Thursday, June 09, 2005

Let's talk about stress baby....

I am practically living out of my car. I am not kidding. My entire car is full of clothes, makeup, shower gel and shoes. On a given night I don't know where I might be sleeping. My boyfriend's? My own house? Will I even sleep? So as of right now I have clothes everywhere, my computer is causing problems, I have yet to organize my new phone and I just might go crazy.

What I need is one full day. A full day to do nothing but organize my books, my clothes, my phone, my to do life. Instead I am running around from work to the gym to errands and manage to arrive home by 9 o clock only to either fall asleep or pack the next days clothes and head on over to my boyfriend's house.

This weekend I had to go to Santa Barbara for my brother's graduation for his Masters. In typical Kaplan family fashion I had lots of fun mixed with lots of tears.

I am now on my period and all I want to do is kill everything that crosses my path. In a few days I will be back to normal for now I feel like everyone is against me and the world does not feel my pain. I feel like I get no love except from my dog Boris who loves me even when I am a bitchy moody pms'y nut job.

Just a couple more days.....

Just a couple more days....

I need hugs and well wishes today so send them to me!! Pretty please....;)

In other news....

I have to wonder about people who constantly use their income and net worth to magnify their status. I do understand how the male ego is based largely on what they do for their vocation, being that they feel like good providers, but I don't understand one basing how much better they are than everyone else because they happen to have sold their soul to work 80 hours a week for the chance to buy 400 dollar shirts. What's the point?

Yes there is such a thing as people asking for Botox for their dogs. Has our nations dog obsession gone too far?

I had a dream last night of what my life might be like in 5 years. Suprisingly I liked it. Above all else I was happy in my dream.

The Michael Jackson verdict....If he walks I will take it upon myself to go up to Santa Maria and cut off his small multi colored penis.

More later...

Have a fantabulous day!!


Di said...

Looks like someone's goin on a trip! =) Hope you're feelin better today despite the news...

Ciber~ said...

I'll throw a couple well huggin wishes your way :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
It is amazing how it's the little things that make a world of
difference. My dear friend read your posts religiously. Well, actually, I read
them to her for her eyesight was not like it use to be. Every week we
would sit by the computer, which she was quite savvy with I might add,
and read the posts. Although there were others that she read, she would
always say in her sweet little voice, "Please, let's see what our friend
Rachel is up to." I always told her to write you but she insisted
against it. She told me that she liked yours because it made her feel young
again. That was important to her. After reading them she would tell me
endless stories about her youth. When you're born in 1917 you sure see
a lot of change. Oh, and the love stories where out of this world!

I guess she related to your blog because you shared the same name. Not
just the first name but also your last name. That was what first
attracted her to the posting. She once said, "What if this was me, growing up

On her request, I bought her a REM cd and I would catch her with her
earphones sitting by the window bobbing her head to the music. It made me
laugh. She never did understand the music, said it was too "modern",
but still liked it.

Our sweet Rachel Rose Kaplan passed yesterday. She told me this,
"...write to her, tell her thank you and wherever I go I'll try to watch over
her." Isn't that the sweetest thing. That's the kind of women she was.
She cared for others so much. I guess that happens when you're a nurse
for over 40 years. I know this may all sound very bizarre to you but I
had to do this. I had to write you. I have learned so much from our
older generation and it's always a shame when they leave alone. I hope you
embrace this with all that is good. This is by no means a sad story. On
the contrary, it was a happy ending. She had a wonderful birthday.
Without knowing, you did a good thing. It is amazing how it's the little
things that make a world of difference. I just wish she could have met
you in person.

Thank you,
Sylvia Rynette RN