Friday, July 23, 2004

Letting go of everything. Period.
It is the Buddhists who believe one of the pathways to true happiness is to get rid of desires. It is the kabbalists who believe that desire is what makes us human. I am torn on which one to choose or believe. In Kabbalah when someone asks, "Who am I?" the answer is simple.... You are what you desire. But, if I am supposed to give up my desires to gain true happiness would that mean I am supposed to give up that which makes me human?

Other psychologists suggest that happiness can come from surrendering all attachments to things. This requires the balance of loving something without being attached to it. This is hard to do without being apathetic. This also requires letting go.

So letting go. How do I let go without becoming apathetic and defunct of all capability to feel at all? Is this what it comes down to? Not caring? The whole caring but not being attached thing seems to be the hardest thing to achieve. Say someone is in my life and I care about them, how is it possible to not feel pain if they leave? How is it possible not to get attached to objects, people, places...and still care about them?

I don't have any answers to these questions and I don't know when I will.
For now I guess all I can do is let go of everything and whatever comes my way will come my way.

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