Monday, November 27, 2006

Random Musings From Yours Truly

This past month has been a whirlwind of dreams coming true, happy synchronicities and new things happening so fast I sometimes forget to stop and eat or breathe. At this moment, I have a moment and I am kind of in awe of all that has happened. In just three short weeks my life has completely changed. Things that I finally realized I deserved are coming into fruition and

I have met the male version of me - monkey butt and all. Now that is scary.

I have stock options now - like a reel lif adault.

I have two new pairs of panties - One says "Who needs mistletoe" on the butt. Don't make fun of me.

My brother has got a new dog - bringing the pug count through the roof in my family. I am not going to get a pug.

My new boss has nicknamed me, "Thread Count."

People walk around the office here with beer in their hands.

I have my own private banker.

First freelance writing job coming up :)

A certain someone has also nicknamed me "PHD in Manipulation." - whatEVER.

Rock n Republic Jeans are my new favorite jeans

I did something so crazy - everyone that knows me is going to gasp, freak out, and might collapse. I donated two giant containers of clothing to charity. It was tough. I cried at some items - but so worth it.

My body is looking better than ever. I have started taking some new sports just to mix it up a bit. Kickboxing is one of them. I am also going to be taking Pilates and of course my running. (Told you I was busy!)

I have a brand new luxury apartment.

I actually make money now!

I am pretty much on the go from 5:00 AM till bedtime - hence my lack of updates. Things are going to settle down soon, or at least come to a more even keel schedule.

People are starting to see things in me that I never saw before - like actual talent and brains and the x-factor that is needed to actually bring in something unique. In some ways it is almost weird but in others I feel as though - ok finally! I am slowly but surley starting to believe that I really do have that X-Factor - not just when it comes to charm but with brains as well.

After Thanksgiving = CHRISTMAS MUSIC TIME@!!!!!

Woooooo Hoooooo!!!

We pick up our tree in a week - it is a real one :) And you have no idea how good my pies are. I am going to make pumpkin, apple, chocolate rum, plus gingerbread, sugar cookies...oh you name it I am making it!

I love giving presents this time of year. I put a lot of thought into it as well, I am now in the planning stages but I have gotten a lot done.

I did not go to a single store on black Friday. For that alone - I deserve a medal. It was so freaking hard but thankfully I had good support for those moments of weakness where I was tempted to just drive to the store and buying something I don't need just because it is half off.

Remember my boat/new York/ slash weird dream. It is sort of coming true. Well starting to.

How's that for a busy month!!!


-J said...

So are you busy then?

Jenna said...

wow so your derams are comming true than?
All taht is the stuff we all knew you had in you, it si great that things are looking great!
How far from palm springs are you?
I may be there in a week..going to see a friend:)
love the new panties:)

Jenna said...

ok so I can't spell:)

coffeygirlb said...

WOW, you sound busy AND very happy lady. Congrads on all of your awesome news! I so need to get motivted to work-out. I just can't:( Any tips??

deepsat said...

niceeeeeeee!!! seems life is indeed keeping u busy and happy!!

"I did not go to a single store on black Friday." LOL!! yup i concur on the medal!!


Thomas said...

Somebody totally deserves this.

minijonb said...

wow. i thought i had busy month. you win.

seriously, it's great that you have so many good things going on at once!

twobuyfour said...

You are a freak. Nobody deserves to be that happy. Knock it off.

Mmmm...pumpkin pie....

Scott said...

Sounds pretty crazy there, good for you, very exciting stuff.


Mike Stickel said...

"Thread Count" huh? Interesting. And people walking around the office with beer, are there any other openings? ;^)

Congrats on the writing gig and everything else that has happened over the last few weeks! Don't you just love it when things start going your way and you don't have to force it? I do.

Rachel Heather said...

J - just slightly ;)

Jenna - I am not sure but I think like an hour and a half or something.

Jenna - PS I can't spell for beans either.

CoffeyGrib - HI!! Well I hate to break it to you but there is no easy way to work out you just have to do it. However, once you commit after a while you get addicted. Just know that nothing rewarding like that comes easy. I say start small and build up. Also - it is a lot easier and easier to commit and such to an program if it is something you like doing. You don't have to be a gym rat. Take a dance class and go for walks every day :)

Deepsat - you have no idea how hard it was. They almost had to tie me down but I made it through it.

Thomas - *sigh* Thank you!

Minijon - Thank you! Yeah It is nice and I am finally making money and supporting myself which I think was the biggest helper. :)

2X4 - So if I make you pumpkin pie then you will think I am deserving? ;) Its all in the crust and what type of pumpkins. I carmalize my crust and only use fresh pumpkin and some other stuff I wont say. I have even improved upon it since last year. So - deal?

Scott - Thank you! Good thanksgiving on your head I hope

Mike - yeah it is Mimosa Mondays here and then Beer Fridays. Its nutty. Thread Count was because I had to give this speech and towards the end I told everyone about the benefits of high thread count sheets.

work in progress said...

Hey! Don't you be temptimg my man with your kick ass pumpkin pie! I'll bet my andy's candy's cookies are better!

I'm happy to hear that you're doing so well...and, I'm kinda jealous.

twobuyfour said...

There's an old saying in my family: Never buy what you can get for free, and never sell what you can give away. I'll gladly take your pie, but you already have my approval. You are deserving of all the rewards you reap. But I do love pie.

Actually I made that saying up.

Steve said...

Wow Rach, you've had a whirlwind of a time. Sounds like things are going great. Look forward to hearing more.

shopper said...

Wow! You have been busy! Reading it tires me out... :)

Lydia said...

That's fantastic that things are going so well for you, Rachel. Hope life continues to stay that great for you.