Friday, July 08, 2005


Maybe we should not wear white pants and then sit on the curb.

Maybe we should never take shit from anyone.

Maybe the clouds really are shaped like ice cream cones.

Maybe we should never settle for anything.

Maybe goldfish are not the greatest of pets.

Maybe we should get angry sometimes.

Maybe we should not take a big gulp of tea when it is fresh off the stove.

Maybe we should cry when we are sad and laugh when we are happy.

Maybe nothing really is personnel

Maybe Nicholas Sparks books don't have to make us cry after the first chapter.

Maybe we should not be nice but real instead.

Maybe we should take more baths with bubbles and rubber duckies.

Maybe we should demand the world give itself to us.

Maybe we should drink more water.

Maybe we should walk on sand barefoot more.

Maybe we should enjoy what we have more.

Maybe chick movies really do serve a purpose.

Maybe our prayers are answered when we need it most.

Maybe we should take more days off.

Maybe diet coke really does rot our brains.

Maybe we should eat more cookies and less veggies.

Maybe God really does count the tears of women.

Maybe movies can change your life.

Maybe money really is not all it's cracked up to be.

Maybe love does conquer all.

Maybe we should stand up for ourselves to the man.

Maybe we should spend more time in the sun.

Maybe The Beatles are perfection.

Maybe cats do know everything.

Maybe we should not sit on a curb when we are wearing white pants....

Just maybe


amy said...

Maybe you're a better writer than you think you are :)

Di said...

I emphatically second what Amy said! =) And I can definitely get on board with the more cookies thing.....