Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'mmmmm Backkkkkkkk

I have been out of town and I just got back so stay tuned for some updates : )

In the past 5 days I have:

Was humbled by an experience.

Met a girl and her boyfriend who owned a yorkie named Dolce and a Chi named Gabana.

Met a 17 year old one-eyed Pug

Kicked ass at some board games. I am the Uno QUEEN!

Got a little tipsy.

Got my ass grabbed by a stranger on J street who then proceeded to run away.

Had tons of fun

So tell me, how was your weekend?


Jenna said...
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deepsat said...

LOL!! you had a nice time it seems!! whoever grabbed ur ass also must have had a nice time!!

i had a long weekend to laze and catch up on life after a hectic week. got wet in the rain and indulged in some great cuisines and watched some movies. my hand went number courtesy my better half when i was watching snakes on plane!!

now back to work and cursing on time!!


-J said...

My weekend was busy, but in a different way, as much of my time was spent making preparations for my trip later this week, and taking my little brother to a baseball game on Sunday. I love baseball games.

Rachel said...

Wow. sounds like you had a great time. I didn't do anything on Friday. Saturday I went shopping out to dinner and a movie with a couple of my girlfriends and Sunday I went to church, took communion and then got home to watch Desperate Housewives... hehe

Rachel Heather said...

Jenna I had to remove your comment because I had to remove something from my blog (check your email)

Here is your comment because I loved it and still want to respond to it. :)

You're back and I'm in Munich:)
lucky girl!!!!
On my to do list*sigh*
I have worked my ass off....
is it possible to go on a vacation and not like work 14-16 hrs daily for a week straight?
*Have not slept since thursday:)
*Seen a great local band play called Anne Rose, the woman has a great voice.
*Got very tipsy on saturday.
*Been on a receving end of tons of hugs, virtual and real,never knew I had so many friends:)
I get to see my familiy after a year in exactly 6hrs:)
Gonna sneak over to the brewery on the airport and check out the October fest brews.
*Talked to my ex;(
Thought of you as i was doing some duty free shopping:)

Steph said...

Hey, at least someone was impressed enough by your ass to grab it! More action than I've seen in awhile. ;)

Rachel Heather said...

Deepsat - I LOVE rain I can't wait for rainy season here. I always make my dates arm numb during scary movies too. d'oh.

J - what trip? I LOVe baseball games too. Can you see the frown on my face? I am sad for my team. FROWN. Taking the little brother scores you major points though. :)

Rachel - did ya get anything shopping? I have not been for shopping for a bit and I am itching to go.

Jenna- I am so sorry about the comment thing. I will explain futhur in the email. How is Munich? What happened with your ex? I want to go to Germany. And Austria :) Is your whole family there? And do tell me what you got at the duty free center....I MUST know :)

Steph - that has happened to me once before while in downtown san digoe (where it happened.) It always happens when I am alone and when I am casually dressed. My uncles best guess is that my size makes me look like a "young girl who cant fight back" because i am short and tiny.

Rachel said...

Rach ~ I did buy 4 or 5 sweaters a logo t-shirt a plain t-shirt, 2 pairs of brown socks, a pair of brown pants some gold hoop earrings and a really cute necklace.
They had a huge sale and I saved around $80. I paid $127.00
I can't afford the fancy stuff. Thank goodness that in Michigan unless you are still in high school that people don't care what brand you stuff is. I can't imagine having to pay the kind of money that people in California do. If I did, I would probably be able to buy 1 shirt per year. LOL

Thomas said...

Rach, give me an email when you aren't too busy.

minijonb said...

i watched the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix on the tube... and did a whole lot of nothing else! felt good to chill out and veg.

Lydia said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I had a fun day at London Zoo on Saturday. Fell for an adorable squirrel monkey, saw a beautiful rainbow, watched a child imitating the penguins' walk and ate the best lemon sponge cake ever. Almost spent loads in the gift shop but just got a cute squirrel monkey soft toy, not as good as the real thing but will do for now! :)

Scott said...

Why does nobody grab my ass on the street? Doesn't seem quite fair...

Oh well... I will live. Weekends sounds pretty great. I am a little sad for D and G though.


-J said...

Rachel, I am so disappointed - you obviously have not been reading my blog very much. I'm leaving for Italy this Friday.

Awww, poor you. It's ok, though. There's next season just around the corner.

Scoring is always good.

Robert said...

Wow rachel sounds like you had a good deal of fun Too bad you couldnt have a zapper on your booty to shock any fondler who wasnt *preauthorized* for such transactions LOL

Root for the METS!!! you know you hate the dodgers!!!!

Mike Stickel said...

Last weekend I helped some friends move and cursed the fact that I still can't move into my apartment yet because of some retarded tenants. Ate way too much pizza and definitely didn't drink enough.

Based on the quick comments you've made about your weekend I'm looking forward to hearing what happened in more detail.

Oh yeah, that guy grabbing your ass, that wasn't me... or was it?

Jenna said...

Ok so I?m a bit late but my timne zones are all mixed up:)
My fam. is in Bosnia (whisžch is where I'm at now:)
Munich was great at leastthe airport spentsome six hrs there...
Shoes, shoes and purses:) A few thngs for my friends back home.