Monday, February 20, 2006

So, I was trying to figure out what treaits and qualities make me unique and, well...ME. It is harder to do than in theory because everyone can describe themselves as "smart" or "attractive" etc. but these qualities are not unique. What makes us unique?

Today, I am turning over a new leaf in life. I realize things can happen in life but no matter what I am still ME. I still have these unique qualities that no one can take away even if they tried.

I also realize some people just don't want me to share my authentic self with them. But some people do and some people will. When it all comes down to the nitty gritty core I am...

...a girly girl who loves fashion, handbags, shoes and anything with the stigma of "chick" attached to it. This includes any romantic comedy and gossip magazine.

... who loves music as much as life itself. Who loves bands like REM and The Beatles like I own a part of them and understand things about the music that no one else (or very few others) will. To me its like music can name the unnameable. It can be the soundtrack of our lives, if we just listen hard enough.

...someone who gets passionate about certain characters in books, movies and tv shows as if they were real people.

...someone who can take a complete stranger and spend hours figuring them out and reading who they really are.

...someone who gets emotional at movies, through books, seeing good deeds, and feeling hurt.

...I am loyal to those I love, even when they piss me off.

...can be quite spoiled

...can make others feel good about themselves

... is not good with counting money, managing money, or budgeting money.

...who to this day pretty much can't spell worth a damn.

...can give you a good solid history of anything from Coach purses to Aristotles life.

... who at the age of 24 is still daddy's little girl

... who loves clothes that make me feel good.

...who understands the importance of high thread count sheets.

...who feels sexiest when nekkid.

...who has a pretty good butt.

...who doesn't mind asking for help.

...who admits that there are faults. but the good outweighs the bad.

... who takes things personally. even when I shouldn't.

...who belives chocolate is healthy.

...who yells at the tv when the people do something stupid, as if they were real people. addicted to diet coke.

...who tries so hard to believe everything happens for a reason, but gets impatient when things don;t go the way I want.

... someone who really does think she is beautiful. it took me a long time to get there but now that I am I don't plan on every giving that up.

... someone who believes everything in life is always a choice. change happens when the pain of where you are is greater than the pain of change. people only grow up when they get thrown in the water without a life jacket.

... someone who can just be such an annoying pain in the royal ass.

...someone who believes a smile can melt any cold heart.

...forgiveness is essential in life.

...believes love conquers all

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