Friday, June 17, 2005

For goodness sake....

I've got the hippy hippy shake

Bad bad bad pun there but I stick a Beatles line wherever I can. We have got some shakin here!

I am a born and raised California girl but for some reason I still get a little uneasy whenever there is an earthquake. We have not had much quaking for a few years and now all of a sudden we have three?!?! Either this is just the world relieving much needed stress or these quakes are just the introduction to the coming of the BIG ONE.

The boyfriend is now seriously going to buy a puppy!!! Despite what others are telling him he wants the Jack Russell Terrier. I think they are so cute and I do believe everyone should get what they want, no matter what others say. I am beyond happy a puppy is coming. I was going to shoot some of the woman in my family if they did not have a baby soon. We are seriously lacking in the babies on this side of the coast being that all my younger cousins live in New York. So, having a puppy is something that can hold me over until Mrs. and Mrs. I-won't-say-their-names start driving in the preggo lane.

I have now become fascinated with a complete stranger. She was an older woman who shared the same name as me. I was contacted by her because she came across my blog sometime ago. I have since learned some amazing stories about the life she lead. She lived through wars, the roaring 20s, and glamour. She was a flapper, a nurse, a wife, and a friend. It is amazing how a stranger can inspire someone so much. I hope to one day wake up when I am 90 years old and be able to look back on my life in the same fashion. The stories some people can is just astounding.

These hot firemen just came to my office )well to the heart institutes office next door) they were pretty cute. What is it about firemen? I think it is the whole rescue thing. (honey if you are reading this, don't worry you rescue me from insanity every day hehe)

So Tom and Katie are engaged. WTF?!?! 2 months!!!! They even beat my brother on time. I swear this whole relationship (*cough* publicity stunt *cough*) has got me sickened. It is going so far as to he proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower. How cliche is that!!! I swear I would rather be proposed to over dinner or at a ball game than on top of the Eiffel Tower. The whole thing is ripe with fakness. Well, that's Hollywood for you. She is even converting to Scientology from being a Catholic. Oy!

I am trying to perfect roasting nuts. (ok that came out so wrong). But really, they keep coming out soft. How the hell do I get them crunchy!!!! I need crunchy nuts damnit!

More later today...

Thank God it's Friday :)

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