Monday, June 06, 2005

The secret to a happy marriage

This past weekend, my grandparents celebrated their 50th "Golden" wedding anniversary.

My grandparents fight enough, but what I see is a pretty happy and healthy marriage. They have been together since my grandmother was 17. They had two children and lost another. They have gone from dirt poor to the type of lifestyle most would envy.

They went through deaths in families, births, weddings, and every other mile stone. They even lost their entire house and all their possessions in a fire.

So..... Saturday as I was sitting at one of the best restaurants I have eaten at, drinking red wine to my hearts content and loving the fact that we surprised both grandparents with a party without them finding out. I looked at both of them and had to wonder, what was their secret? What did they do that most never do to sustain a healthy and lasting marriage?

My grandfather, toasted out of his mind, got up to give a speech and made some comments on the subject at hand.

"Some people have asked me how to have a healthy marriage...and to that I say it is best to wake up every morning and know your place in the world....its good to be above and not below."

What this means I have no idea...but I guess it is the secret to a happy marriage.

The night included people saying the secret to a happy marriage is, "yes dear." Lots of sparkly diamonds always helps. Hey whatever works. ;)

I got drunk. I was a happy drunk.

Anyway...I see my grandparents through good and bas as one of the few successful marriages out there. I wish them 50 more years.


Ciber~ said...

I would say that a primary factor would be communication. As long as that holds true, then you have less of a chance to take eachother for loosing your intimate bond or takeing eachother for granted.

**my two can keep the change**

Di said...

Rachel! What a fantastic story! How wonderful for your grandparents... I hope they have 50 more as well. And how wonderful for you to see such a lovely relationship in action. =) I have to agree with the most fabulous Ciber ;) Communication is key. Not that I would know as a 28 year old, never been married, single woman with no prospects in sight.... But I'm guessing that's a key issue! =D Hope all is well with you. Love your blog!