Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dogs Act Like Their Owners

This is Nala today, looking perkier. The bottom half of her body is shaved but you can't see it in this pic and that thing on her leg is where ther mainline IV thingy is. But...she is smiling :)

First off I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes and good vibes my way! The good news is it seems to be working! Nala, as of a few hours ago has turned a corner and, while we are not out of the woods yet, it is looking promising. So thank you all for the praying, sending good vibes, and well wishes cause he made me feel a whole lot better.

She has stopped bleeding internally for the most part and has not needed a blood transfusion in over 24 hours which means she is making new blood on her own. She is on a lot of treatment medications. Her immune system, because of an autoimune infection thingy, was causing her bone marrow to attack her blood and bleed internally but as of today, she seems to be making progress. We might even get to take her home tomorrow! THAT is nothing short of a miracle, being that she was near death just a couple of days ago.

As I walked into the hospital today for my visit, I was greeted by a very stressed out receptionist.

“Yeah 10 emergencies already today, we are swamped here”!

“I am just here to visit Nala” I assured her.

“Oh, Nala! We love Nala. She is the best dog ever. She really is such a well trained dog”!

HUH? Wait…HUH?

Did I just hear that right? If I had been drinking something I would have spit it out. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Nala (obviously), but best dog ever is not a category I would put her in. Nala is totally demanding and spoiled and hits you and barks at you if you don’t do what she wants. She won’t sit anywhere except shotgun in the car and puts up a fight every time we try to get her outside. I am not complaining cause I love her that way. I am just stating that, contrary to what the receptionist said, she is not well trained. After all I raised her so what more could you expect? LOL.

“She must be behaving for you guys, cause she knows you are trying to save her” I smile back.

After a wait I headed into the visiting room and shortly thereafter GVM walks in with Nala, who still has to walk with a sling.

“Here is your girl” he said and brought her to a blanket to get her settled.

“I hear Nala is getting rather popular back there”? I asked.

“Oh yeah, she is great. All she wants to do is love and she is so sweet.”

I let out of a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” GVM asked.

“I am laughing because you all say she is so compliant and sweet and nice, when I can see right through her. GVM, she is flirting with you so you give her extra special attention”!

He gave Nala and pet on the head and laughed a little bit. Nala looked up at him and tilted her head coyly.

“Now what is so funny”? I asked him.

He gets up from Nala and headed toward the door.

“Well,” he replied, “They say dogs learn most of their unique personality traits from their owners…”

He laughed again.

And with that, he left the room.

Wait, was he talking about me?

I bent down and sat down with Nala. She looked up and me and then lay her head down to nap. I sat there for a half hour petting her and wishing her improvements would continue. They said the medications and treatments had started to work and there was cause for big hope.

I looked at my dog, and realized that yes she IS just like me. Demanding and spoiled. She is expensive (I swear we probably just paid for all those Vet’s new plasmas) and flirts just so she can get special attention from the doctors. But, hey no one seems to complain about me so why should I expect anything else from those around her?

“You really are my dog huh”? I said to her while laughing. “I have taught you well, everyone loves you Nala.”

I would not have Nala any other way. And, because of some miracle, she might just get to remain my dog for quite some time.


twobuyfour said...

I'm glad she's on the mend. Keep your chin up.

Steve said...

Great to hear she is feeling better! I will keep those positive thoughts going for her and hope she is out and back home right away.

-J said...

So ... are you going to go out with the vet dude if he cures your dog?

Jewels said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. But at least she got special care and good treatment. Good for her, and you.
Hope all is well.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I missed the beginning of this story...But I'm glad she is on the mend! I love that you see that she is just like you! (Lol) You DID teach her well! I hope her progress continues in this positive direction...I will pray!

Haley-O said...

My cat almost died two weeks ago, and he's perkier than ever today. The vet totally cured him.

I'm Jill's SIL. Thought I'd check out your blog. I'm so relieved your dog is doing better. I definitely sympathize with what you're going through. Hang in there. I hope she does come home with you tomorrow! She's beautiful, by the way.

kat said...

i am worried about what this says about me considering my cat. oh, my.

glad to hear that you're little baby is going better.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'm more of a cat person, but she is a beautiful dog. I'm glad she'll be okay.

Rachel Heather said...

2X4 - Thanks!. What a week huh? LOL

Steve - yes we still need vibes we are not out of the woods yet !

J - now that would be poetic.

Jewels - thanks for visitng my blog! Yeah we took her to this animal hispital that reminds me of that show "House". LOL It is the best out here though and they were all amazing.

OOLOTH - Thanks, The beginning is just a few posts down but basically it has been touch and go with her all week. So naturally I have been an emotional nutcase :)

Haley - thanks for visiting! That is good news about your cat, it gives me hope that my dog will live through this one. And thanks for the compliment, she is beautiful. Maybe she should have been a model dog? hahehe

Kat - so tell me your cats personality and I will let you know if you have anythig to be worried about :)

Snay - I like cats too, not to worry :)

Sar said...

Great to know your dog is doing better. Hope she goes home soon.

question girl said...

I am SO glad she is doing better!!!

Aargh said...

From one Dog Lover to another I am sending all the positive vibes I have and Tara my dog and my baby is sending her vibes as well.

Rachel Heather said...

Sar - Thank you and thanks for visitng my blog! They are giving her one more transfusion today just to play it safe but she is turning a corner for the better :)

Question Girl - thanks and I linked you :)

Aargh - aww you have a dog too? Thanks for the good vibes from both of you !

Keshi said...

This is the BEST news I heard for the week! WONDERFUL Rach! I'm so very glad that Nala is ok now. As a huuuuge pet-lover and an owner of many dogs in the past, I u'stood how u must have felt seeing Nala sick and I wanted Nala to get better real quick. I think all the good vibes from readers heres and the prayers have worked.Excellent!

Nala is quite a charming lady ha? well what can u expect when her owner is such a charming beauty herself! Good on ya n Nala always :)

So does this mean u dun get to see GVM anymore? awww :*(


saby said...

u r a californian ??

how come u r not blonde ?
but u r dumb allright

Rachel Heather said...

Keshi - thank you! Yeah things are looking up! She is charming..when she is not being a brat. But we love her that way LOL

Saby - honey, not all californians are blonde. Me? Dumb? oh, shit, you let the cat out of the bag. Please don't tell anyone else ok? You might ruin my smart illusion and then what will I do?

Rachel Heather said...
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