Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am now living in sin

I know I have not been updating lately. I have been in the middle of some very big changes in my life.

I needed time to just sit and think after Grandpa Jimmy passed away. I was then in the midst of moving into my new home.

Yes that is right…I am living in sin.

I am cohabitating.

I am, as my great grandmother says, sampling the menu before I buy.

I am now officially moved in with the BF. Everyone told me it would be an “adjustment” and “a learning experience.” Actually…it has not been an adjustment at all, except I write this from my laptop on our couch instead of my parents couch back at their place (it still feels weird to call it “their” place.)

To be honest, not much has changed. I stayed over most nights anyway and I already had loads of stuff here. I think it is probably more of an “adjustment” for the BF. I took over the place.

The bathroom and vanity now looks like a makeup counter at Nordstrom’s. My clothes take up most of the closet space we have, and my cabbage patch kid that I have had since I was two now sits comfortably on a chair. The BF calls it, “Hurricane Rachel.” Ha freaking Ha.

There has, come to think of it, been one adjustment. Before I moved in, if I was…umm….surfing the crimson wave, I would just stay home for a couple of days.

See I turn into a raging loony. I become a bitch. A monster. A hormonal roller coaster. Plus I feel very unsexy.

So what happens 3 days after I officially move in? I get my monthly psychotic meltdown. Poor BF.

Aside from that, and fighting over who gets tivo privileges during prime time, there have not been any big disagreements.

Week one – we don’t hate each other yet. Lets see how week two goes.


Anonymous said...

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Huw said...

Hmmm. Maybe you should concede tivo and remote control: that way, lull him onto a false sense of security...

Ciber~ said...

Congrats on week one...positive thoughts for week two :)

Nairobi Paul said...

Good luck.

My wife & I have been hitched for 16 yrs now & are loving each other more & more. We're glad we waited till the big day till we started living together, but I hope you find what you need.

And ps, don't you hate that spammer who gave the mp3 link comment??