hey You
Anna - still causing trouble you horny scorpion?
Rachel - as always
Anna - thought so
Rachel - I miss your ass
Anna - I miss your ass
Rachel - I miss grabbing yours

So anyway, the rest gets censored haha. But, I get to see Anna next Saturday. Which to me is the best birthday present in the world. I seriously can't remember why we had a fight. I don't think it even matters anymore.

So all in all the birthday month plans are looking good so far. Of course, those can't be the only plans hehe, but it is early yet. :)

So, I got another call from mystery private caller last night, Luckily, I did not give him a chance to say much before I hung up. It was at about 2 o clock AM, around the same time as last time. I would not have answered but I thought it was someone else. Serves me right for answering a caller ID blocked number; I should know better. It is not freaking me out anymore. I mean, what he says is sooooooo vulgar and gross and perverted. But, it is just pissing me off that I don't know who it is. I have a slight feeling that it is a friend of a certain guy, but nothing is concrete. One thing is for sure; I am not answering any caller ID blocked numbers anymore, at least none that come late at night.

I really truly am so happy right now about reconnecting with Anna. It is amazing what impact friendships can have. Some friends become family we make for ourselves. I consider myself lucky to have such a large family. I think it is growing by the years. People I love surround me and at this time of year, nothing could be better. Well...almost nothing;)

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