Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why do people love what they love?

My father is obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and biblical history. He has a stamp collection to rival most and is like a kid in a candy store at any model train retailer. My brother gets all warm and fuzzy when it comes to his computers, electronics and REM. My grandfather also treats anything electric like a toy. My boyfriend has a baseball card and memorabilia collection like none I have ever seen. He has enough magazines to cover his entire floor and Fox news is on 24 hours a day. My sister-in-law loves cats, cartoons and children’s books. Me? Well I get orgasmic over many a thing. I am an expert on all Buffy trivia. I have read certain books too many times to count (count of Monte Cristo, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Harry Potter, and anything Neil Gaiman). I love makeup and clothes and anything to do with philosophy and psychology. I believe music can change the soul. Was this all learned? Are we born with certain genes that tell us what we will have attachments to? Nature or Nurture? Perhaps if I play Beatles music 24 hours a day when I am pregnant one day I will give birth to a Beatle maniac. I happen to believe attachments to certain things or types of things is a good thing. I have to wonder though if these attachments are what make us who we are. Anyone that knows me knows what my attachments are. They define me. My musical taste defines me. My affinity for certain genres defines me. I know what “type” of people read Gaiman. I know what type of person loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer and listens to REM all day. Really, no matter how much one would try to hide it, what we love really does define who we are. Maybe people love what they love because they feel the need to be unique. One cannot simply state she is a Rachel or he is a Joe. In order to be unique one has to be “that guy” who is obsessed with….(fill in the blank here). However, at least it gives us something outside ourselves to be in love with. Essentially, loving Star Wars just might mean you are not a narcissist.

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