Sunday, August 27, 2006

Maybe We Are All Somebody's Guardian Angel

As I was walking through the bookstore I brought myself to the oh-so-familiar Concert DVD section. Not that I need any more Concert DVDs, but it is always fun to look. Of course, sometimes I end up buying anyway but that is a whole other story.

So anyway, I was walking around MY section and I notice a man, probably in his 40s standing near the section with a young girl, around 8.

“Daddy, which one are you going to get?” I overhear her say. I take a look and notice the little girl has Downs’s syndrome.

Father is holding two DVDs in his hands, obviously contemplating which to get for his daughter.

Curiosity got the best of me and I scooted over to get a better look. Ahh, he was holding two different Beach Boys DVDs and a smile spread across my face.

“Excuse me, but sir I would probably go with that one if it is her first…more songs less talking.” I say as I give the little girl a wink.

The little girl smiled up at me and said proudly, “Daddy is teaching me about good music.”

“Well he is a smart man. Did you know that the Beach Boys are one of the greatest bands in history”?

“Oh I know that,” she said as she put her hands on her hips.

I bent down to her eye level and gave her a smile, “Well then you are one smart lady.”

This got a giggle out of her.

“Well Daddy says they are his Angels.”

The Father gives a laugh as he replaces the other DVD back on the shelf, going with my recommendation.

“Well that is how I met her mother, so we have a joke about it.”

The little girl, dressed in a simple pink outfit is almost too cute for words.

I had had such a rough day that probably anything remotely sweet was going to be too cute for words. But, seriously, too cute for words. Then again, any young kid learning good music is a soft spot for me.

Angels he said? What of Angels? Do we all have them? Do they guide us?

I reached across the shelf and pulled out another band and hand it to the little girl.

“Well these guys are my Angels. I bet if you ask nicely he might get you this one too.” I say as I stand up straight and get ready to wish them a good day.

“Hey thanks for the recommendations.” The father says politely.

I wished them a good day and walked away.

I was still in earshot when I heard the little girl ask, “Daddy who was that pretty lady, I like her.”

“I don’t know sweet pea. Maybe she was an Angel.”

Now…that was too cute for words.

Help a kid learn good music: Free

Feel a bit better: 15.99 (Hey I told you I usually buy something)

Realize I am somebody’s Angel: Priceless


Keshi said...

**“I don’t know sweet pea. Maybe she was an Angel.”

well he was right!

What a beautiful angelic post Rach.


Lydia said...

What an adorable story, and how sweet of you to be her Angel!

Always a good thing to pass on music recommendations to kids - I've got my goddaughter and her sister into R.E.M., The Beatles and The Beach Boys so far.

Hope your rough day got better.

mrsmogul said...

That was really sweet. I believe in Angels definitely! Imagine if you turned around and the man and the little girl vanished and then you heard like bells or something?

-J said...

Uuuh, am I going to have to be the one to ask it? Who was the other band?

Tiffanie said...

I had tingles going up and down my arms when I read that last part.

Cool, Rachel.

Yoda said...

Hey, which is the other band you recommended to them?

minijonb said...

that's the mostest bestest story i've read in ages. thanks.

and i'll third the emotion about who was the other band... well, we're waiting??? =;-)

minijonb said...

... was it REM's "Tourfilm" ???

Rachel said...

I believe that you can be someones angel and that people here on Earth can be your angel. It just depends on how you treat others and how others treat you.
My friend and I love to do random acts of kindness.
Occasionally we will buy a person dining alone their dinner or write a letter to a manager when we get great service etc. We always leave so that they don't know who did it.
It is the best feeling in the world when you know that you did someone to make someones day.

Rachel Heather said...

patience people :)

It was REM

no not tourfilm I just grabbed Perfect Square (the newest one) for her. It is a good one for someone just learning.

Lydia - REM, Beatles, Beach Boys - you are one great Godmother.

MRsMogul - that would have been tres creepy. I once met someone where I thought they vanished but as it turns out they just were behind someone.

Rachel - wow that is so sweet of you guys to do. I might have to try that!

Scott said...

That is a great story. Thanks for sharing, it definately brightened my day.

Good call on the REM as well.


Grumpy O. Selznick said...

That was really nice. Cool to read something totally without cynicism. I just produced a movie with two young actors who have down syndrome. It was a tremendously rewarding experience, and they were our Angels everytime we got worn down from long days of shooting. Chris Scott, the older of the two, just got a top award at the American Black FF,so maybe I could have been his Angel a bit too. Vice versa. It felt great.

Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle said...

Found you at LBB.

Interesting story - pretty deep too.

suze said...

and nice to hear you guys talk of thes e people as people with down's not down's syndrome people, as if that is the only thing that defines them. there was a play touring in Australia a couple of years ago about a world with out people with Down's syndrome, as so many of the foetuses suspected of carrying the extra chromosome are aborted, and it was basically about what a loss that would be, and how we are breeding now in a very narrow way. food for thought. my daughter's favourite music is coldplay and missy higgins.

Steve said...

That made me smile.


deepsat said...

a beautiful post rach!! to have an angel is wonderful, but to be someone's angel is indescribable!


Grumpy O. Selznick said...

It took working with Donovan and Chris for me to learn that they are people first (though of course I should have known). They are both very loving wonderful guys who bring joy to those around them. When I did the Red Carpet with Chris, and would tell reporters who he was, they always would think initially that they wouldnt want to interview him, it would be depressing. Then they would meet him and find out how fulfilling meeting his is, how positive he is about everything, how inspiring.

Rachel Heather said...

Keshi - thanks :)

btw minijonb - tourfilm is a-freaking-mazing huh? But for a little girl of 8 I thought the color and such of Perfect Square would suit her. Plus the set list on that one is amazing :)

scott - I am glad it brightened your day - it sure as hell brightened mine :)

Grumpy - wow what movie? Can I see it? I am the anti cynic - I think life is too short for it. Unless it makes for great comedy, but usually too much of it just pisses me off. LOL

Greg - are you really a cowboy? and thanks!

Suze - do people really do that? It reminds me of that movie Gattica - where people can genetically engineer their kids and the regular ones were like outcasts. then I think of the movie Auntz - where the small aunts where the ones that made it in the end

Steve - ya see I am spreading the music wealth :)

Deepsat - Yeah sometimes we forget we are all somebody's "Angel" It is good if you have one to emind them always I think

Thomas said...

I like knowing that people like Rachel are out there.

Rachel Heather said...

Thomas - even though we don't share the same political views? LOL kidding - thank you!

question girl said...

rach - you made me cry again (and i'm not even dealing w/ pms)

Mike Stickel said...

Definitely a very uplifting post. Makes me proud to know people like this (including author Rachel, commenter Rachel — I'm definitely going to do what you did! — and grumpy — seriously, what was the movie? Don't keep us waiting).

Grumpy O. Selznick said...

Rachel (and Mike)

I didnt want to advertise on your blog, so i didnt put it on here. Its called "My Brother" and its coming out in a few cities in November, and around major cities in late January. There is a trailer and a great five minute documentary that will give you an idea about it at And Rachel, feel free to take this comment down (after all it is your blog and I dont want to hijack it).


Rachel Heather said...

Question Girl - ya know that girl mmade me cry too..seriously sometimes I am such a sap. :) Thank you!

Mike - Thank for for such a lovely compliment. I like being uplifting. It is so much better than being a downer sometimes :)

Grumpy - No way am I deleting that comment! That is so so cool! Hey, if you ever need any creative, adorable, great with people, and fun people to hire - let me know. LOL. Seriously, I am so seeing that movie. That is awesome!

Grumpy O. Selznick said...

Did you watch the trailer/doco?

jibber.jabber said...

rachel... there is always something great to find if you are open minded enough to see it. in just a simple and generous moment you have undoubtedly made every minute afterwards more enjoyable for them. i will definitely be back to read more.

as for angels... here's to hoping.


JimiThing said...

Music is the common language! This post was a much-needed breath of fresh air. (First time visitor by way of 'Mazing Amy. So glad I stopped by.) You reached out and touched some people, then you touched all of us and let us experience some of the joy. Thanks for that. Jimi_Thing

Aargh said...

Angels come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. It is special to be recognized as an angel.

Obviously your wings and halo are visible.

Nice story Rachel Thanks for the smile.