Wednesday, July 07, 2004

In personnel ads people embellish their best qualities to try to make perspective dates attracted to them. What if they just gave them their worst? Like, hey this is the worst you are going to get, if you can deal with that then it will only get better!!
When I meet someone, I want to know the worst about them first. If I can deal with that, then their best qualities are easy. I can be friends with them, or their girlfriend, or whatever.
personnel ads should always state the worst as should any introduction.
Hi I am Rachel, red hair, green eyes, slightly evil, loud and obnoxious, vulnerable, possessive, spoiled, rash , emotional...pleased to meet ya!!!

Oh the perfection....

Nir lied to me about going to the wedding to get a doctor's phone number. As if I would not have given the number to him. I know we are not friends anymore or anything, but I would give a doctors number to an enemy if they needed it. Lying about the wedding was probably the lowest thing he has done. Well, I am not that mad because I am just beyond it all now, but Amy (Haber) was really offended that he undermined her wedding, and my mom was pissed that she got excited that he was coming over nothing. You can't fight fire with fire, it just does not work.

I think I trust my brother and Amy more in their opinions of my friends. It is always the ones they tell me they like, that turn out to be amazing people. They like Rachelle and Lyndsey and Lauren. They like Brendan and Brandon. Amy has a good eye, I trust her. I would think twice about dating a guy if she did not like him.

Spidy 2 was the best movie ever!!! Well the best movie of that genre in a long time. I swear I loved it so much. I have no words. Well not yet. I am still speechless. Give me time though I don't remain speechless for long.

One month from today until the wedding. Even I am getting nervous. It is an excited nervous though. There are not many mile stones that come along in life like this and so when they do, it is like my heart stops for just a second in order to take it all in just a moment longer. My brother is getting married! And, since I don't plan on getting married for a long time, this day is special for me, kinda a precursor. :)

I went to Tower records today and I did not buy anything....It felt really weird.

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