Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I took a much needed vacation down to the San Diego this weekend. I stayed with Ian and Jenna. We ate wonderful Thai food, watched Roddick play some Tennis, went to a Padres game, watched the Padres win, and had a rockin Fourth of July party. It was escapism at its best. It felt so good to be away from everything.

Jenna thinks she knows exactly what is going to happen to me in the next ten years. She will not tell me though. She wants it to be a surprise. Ian thinks he knows too. I, on the other hand, have not one clue.

I cheated on my diet a lot this weekend. I did not do too bad, but I defiantly indulged a bit. However, at least I refrained from the sweets and treats at the party. I am now back to 1,000 cals a day and sticking to it. No more cheat days for me!!!

Now that summer school is over I will have more time to read normal books. I started The Bell Jar and so far it is freaking amazing. I still have a pile a mile high I want to get through before the summer is over though. I am really trying to get over my bias toward pre 1900 lit and move into some modern stuff. There is some really good modern lit out there, I was just really stuck in a hole before. I guess we all get that way. We get that way about music, authors, places. It is a comfort zone I guess.

There are a few concerts this month that are must sees
First off there is Granty Lee. He is playing a few times and I really really want to go because I have not seen him in so long.
Then there is Jackson Browne which I have to go to because he is my Fullerton home boy haha.
THen as I expected some acts from Lollapaloza are going out on their own since it got canceled.
Gomez and Modest Mouse are both playing this month. I have to see Gomez!! And Modest Mouse I heard are pretty good.
Then there is Brendan's show at the end of the month

Busy Busy Busy

Oh and then there is this wedding coming up....

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