Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Fine Art of Being Yourself - To Get What you Want in Life.

So, a friend of mine thought I should pitch a column called “Life and How to Live It.” (Wishful thinking on his part) and who woulda think it, but a Mr. Mike Adams has a townhall.com column of the same name (damn). However, I don’t think the column exists anymore because I have yet to find one dated in 2006. Maybe then I can steal it and claim the name I soooo deserve.

I posted before on how I came up with a want list. However, the problem with many is they want and want and never stop and appreciate what they actually have. We want a house and yet we don’t stop and appreciate the coziness of our apartments. We want to move but we don’t admire the sun of where we are. We want new loves but how can we get it if we shun the love we have inside of ourselves already. Wanting is a great and healthy thing, just like dreaming, as long as it is coming from a place of happiness. I think if we really take a look around us and inside us we will find that we already have everything we need. If we are always unhappy with our place there will be no place where we are happy at all. Yet if we accept our place it makes it easier to move forward. It is a lot easier for the universe to send you more when you like what you have got already.
Over the past three years I have learned to appreciate what I have. I liked it yesterday. I liked it today and what the universe brings me tomorrow I will probably like. Am I like this all the time? Hell no, sometimes I am not happy and quite pissed off (hello PMS!!), but I don’t hate myself for it. Probably because, even though I can whine and act like a baby, even though I can be quite the narcissist, even though I pout and make, what my friend calls, the most adorably pathetic off-putting puppy dog face, even though sometimes I am needy and sometimes I think I am stupid and sometimes I don’t fight fair, at least I can look at myself in the mirror and see someone who is special not because she is overly good and not because she is overly bad. Special is just being who you are; good, bad, positive, negative, happy, sad, unique and yet not. That is what makes us special, not trying to be anything we are not and just BEING.

When we accept that about ourselves, when we feel free to just BE, then and only then can we get what we truly want. Just remember that the things about you that are appealing to other people are not traits that are considered popular. No one is just all the time. No one is kind all the time. No one is confident all the time. We all have a little bit of both. The things that appeal you to people is the things that make you you. Embrace that and you can have everything. Love, Success, Careers, Happiness...Everything.


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