Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Price People Pay for Money

A couple walked into the store. One scantly clad girl wearing Frankie B jeans so low her “coin slot” could hold dollars. With her was her boyfriend, wearing a muscle tee and diamonds in both ears so large I feared I might have to get my sunglasses.

She was holding a Yorkie, about two pounds and he was holding a Chihuahua that could not have weighed more than 1.5 pounds.

Both dogs had more “bling” on them than the couple.

“Aww how cute,” and meant it, as Yorkies are my weakness. “What are their names.”?

“This is Dolce,” she said as she pointed to the Yorkie. “And, this is Gabbana.”


I gave the girl a once over. She was a walking designer ad.

The man had more diamonds on him than my Great Grandma Bertha.

How much money does one have to have to afford so much in life? I wondered to myself.

I mentally went over in my head thinking about what this couple must do for a living.

I do this. I study people.

And then I noticed it. The boyfriend was wearing an ankle bracelet. NOT of the fashionable kind.

He reeked of scandal.

For a second I was jealous of this girrl..before I saw the bracelet.

And then, all I felt…was sadness.

Sad that money becomes everything to people and forces them to abandon their morals.

Sad that wealth is thought to be something we need to create on the outside, instead of being wealthy within.

Sad that I was still freaking jealous that she had the new Gucci bag!


-J said...

Interesting that your reaction would be sadness.

More enjoyable that you would still ache for the bag.

Scott said...

So you were actually feeling jealous of this girl? What is it about bling that would attract you to someone?

I agree with what you say about what some people give up in the name of money and 'things.'


minijonb said...

money is the root of all... celebrity fugness!


Rachel Heather said...

J - i am just a contradiction like that :)

Scott - not jealous of the girl no. just loved her bag :) I felt more sad for her. People give up their souls for money it seems. When the key to wealth is all an inner consciousness. let it go and then it comes . :)

Minijonb - not evil? lol I dont think money is bad at all. Money is cool you can use it to take fun trips and get a really cool house. but the way it is aquired can make the transaction pretty ugly.

Rachel said...

I know this is going to make me sound stupid, but what the heck is a "coin slot"?

work in progress said...

Could you clarify for me? I don't understand the ankle bracelet/scandal reeking connection.

Money and wealth are tricky things aren't they? I could do my own post on the subject (maybe I will). In a capitalist society there is no denying that people at the top (financially speaking) can only hold their positions of wealth if others exist at the other end of the financial spectrum (destitute or barely getting by). It's kind of sad when you think about it.

For the record, expensive bags, to me, are simply a big fat waste of cash. They make very stylish bags and purses for a fraction of the price of those with labels that allow them to charge RIDICULOUS prices.

And, Rachel, Ms. Rachel Heather was referring to the young woman's butt crack ;-)

work in progress said...


I just left a witty comment and blogger ate it. Too bad, it was good, but I can't re-do it!

Rachel-Rachel Heather is referring to the woman's butt crack when she says 'coin slot'.

work in progress said...

Doh! THERE IT IS! Sorry, I guess I'm making up for lost commenting time.

That is all.

Rachel Heather said...

Rachel - yes WIP answered it for you. When a women wears pants so low that the top of her butt is showing it is referred to as a "coin slot" :)

WIP - the ankle bracelet to clarify was one of the bracelets they give you when you are on parole so an alarm goes off if you go outside a certain area. Those under house arrest - the alarm goes off if they leave their house. (like martha stewart). Most of the time it is a zip code radius. The "bling" plus the bracelet reeked of drug money.

I like handbags...ummm...yeah I do. BUT I don't just go for the label. TO me some fashion is like art and some of it is pointless. structure and how a bag is put together is what gets my juices going :) I just cant afford most LOL

deepsat said...

for most ppl its show and glitter!! and one can achieve all that thru money!! and yes once you have money, there is no room for anything else!!

sad?? yes!! absolutly sad that one day they would still be six foot under without a penny!!!


mollymcmommy said...

the bling on animals to me is a total waste, you have some extra money, donate to research, charities etc. not your dogs neck who would sooner eat a treat than lick a diamond and be happier than a pig in shit.


Jen said...

That is the OC for ya!! You should never feel jealous for these people. They are compensating for something they are missing.