Thursday, March 30, 2006

Smooth tush, psycho neighbor, and all the happy feelings pampering brings.

It is funny how some smells immediately bring back memories. It can be the simplest thing. Yesterday, I took in upon myself to pamper me. I went to Victoria's Secret and bought some new cute lingerie as well as some bath products and some lotion that makes my skin feel like, well I can't stop touching it! Anyway, I got this lotion set of a new line they carry called Victoria's Secret Spa (or something like that). Well I just put on the hand cream (which please all you ladies go buy because my hands feel like a baby tush) and the smell just flooded my brain with the memory of summer. Funny how smells do that. Like, roasted chestnuts will always reminds me of New York in the winter (as will any christmasy smell like baked apple pie)and really bad men's cologne now reminds me of that overbuffed drenched in cheap cologne meat head who is always near me at the gym.

I got this feeling that summer is going to just be a happy time. I love the feeling of skin after it has been rolling around in the sand for a day, all smooth and toned. I love the look of my face all rosy from the rays. I love buying a new swimsuit to mark the occasion (I am trying to find this one by Vix that is no longer on the website but have no fear because I want it and I always get what I want and I know I will find it.) I love cooling off from the horrible heat and I love how everyone seems to be a little brighter and wear a lot more smiles. Summer is, by far, not my favorite season, but there are good things to every season and the new season means new beginnings.

In other news, date with lawyer was not all that great but maybe I will have to give him a second chance. Film Editor and I have been talking quite a bit and I have a coffee talk non-date with him this weekend. He talks more than I do though so we shall see if that is a recipe for disaster. He is also a film nazi and I get the feeling that his passion for film might consume his entire life, but then again I could be wrong. If nothing else, it will be interesting.

There is a young couple who lives above me who just got a new puppy. They leave the new puppy out on their balcony and it just cries and cries. I am tempted to climb up there and rescue it. However, that is not my main problem with them. My problem is their fighting. They fight like they are fighting to the death. The girl is psychotic, and two nights ago I heard some "thud thud" noises outside my patio and when I looked out, there in the rain and soaking wet grass were probably about half the contents of the guys clothes, shoes, books, etc. Somebody must have called security because it ended soon after but damn I have psychos living upstairs. I am not even sure who is more psychotic, the girl with her violent outbursts or the guy for being a pot smoking lazy ass who won't get rid of her. All the while I just kept thinking, poor poor puppy. Maybe I will steal it ;)

I found out that if I do go to Columbia and live in their off campus (but university owned) housing my rent will be cheap. But no dogs are allowed. Guess I won't be getting a dog anytime soon. I am not sure if I will be going this fall or January of next year. No decisions yet. My only decisions I am making right now are what to wear today, what to read today, what to watch on TV today, bath or shower, chicken or fish, what plans are there this weekend, what to buy, and where to go.

Stay tuned...the clouds are clearing and sunshine is beams down on us.

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Steve said...

Rescue the puppy, they don't sound like they deserve it. Stay away from Mr. Film Nazi, people who are overly obsessed with movies and won't shut up about them are annoying as hell.