Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You Can Get Away With Anything When You Are Adorable

For the next two weeks I am babysitting a kitten. This is a big deal being that it is sort of a “test run” to see if I can take care of an animal at my apartment (my animals live with my parents).

This one pound black embodiment of all that is evil and adorable is sitting next to me sleeping.

She looks so cute when she sleeps.

Oh, if only she could sleep for 24 hours.

I walk around my apartment and all of a sudden this evil yet adorable thing attacks my feet. I type on my keypad and she attacks my hands. This apartment is now her plaything.

I want to not like her. I want to yell at her.

She just bit me.

But, then she gives me this “look.” This look, as if to say, “I am so adorable that no matter what I do you will love me,” makes me want to hug her and scream at the same time.

My feet and hands have been attacked. She is now on the ground chasing the air. But, this adorable evil creature has clawed into my heart. Awwwwwww

Now I get why I get away with so much. You sure get away with a lot when you are adorable.

Sunday, I went to lunch and a movie with my “scary movie buddy.” This is not a title I gave him but more of a title that was formed by the fact that he is now the only person in my life that will see a scary movie with me. Everyone else quit that job. So SMB fell into the job because he is brave and does not mind pain.

We went to see The Decent. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes the genre. It is one of the scariest, but well made, scary movies I have seen in a long long time. It, not only gets you with the fright fest, but it gets under your skin psychologically. Darkness, closed spaces, being trapped…and then the flesh eating monsters come out.
Poor Scary Movie Buddy….I actually drew blood this time.

It started with a certain scene (I won't give it away) and then escalated from there. I grabbed his arm in a panic and hid my face from the screen. He yelled out in pain and turned to give me a glare. I gave him a "look" as if to say, "I am so adorable I can get away with anything."

He cautiously let me hold onto him for the rest of the movie. He just made sure he was prepared.

Ya see, me and Kitty....not too different now are we? We can both draw blood and get away with it. Though, I have to admit...she is far cuter than I am when she sleeps.


deepsat said...

what an interesting perspective!! and cute too!! so basically if u r cute u can get away with most of the things!! the only dependent factor being the person who finds u cute!!



Phil said...

How can you not love a little kitten? You two sound like a perfect pair.

twobuyfour said...

Yes, you seem to be similar. Have you had your shots? Now that I think about it, you're in heat too, aren't you?

Rachel said...

I have a not so small kitten still. Her name is Gilligan. You are right, she claws at EVERYTHING and I always forgive her cause she is just so darn cute.
But, even adorable and cute only go so far. I just got a new couch and that little hellion likes to claw at it. Oh, HECK NO!!!!
She is going in to get spayed AND declawed within the next 2 weeks.
I didn't declaw my older cat Ashen because she doesn't claw too much, but let me tell ya, no matter how cute you are, you draw blood too many times and you will be lucky not to get thrown across the room.
**Disclaimer~ I do not, nor will I throw my cats or child across the room. This is just a metaphor people!!! :o)~

-J said...

Women are, in general, like cats, and men are dogs. And we wonder why there are such difficulties between us.

Nelly said...

I have to agree with J on this one, but only on there personality.Becauset I love women and I hate cats.... :) Get rid of that thing out of your apartment... ;)

Scott said...

Drawing blood eh? So only romantic comedies with Rachel... lol.


minijonb said...

it would be great if we could wake up with no bedhead like kittens are able to pull off.

Rachel Heather said...

Deepsat - yeah that is the crux of the matter....but maybe sometimes adorable can be universal? LOL

Phil - yes she is my sidekick for a couple of weeks. I am teaching her how to jump in the air now.

2X4 - no when I am in heat I become psychotic. :) And yes I have had my shots. I am rabies free ;)

Rachel - I am sure some have wanted to throw me too. I have a scratching pad for this thing and it seems to be working. Though I have a cheap pold sofa so I probably dont even care if she goes at it.

J - haha that used to be the quote under my blog title. It went like this, "Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just get used to it."

Nelly - it is just a babysitting gig :) I plan on getting a puppy. but she IS cute.

Scott - this is why all of my friends and boyfriends and family wont see a scary movie with me. its so sad. I have been kicked off the scary movie island.

minijonb - yeah you ain't kidding. I get MAJOR bedhead

CP said...

Sounds like you and scary movie buddy need to invest in some foam pads to wrap up in before going to the movies or babysitting the kitty.

Good post!


Robert said...

Ah rachel funny how i imagine part of your adorableness is using *puppy dog eyes* LOL I often wondered if we could lick ourselves like cats..... would we ever leave the house???? something to ponder careful notto hurt yourself if you TRY it rachel *weg* your too sexy for this blog

Steve said...

I should have gone to the movie with you just to see you maim B. So cute and adorable they get away with anything. Yep that's you.

Keshi said...

That Kitty is a heart-stealer OMG!

Is Nala sending u gifts from sweet!


Anand said...

Thats what animals and kids do to u...try as hard as u want..u can never really hate them!

Anonymous said...

Devils Advocate

Thomas said...

I guess now I know why I have been able to get away with anything up until this point. Thanks for the illumination, Rachel.

Wombat said...

Cats rule!

No wonder the Egyptians turned them into a religion.

Rabbitfish said...

The kitten is adorable and so are you. I saw your movie buddy's bruises last night - damn girl - you need to be house broken!

Love 'ya.


Ekta said...

am scared of black cates..their eyes look soo scary at night!

shpprgrl said...

What a cute kitty! But looking at them makes me sneeze. I prefer the plush variety to have and babysit! ;)

Aargh said...

Yes the cute get away with almost everything. My doggie is soo cute she can do no wrong.

Although I am not a cat person a kitten is just so cute and they love to play. As you have discoverd you have to watch out for the claws and teeth.

The Cuties Rule the World!