Wednesday, July 12, 2006

100 Things About Me

In an effort to feel better I have decided to be a total narcissist. What is it about lists that are fun? Ahh well, not to question it I will just go with it. The idea was taken from my dear friend Nigel so with that I give you 100 things you probably never knew and did not want to know about me. Enjoy and maybe give me some tidbits about you. I love when people share ;)

1. I have watched all six seasons of Sex in the City on DVD so much that my DVDs are almost ruined.
2. I have a Jade Charm I keep in my pocket at all times and whenever I touch it I say something out loud that I am grateful for.
3. I am one of those rare girls that really likes her ass
4. When I was a toddler my mom used to put me and my brother in a bath together to save time (she was a working women) but that promptly stopped once she overheard me saying to him, “What is that? Does it grow?”
5. I have read The Count of Monte Cristo a total of seven times. It is 1200 pages long.
6. I have had major surgery once in my life when I was 16 years old.
7. I have broken my left wrist twice. I loved my purple cast because I thought it was cool.
8. I won my first writing award in the fourth grade for a very long, run on story about a girl named Danielle who runs away to the beach
9. I have studied metaphysics and the Kama sutra extensively. Both are not what people think they are
10. My uncle is only 7 years older than me and grew up more like my brother than an uncle. However, he still cringes if I so much as mention even kissing a guy.
11. My first portable music device was a Walkman called “My First Sony.” I would fall asleep at night listening to Billy Joel and The Beatles.
12. I have had to be rescued by a lifeguard three times. I had to be given oxygen once.
13. Much to my brothers embarrassment I used to take my cabbage patch kids to the mall in the special designer cabbage patch kid stroller.
14. The carpet does not match the curtains because I got rid of the carpet.
15. My first case of puppy love is now on The Real World and whenever I watch it I am amazed how much my tastes have changed since high school.
16. I have lived with one guy and I learned from that that guys don’t like to clean their hair out of the shower.
17. My senior year of high school I was voted Worst Driver, Best Photographer, and was second place for Best Eyes.
18. When I was five I lied and told my neighbors that I was a princess and got to go to Disneyland every weekend. I expected them to believe me.
19. I have a “face” I use when asking for something I want. This usually only works on dads, boyfriends, and guy friends. My mom has yet to fall for it.
20. I can read people’s subconscious motives and hidden depths very easily.
21. I always over pack. A girl has to have options.
22. I love lingerie. I LOVE lingerie.
23. I own about 400 DVDs. I own about 1500 albums.
24. I almost was not able to walk at my high school graduation because out of 50 seniors who did the senior prank, I was the only one the cops where able to chase down.
25. I dance in my panties in my living room whenever I get alone time.
26. I get very into celebrity gossip and am very skeptical that Tom and Katie had a baby. (Just read about the new birth certificate drama)
27. I am scuba certified but have not been diving in a few years.
28. I am not that innocent. But, I sure look it.
29. Everything I used to hate about myself I now love (my height, my temperment, etc.)
30. I read poetry, philosophy and cheesy chick lit.
31. I went to Mexico four times without my parents ever knowing. They thought I was camping.
32. I once drove to Vegas by myself. It took me 8 hours because as luck would have it (or not have it) I ran across a plane crash, witnessed a horrible car accident (where I had to help the guy out of the car and give a report to the police) and got stuck in the middle of the desert for two hours with nowhere to go because a car a mile ahead caught on fire.
33. When I was a baby everyone thought I looked like Pebbles Flintstone because my mom would pile my hair on top of my head with a clip.
34. I had a “boyfriend” in preschool that I played “doctor” with. He is now a baseball player and my mom and his mom still talk.
35. My kindergarten boyfriend is now also a baseball player
36. I once got lost in South Central Los Angeles in my mothers car at 5:00 in the morning.
37. I am addicted to shopping. I love shopping. I study the history of designers. Did you know Coach bags history lies in baseball?
38. I can get judgmental on people’s bodies (including mine)
39. I have very very ugly feet. 20 years of dancing and now running have taken its toll. When someone said to me, “Rach I bet they are not that bad,” he then looked at them and said, “Oh, you are right.” There are scars and cuts all over the place.
40. I got a tattoo on my butt when I was 16 and everyone found out about it except my mother who did not actually accidentally see it until I was 23.
41. I love Cosabella and Hanky Panky panties. Both are divine.
42. I know a lot more about things than people think I know.
43. I can remember conversations word for word that I have with people…even many years later.
44. I think three of the most amazing love songs are “You Are the Everything” by REM, “In My Life,” by The Beatles, and “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.
45. I already know what my wedding dress looks like.
46. I have been told I am both addicting and impossible. Sometimes both at the same time.
47. I once wanted to be a magician. As well as the following: an astronaut, a professional dancer, an actress, a PR rep, a writer, a Pilates instructor and photographer. Dancing stuck for 20 years. I sucked at acting. I found out magicians have horrible lives. I found out astronauts have to know science it is not only about flying. Writing and photography stuck. Pilates I am starting now.
48. I once adopted a whale: It was an Orca.
49. I love Neil Gaimen; most people are surprised about that.
50. There are two guys that I have met for only one minute each, in passing, that still remain etched in my memory very very vividly.
51. My sister in law thinks the only two things my brother and I have in common is our love for music and our ability to piss people off.
52. Until recently I was horribly naïve.
53. I silently fear success just as much as I do failure.
54. Cops let me and a bunch of people have a tailgate party at the Irvine REM show because I flirted with them and let them join the party.
55. One day I want a Yorkie named Demitri and a German Shepard named Brando
56. My parents don’t mind if I don’t marry as a Jewish guy as long as “he makes me happy and we have passion.”
57. I study music history incessantly.
58. I really like really raunchy jokes (i.e. anything that comes out of Kevin Smith’s mouth)
59. My ex boyfriend once stood on stairs blocking a rock star from getting to my room.
60. At times during the day the only thing on my mind is what guys usually have on their mind.
61. I will write a book, it will be called “Life and How to Live it” (those of you who got that reference are special)
62. I love eating peanut butter and peanuts. Peanut butter is extra crunchy. Peanuts are always planter’s honey roasted. I can eat an entire thing of peanuts.
63. When I was three I cracked my head open when I collided with a sliding glass door.
64. I drink diet cokes until they are half full and then put them back in the fridge. Right now there are 7 half full diet cokes in my fridge that I might not ever drink. However, I feel as if I am wasting money if I throw them away.
65. Every single REM album is used for a specific emotion I am feeling at a given time. Right now, it is Automatic for the People that is played whenever I feel sad.
66. My best girlfriends nickname for me is “Snatchy.” This is a name that has evolved. It started as Rach. Then moved on to Rach n Snatch. Then became Snatchy. It is not in reference to my private girly area, however, it does get some looks when they yell it in a crowded place.
67. I believe, and will always believe, that love conquers all. Love is all you need.
68. I have a fear of negative emotions and crawl into a hole when I feel them because I fear people don’t like to see that side of me.
69. I loved Pirates of the Caribbean so much that the first time I saw it I went out and bought a black pearl ring.
70. I once played Thumbalina as well as Hodel (Fiddler on the Roof) in a school play.
71. I want to have three children. I plan on being a hot mom.
72. I am 75% Russian and 25% Scottish. My Scottish heritage was Masons descending from King James.
73. I am a Scorpio.
74. I once went Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas.
75. I once burned my brother’s hand with a curling iron in purpose.
76. I got the chicken pox when I was 2 months old and had a total of 19 pox on my entire body.
77. To this day, I am not sure my father has ever said no to me.
78. I am only 4’11” and yet sources tell me I hog the bed completely.
79. I believe in magic and mysticism.
80. I am named after my Grandma Rose and my Grandma Hazel (Great Grandmas). And, I have four given names. Rachel Heather Shoshanna Hannah.
81. I love giving gifts. I also love receiving them. I am a great receiver.
82. An old old man once told me I was a “woman who runs with the wolves.” I am still not sure what he exactly meant.
83. My greatest gift, as well as my greatest curse is that I understand human behavior very well.
84. My favorite flowers are orange roses, not red.
85. I silently judge people based on the music they listen to. I have never dated a guy where I did not like their taste in music.
86. I got very very sick for a year when I was 13.
87. I have a hard time making eye contact until I know someone well enough to trust him or her.
88. I am a total pack rat. I collect everything. I have enough stuff to take up, not only my apartment but also two bedrooms of my parents house and a storage unit.
89. If I want something bad enough, I get it. If I want something to work bad enough, I make it work.
90. I have yet to figure out the true meaning of the poem Kubla Khan. I will accept help on this though I believe one might have to be high on Opium to find the true meaning.
91. I have a very overactive libido.
92. I am going to live in New York.
93. It took me a long time to finally realize I am worth it. However, I now know I am worth everything.
94. My Pug, Boris masturbates. He does it in front of people. Everyone talks about it. People have imitated it. He also grunts while he does it. He has no shame
95. I base my life around baseball and concerts.
96. I can quote Ace Ventura, Mall Rats, Shawshank Redemption, Love Actually, Bull Durham, Batman, Rent, The Lion King, As Good as it Gets, Spaceballs, When Harry Met Sally and Nightmare Before Christmas all by heart.
97. I have a big big big heart but hide it from those I don’t trust. I don’t trust easily, but trust completly when I do...and if I lose it then it takes moving mountains to get it back,
98. I have the natural ability to make people feel comfortable around me and share everything.
99. Depending on the day I am either very very very active or lazy. Rarely am I anything in between.
100. My coffee of choice is a Vanilla Latte Breve


deepsat said...

Nice list Rach!!! I like #67!!! thats quite true!!!

life is beautiful although ppl aren't!!

cheer up!!

work in progress said...

That was a LONG list and I read the WHOLE thing! That's how much I like you ;-)

Here's my sharing (since you like it so much and I'm really sorry about that thing that we're not talking about):

I was voted "Most Opinionated" senior year. I refused to be in the yearbook labeled as such because I insisted that it was high-school speak for "Biggest Bitch" (I actuallly said that to my English teacher who was the yearbook advisor). So she changed the title to "Most Tenacious" because I agreed that was much more fitting.

shpprgrl said...

Hmmmm you perked my attention.....mysterious rock star?? No wonder you knew about the Nina Katz face I mentioned that time. You also know what zsa zsa zsu is, why Carrie dumped the old politician, how a post-it note is a get outta jail free card, and the album Big left for Carrie huh? ;)

Tiffanie said...

Excellent list Rachel. I am with you on the trust thing. It's either all there or nothing. And also, I am the same way, either always doing, doing, doing, or doing nooooothhhhing.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writings, and greatly appreciate your self-disclosure.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writings, and greatly appreciate your self-disclosure.

Scott said...

100 things! That is an impressive list. That must have taken a long long time to write. It is my third time at your blog... so good to find out about all these things Shortie.


-J said...

I have learned that we have much more in common than I would have ever expected.

Good job. Feel better.

Rachel Heather said...

Deepsat - well there has gotta be some beautiful people out there right?? LOL

Work in Progress - I find it funny and soooo fitting that you had an opinion about being voted Most Opinionated :) I agree thoug that in high school it is not a nice thing to call someone. That was a funny story

Shopgrl - zsa zsa zu is that feeling you get with a guy in your tummie like butterflies. It is also that chemistry where you just gotta rip their clothes off. We ddon't settle for anything less than the zsa zsa zu. The old politician wanted Carrie to pee on her. The post it note Carrie showed to the cop because she almost got arrested. Though the cop does give her a ticket and when asked if they can let her off the cop says, "Im sorry I cant don't hate me". Big left her the Henry Mancini album along with a plane ticket that had a note on it that said "If I ever get lonely" *sigh*
Hows that?

Rachel Heather said...

Tiffanie - glad to know we can all get lazy sometimes

anonymous - thank you. However, there are many things i wont disclose. :)

Scott - Hi! Well it did take a long time but I have not been sleeping much the past couple of days so it is fitting that I stay up and write and try to be productive.

J - that makes you like me, then you are now special! :)

Keshi said...

U r sooo much like me Rach gawwwwwwwwd!

**3. I am one of those rare girls that really likes her ass

**22. I love lingerie. I LOVE lingerie.

**25. I dance in my panties in my living room whenever I get alone time.

**91. I have a very overactive libido.

**97. I have a big big big heart

**98. I have the natural ability to make people feel comfortable around me and share everything.

All of those I share with u and many more :):)

**63. When I was three I cracked my head open when I collided with a sliding glass door.

I cracked my head open too when I was 3 - yes! but that's cos I got under someone's bike.

U r such an interesting girl - it was a pleasure to read more n more abt u. I love the fact that ur a music buff too...just like me. Way to go girl!

btw I did this post a while was titled Me, Myself and I. :):)


Nigel Vossap said...

Wow, do I have a lot to say. First of all, thanks for the props. Now, on to the numbers.

#3-You like your ass? So do I!

#5-You need a life.

#10-Start kissing his friends.

#12-Did you get mouth-to-mouth?

#14-Was the old carpeting "shag carpeting"?

#24-Did the cops cuff you? And, if so, how much did you enjoy it?

#25-I dance in my panties too.

#30-Cheesy chick lit? Is that like Cheese Nips?

#33-Today, you are more like Bam-Bam.

#39-If you have bad feet, and I have a foot fetish, what the hell are we going to do?

#56-Only a Jewish guy could handle all the things I have seen on this list without going out of his F-ing mind, particularly the fact you know what your wedding dress is already going to look like.

#60-What do guys usually have on their mind anyway? For me, it's pizza and some cold beers.


#71-Hot mom with three kids? Think about your ass, baby. It won't look so nice after three kids.

#80-I was named for my great-grandparents, too. My full name is Nigel Horace Raymond Lucifer.

#84-What if I am color blind?

#91-I'd like to take that for a test drive.

#94-Shit. I think I am Boris.

#100-Just give me some damn iced tea.

kat said...

who on the real world? i fibure it's one of two. who?

i don't think tomkat had a baby, either. this is a change from my previous conspiracy that their marriage was to cover his being gay and her getting pregnant by someone else.

i frickin' tower over you.

totally with you on 97 and 98. i am so not going to join you two on this. i don't have that much to say...or that i want to admit. ;)

Rachel Heather said...

Keshi - We are kindrid. When I come to Australia we will have to hang out. The music taste just says it all!

Nigil (just some guy) - excuseeee me mister but just because I love The Count does not mean I have no life. Maybeeee if you have read it you just might understand. And for the record, my ass will be fabulous even after kids. You will never see me in "mom" jeans no sir. Guys usually have more than pizza on their minds. You are Boris because I have a feeling you wack your wee wee all the time. The carpet was never shag and I bet my panties are prettier than your panties. HA!

Kat - everyone towers over me. I am used to it and actually like it now. I believe she had her baby but the father was Chris Klien and she had it a month before she "had" it. And that is why in the last month of her prego she looked way fake. that is why the birth certificate is all wacky and that is why they are waiting to show the baby because when it is older it is harder to tell how many months old it is. I also believe Tom Cruise to be batting for the fudge team. I have my sources on this.

That is all, I must go to bed so I can get up for school.

twobuyfour said...

Well...I was going to leave a witty smartass comment about how-good-the-first-10-were-but-who-in-their-right-mind-has-time-to-read-all-100? Now it kinda looks like everyone did exactly that. DAMN my short attention span! Damn it!

Mike Stickel said...

That list was partly hilarious, partly revealing but mostly very interesting. It would take a long time for me to create a list that long about myself. Kudo's to you for putting it out there.

Here's one thing that only a few of my closest friends know, I once spent 6 hours in a police holding room waiting to be interrogated.

Keshi said...



twobuyfour said...

Okay. I made it through the first 50. Very revealing. I have no doubt that you are an amazing woman.

What are coach bags?

Rachel Heather said...

TwoBuyFour - see everyone read the whole thing. But you made it only to number 50. I expected more out of you!! :) Coach Bags are a brand of handbags that started about hundred years ago in New York and the makers tried to replicate the softness of the leather of Babe Ruthes baseball glove. They are now deisnger handbags.

Mike - thank you! What were you held up for?

Keshi - *hugs*

-J said...

It does offer some of the best advice ever. "Wait and hope."

twobuyfour said...

Okay - I got through #80! How can you have 4 names? How do they all fit on your driver's license? Actually, now that I think about it, one of my favorite movie characters had three (C.K.Dexter HAAA-ven!), and I thought that was too many.

Rachel Heather said...

you are on your way 2X4!!!

My drivers license only has Rachel Heather :)

Now get to 100 already!

twobuyfour said...

Whew! 100! Very enlightening. I don't think I saw any mention of your relationship to Gabe Kaplan though. Is this a secret?

BTW, #100 is wrong. Cafe Mocha is way better. You'll have to change your list.

Mike Stickel said...

Rachel, they held me because a former roommate of mine was returning excess inventory from daily shipments and pocketing the cash. It just so happened that he borrowed my debit card to do it. I now consider the lesson learned ;^)

Robert said...

what a list!!! A true baseball lover??? what team?? Mets fan here!!! Curious since you hate your feet but LOVE to shop do you refrain from stylish shoes??? or do Jimmy Chu and Blahnik get your mney as well???? Im a psych major something tells me you are a natural and probably hypnotize people with your natural charms.... most of us males anyway LOL

Rachel Heather said...

Robert - I am an Angels fan :) There are some posts about them somewhere on here.

And nothing, not even bad feet will ever keep stylish shoes away from me. I LOVE shoes !!