Saturday, August 14, 2004

I was sitting at home all week, tired as hell and just unable to write anything. I was actually not motivated to do anything at all this week except watch TV, exorcise, and read.

I have so much to say about the wedding I am just not sure how to say it. So many emotions went through me that weekend. So many funny moments happened. Beautiful moments. Memorable moments. It will all come pouring out of me eventually.

The bridesmaids and I have become friends. I think the reason in this is the fact that we all feel like we have been through war together. We had such a fun weekend together though and I am glad we all want to hang out more even though the wedding is over.

The weekend started out with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was fun but very hectic. All the New Yorkers had just flown in so us family members kinda got bombarded with pictures and pinching cheeks. My two cousins, Danni and Madison, were so excited to see me that they just would not stop talking. Further more they recruited Brendan to be their audience and for a good solid hour we heard stories of dancing hippos (which we found to be true believe it or not) and shark attacks.
"...And then the shark bit my knee AND my elbow and it hurt real real bad".... I heard this over and over again.
It really shows how much those girls are related to me. I just can't believe Madison did not talk until she was two years of age. I guess like me, once she started talking she spoke in complete sentences.

The day of the wedding was all jittery with excitement. All of us girls went to Judy's house in the morning to get our hair and makeup done. My hair looked absolutely fabulous I must say. Amy was a little nervous but overall we were al just excited. We got to Paradise point around 3:30 and brought out the Mimosas early. We made sure to sneak extra champagne in Judy and my mother's mimosas because they were stark raving mad!! I am serious. They were going insane. I am not getting married if it is any inclination of how my mother will act when I get married.
The ceremony was beautiful. Surrounded by the water and the subtle sound of birds, it was like a scene out of a movie. Amy looked like a china doll and my brother, for once in his life, looked handsome.
What followed was something only a wedding, Ethan and Amy could have pulled off. The rabbi forgot the rings so they had to use borrowed rings from the rabbi and a groomsman. The rabbi made fun of Ethan throughout the ceremony. I have to say though the real clincher was Rabbi Asa implying Aunt Jenna was preggo! She got so red in the face, I was cracking up.

The reception was a blast and I made it a point to get hammered. Nir and Amy were actually nice to me, although they pretty much kept to themselves. Maura also got hammered with me. Michael from New York was pretty cute and finally started talking. I gave a speech, told myself I would not cry, started crying, mentioned the Feebles.... but made lots of people cry anyway. I am pretty sure it had to do with the sharing of the last name line....:)

The after party was oddles of fun. Rachelle and Lyndsey passed out early. Maura puked early but was still ready to party all night. I was still hoppin. I put on my new Plan-R sweatshirt that was about ten sizes to big, poured myself and nice rum and coke and got ready to have some fun. Well I ate wayyyyyyy too much food and got wayyyyy too drunk. I ended up being a monkey by climbing all over Brendan (might have caused some bruises). I also played a pseudo truth or dare game with Shaun, although it was more along the lines of a truth game and the only questions that where asked were, "What are you drinking?" and "When was your first kiss?" LAME!
Maura, Michael and me were the last ones up and we ended up out on the balcony and six in the morning discussing life on other planets. I meant it when I said Michael finally started talking.
Before bed, Maura and me sprayed our hair so we could go to the brunch with our hair in place and went to bed....

Brunch the next day....

So for the most part the mothers had calmed down a bit. My mom was still a little on edge though and the bridesmaids and me pretty much hid the whole time. We took cover down on the balcony by the pool or in one of the rooms. We also made Brendan and Shaun keep running up the stairs to get us food and drinks. Oh the joys of being a girl!
We wound down the party with some piano playing
My mom then got in a fight with my Grandma and I decided it was time to leave

Sunday night was going to be a Zen pot-smoking thing at Ted and Judy's so I went over there. It was just a few of us. I was so tired I just passed out. Well, first we ate a bunch more and had Ted go get us some more ice cream cake. Only the place was closed so there was Ted banging on the window of the place...."Give me cake! Give me Cake!" Classic.

Overall it was just a gorgeous wedding and a really fun weekend. I would be lying if I were not glad if it was over. There was so much stress leading up to it and I feel like I can finally relax. I can imagine how Ethan and Amy feel.

So now I am sitting here, Rachelle has gone for law school and I start school soon. The wedding is over. I had my first meet up with Nir and Amy. I am all set to go to London. Things seem to be falling into place. I still have that hollow feeling though. I already miss my friends and it is really hard to make new ones, especially when some new ones you try to make just don’t.... well you know.

I consider myself a really lucky girl for the friends and family I have. I consider myself a very lucky girl for the life I lead. So what is this hollow feeling? Maybe it is just anticipation for London. Maybe it is just a feeling that something bigger is coming and although I don’t know what that is yet, I know it will satiate me?

P.S I caught the bouquet....

I did not mean to. The damn thing went straight for my head and Amy says she did not even mean to do that! Luckily that whole "next person to marry" is not a truism...

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