Friday, March 31, 2006

10 Years. Baseball Again. And siblings as opposites.

My brothers lil website is coming up on its 10 year anniversary. Wow 10 years! He opened up a new forum in there for people to write about their experience on murmurs and what it brought them. Listening to these stories I am amazed at how so many people have changed their lives through an online community. There have been countless "murmurs relationships," about even about 6 weddings. The site got has indirectly changed so many lives, including mine.

Here is the funniest part.

My brother was so shy as a kid it was crippling. He liked online community sites because he could connect with people without the horrid feeling of talking to them face to face.

Many years ago when we were kids there were not many diagnosis of ADD, Ashbergers and Autism. Most autistics were only diagnosed when the symptoms were so out in the open and a stranger could tell. But what about Ashbergers? It is the polor opposite of ADD and on a wim I, and my brother, took this test yesterday.

The average person scores a 16. Anything above a 32 shows someone may have symptoms of mild Ashbergers. Anyone way low, well you get the idea.

My brother scored a 39 and I scored a 4 (well that explains a lot!)

Ashbergers can be described as extreme shyness, an obsessive personality when it comes to a certain thing (Brother knew how to put together a jet engine at the age of 10 just because he read all books about airplanes)

So anyway, my point is, it is funny how somethings we think of as faults actually are the things that will bring us to our calling and bring us happiness. I look at my brother today, married and in love, a job he likes (most of the time) and better at relating to people than he was as a child, and thank God that he was the kid he was.

I look at my score of a 4 and realize, yeah that was pretty accurate. I am good at relating and reading people. I know people's intentions by the tone of their voice, and can't focus very well on one thing. So maybe that will bring me to my calling.

Take the test, you might learn something.

In other news...

The new baseball season is coming up upon us and I find myself getting giddy with anticiipation while reading, searching for news and updates and any hint of what this season might bring. It brings me back to memories of last season ALDS game, probably the most exciting game of my life where the Angel's kicked the Yankees out of the running and they did it all about 25 feet away from me.

I was looking forward to this season so much. And now? Well it is a weird feeling. I am excited, and maybe this summer I will create some new memories at the games with new people. Maybe I will meet some new baseball guys and maybe love will once again be at the ballpark. Excited. Sad. I guess maybe a little bit of both. But at least I will look hot in my baseball jersey.

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Anonymous said...

The test was very interesting. My son has this diagnosis and petit mal seizures. What a combination.