Friday, August 25, 2006

The Semester Started I took a break from blogging this week so I could settle into a routine.

I promise to be back in a couple of days since I have A LOT To Blog about :)

Until then have a fabulous weekend and please pray for The Angels series against the Yanks.



-J said...

Have a great weekend, Rachel.

Grumpy O. Selznick said...

Hurry back. Looks like we're on the same page, relationship-wisdom-wise.

Rachel said...

Dang Rach~ You promised you wouldn't leave us hanging again. Rats... I will have to wait a few more days...grumble....grumble.

Grins said...

Enjoy your back to school stuff! I always did when returning. ;-)

Scott said...

Enjoy the first week back. Always a little stressful but usually some fun too. I am hoping for the Angels! Anyone but the Damn Yankees and since the Blue Jays are pretty much out of it... I will go with Detroit or the Angels.



deepsat said...

have a great time!!! and do keep blogging!!