Tuesday, August 31, 2004

There is nothing worse than being sick. All I can do is sit at home, do nothing, not exorcise, sniffle and pout. I started school and my classes are hard as hell this semester. My romantics class is harder than I ever thought possible. I have no clue what I was thinking by skipping the prerequisite for this course. I now realize there is a big difference between reading Keats, Blake, Byron and Joyce and actually studying said authors. Combine this with the fact that over half the class is graduate students and I feel like a pretty big nobody. These people are shouting out theory they know from semesters of study and I am just a reader of prose. Can being a lover of the romantic authors be enough? Can being in agreement that literature of power is more important of literature of knowledge get me an A in a class I am not supposed to be in?

In other news, I got the job at Hot Topic (finally!). I knew they had to love me. In fact, they love me so much; they are willing to hire me as a temp since they know I am going to be leaving for London in January. I start September 20th and I am part excited and a little more than scared. I am now working class.

I have picked my classes for London and am starting to feel the buzz.... the anticipation is killing me. Everyone is planning a visit, which is really cool since I will miss too many people. Ethan and Amy, Mom and Dad, Lyndsey and Rachelle, Grams and Gramps...everyone!!! It is going to be sooooooo fun! I also know my classes are going to be hard work though. I hear the British system is a lot tougher than American school. I am confident in myself though. Besides, if I can get an A in this romantics class, I can get an A in anything.


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