Wednesday, August 18, 2004

As a request I am makeing a list. This list is supposed to make me feel better. This is a list of things I love. This is a list of things, people, places, I love and like....

here it goes....


1. I like how a chocolate bar melts before you swallow it.
2. I like how the water in Aruba is alwaays warm yet the sand is always cool.
3. I like how around the third mile of a run gives you a rush
4. I like how my Good Luck Bear makes me feel safe
5. I like how my Jack Skellington Blanket makes me feel the same way, even if I am too old for that
6. I like how no matter what I am wearing, I can still feel hot in my "wear these if you dare
7. I like my Ipod, I can't go anywhere without it
8. I like sour patch kids
9. I like my lap top
10. I like how I decorated my room
11. I like my book collection.
12. I like my DVD and music collection
13. I like my professional camera
14. I like how a movie can make you laugh and cry at the exact same time
15. I like how the base of music, when turned up loud, can make your blood vibrate

Things to do

1. I like running
2. I like dancing
3. I like writing
4. I like traveling
5. I like hanging out with Rachelle and Lyndsey, talking nonsense
6. I like going to clubs with Brandon
7. I like going to concerts with Ethan and Amy
8. I like talking to Rachelle, Lyndsey, Amy, Brendan, Edan, Grandpa, Maytal
9. I like going to movies with Rachelle, Lyndsey, Brendan, Maytal, Simone,

Things about me

1. I like my eyes
2. I almost like my body
2. I like my butt
3. I like my ability to dance
4. I like my ability to read people
5. I like how I can talk to people
6. I like how I can fit in with pretty much any crowd
7. I like that I am passionate about what I like


1. I like how my father and mother would do anything for me
2. I like how my brother is so happy right now with Amy
3. I like how Amy has become one of my best friends and is truly a sister to me
4. I like how Rachelle and I can understand each other without really talking much
5. I like how Lyndsey loves life in a way not many people do
6. I like how Maytal is passionate about her causes
7. I like how Simone is the most genuine person I know
8, I like how Nir sticks to what he believes in
9. I like how Brandon is not afraid to be who he really is
10. I like how Brendan is easy going and talented

Yeah that really does work. I kinda do feel a bit better. Maybe I will think of more....

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