Thursday, June 02, 2005

What do we deserve?

The answer is very simple. We deserve exactly what we think we deserve.

I was talking to a dear friend last night when he explained that I deserved the moon and the stars and everything in between I could possibly want.

"There is a catch," he said.

"What's the catch"? There is always a damn catch!

"You have to think you deserve it."


The thing is in the bible it states, "Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened." It does not say you have to explain why. Being who you are is the why. You deserve it because you say you do. All you have to do is ask.

Well that sounds so simple. However, sometimes if we really sit down and think about it we either don't know what we deserve, don't know what to ask for, and feel so shitty-run-over about ourselves that we think we deserve nothing.

I know enough about myself that I deserve and want the best that life has to offer. However, I think one needs to be more specific. I think we all need to be more specific. So to help us all out here is a list that I think we all deserve in life for simply being exactly who we are.

1) Respect. We all deserve respect. BUT don't expect someone to respect you if you disrespect them

2) Kindness. There is never a reason to be mean. BUT if you hurt someone I love then the claws come out.

3) Love. I think everyone deserves great love. Period. No IFS ANDS or BUTS.

4) Trust. We deserve trust but in order to get it we sorta have to give it. Such a catch 22.

5) Fulfillment. If you feel something that you want and it does not come from somewhere selfish then by all means you should have it.

Notice a pattern here? We do deserve everything. But to get everything you have to give.

So does this mean if I give my clothes to the poor than more will magically appear? ;)


Amy said...

One day you will get my designer maternity jean hand-downs. So, sort of yes on the clothing thing. I qualify as poor for a little while longer!!!

Stewed Hamm said...

If you give your clothes to the poor, more of you will appear... though it won't exactly be magic. Say, if you can find a convienently located pole (say a streetlight, or traffic sign in a pinch) you could make some extra money while you're at it!

But seriously, yes. If you're a self-centered greedy person, you're not likely to have much love kindness or respect.