Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And The Award for BEST GIFT EVER Goes To....

The Best Sheets Ever!!!

"Honey, what would you like to do tonight"?

"Well, geee...I dunno - Row B, Column 3 sounds fun."

If you please turn your attention to - the instruction manual in my hand. Look closer. Closer. Yeah - thats what you think it is.

This gift was given to me by my Aunt who threw me a really fun party with my friends.

Here are some highlights taken with my brand new digital camera : )

Me and Sammy - he actually came to the bars with us

Me and my uncle - by the way, the hat was not my idea

Me and my fantabulous birthday cake - it was handmade by a friend of mine :)

Me and Blair - the fantabulous cakemaker :)

my mom is one of those weird moms that does this

more pictures to come - and more festivities

P.S - I am going to get into a series of articles on here as kind of an experiment/instruction series that delves into a few things that blend some universal laws, physics and metaphysics, and such. The problem is I have so much information and so many different views on the subject matter that I am not yet sure how to articulate it to where it would make sense to the "average Joe." So if you have any advice on how to explain things in that way I would love any my readers could give.


twobuyfour said...

It looks like you had a great little party there. I hope you get to use the Kama Sutra bedding frequently.

I dunno 'bout talkin' about deep stuff on this here blog tho'. I ain't smert enuf to get a lot of that deep stuff. I'll haf to have Slim 'splain it to me.

-J said...

Somehow you just became even more attractive. ;-)

coffeygirlb said...

Hey Rachel, I know I haven't commented in awhile. I wont be hurt if you're all"who are you" I've been reading, just a bit in lurker mode. You looked too cute in these pics not to comment though. Happy B-day!

Rachel said...

Seriously ~ the next bridal shower I go to I will be gifting a set of those sheets. Those are hilarious.

minijonb said...

about the only thing that could possibly be cooler than Kama Sutra bedding would be a Kama Sutra pop-up book.

awesome pics!

Jill said...

You really are a beautiful girl (inside and out). Glad you had so much fun. It's great to see you smiling. :)

Itai said...

Happy birth day:)
may you get to practice Row B, Column 3 as much as you want.

deepsat said...

ha! thats an awesome bedspread!!

nice pics rach!!


Mike Stickel said...

Yay! Pictures! Looks like you had a great time.

In regards to the "heavy" stuff coming, I'd say just write it as clearly as you can and if anyone has any questions that's what the comments are for.

Scott said...

Looks like a great time... I need to get that sheet set. Brilliant!


kat said...

yay birthday! and yay you're back (even if it did suck in the meantime)! and yay metaphysics.

my theory on explanations is: if i can explain stuff in such a way that my grandma or youth group would understand, then i'm doing ok. that, and if you go over my head i'll feel permission to tell ya.

oh, and awesome sheets but i don't think i'm allowed to have them. uh.

Thomas said...

Happy late birthday, R.

Keshi said...

WOW happy pretty n fun pics! MWAHHHHHHHH Rach u look ADORABLE!


Steve said...

Cute pics Rach, looks like a good time. Your Mom did good with the birthday greetings from the 4 legged kids.