Friday, September 08, 2006

25 Peeps

Don't know how this happened..but I am on

so click here

and refer me

cause I am applying for jobs all day

and need more entertainment.

so click here

and have a Happy Friday


FlatGreg said...

Hi! Found you through peeps. good luck!

kat at work said...

i clicked when i noticed that you and dustin were both on the site and such. you know, i'll click on yours again because you actually read my site. that is so important. go team.

good luck on the job business. icky stuff that is.

Scott said...

Very cool.


RennyBA said...

Here from 25Peeps, so I've clicked and add: Hello from Norway! Congrats and I hope you stay there for a long long time, course you have a blog really worth visiting.
Have a great end to your week:-)

shpprgrl said...

Hey peep! Have a fun weekend.

CP said...

I don't have to click thru 24 others to know who's who!



Jenna said...

Ok I went, and clicked...I'll do it again:) Just becouse I wish ypu luck...I just gt into a new field and it is scary! But a ton ogf fun

Grins said...

Too funny that you're right next to Dustin.