Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Sylvia Rynette RN,

I read your letter regarding Rachel Rose Kaplan and I started to cry. When I first wanted to become a writer I felt like if I touched one person's heart then I would know I succeeded...even if I never sold even one piece.

Knowing that a woman, in the last times of her life, was intrigued by my writing makes me feel like I have made a difference. Bringing light to someone's life, no matter for how long, is all I ever really wanted to do.

The fact that we not only share the same name, but that my Hebrew name is Rose makes me wonder if God really does work in mysterious ways.

The letter you wrote means so much to me. I would love for you to contact me so I can talk to you further about Rachel, whom I now feel so connected to. I would appreciate it greatly. A part of me now feels like this great woman was meant to walk into my little world.

Please contact me at so I can learn more about her

Lots of love

Rachel Kaplan

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