Monday, March 27, 2006

Mutants, Music and Myspace stalkers

Death Cab sings Driver 8. Nuclear Testing in New Mexico makes mutants who then proceed to eat people and burn them alive (including the dog which made me sadder than anything else.) Rachel has nightmares about mutants eating dogs. Rachel learns that some guys out there talk more than she does (not a good idea). Rachel looks into the future. Angel's come to help us in the most unlikely of fashions and in packages we would normally not notice. My ass looks great in my new jeans. I need a manicure. I have initiated a very harsh but much needed relationship change with my mother. I laid the ground rules about how much she could meddle with my life. I love my mother but she puts her nose into my business as if I were a child and not a 24 year old strong woman. So far she is keeping to it and I feel so much better it is unbelievable. Been thinking a lot lately about what I want and I made a want list, I will post it soon. Does anyone else cry on Extreme Home Makeover? Is anyone else really sick of Kelly Pickler? Does anyone else have 5 separate myspace stalkers? Anyone? Anyone?

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