Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I am missing my teeth!!!!

Well I got those babies taken out. I figured a few things out. I cannot for the life of me handle tooth pain very well.

I have been through broken bones, surgeries and the like...I always bounced back without any problems or complaints. But let me tell you, tooth pain is worse than anything ever! My mouth goes from feeling normal to feeling like someone is trying to pull every single one of my teeth out and then run a knife along my gums....yeah something like that.

It was fine when I went to bed last night but I woke up crying around 1:00 AM with this shooting pain. So I did what any 23 year old girl would do...crawled into bed with my mother while she applied a heating pad and gave me vicadin and tea.

How old am I?

It is amazing how when we get sick, no matter how old we are, we act like children.

so anyways...

my boyfriend was sitting at on my sofa keeping me company while I was in pain when he looked over and noticed my dog masturbating. I have a pug. Sometimes he sits up on his hind legs and starts whacking his wiener with his paw. This is comedy. Since then the boyfriend has made it his mission to imitate Boris perfectly. This means he makes it a point to even snort while he is pretending to whack it with his "paw".

Yeah I know...

I have dreams that I get up from my desk and club my supervisor across the head. Am I alone in this?

more tonight I promise

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Anonymous said...

They say that if an adult had to go through "teething" like a baby does - we would kill ourselves...somethings are meant to be taken care of earlier in life.....wisdom teeth may be one of them...