Friday, June 25, 2004

I forgot to tell everyone about the Fleetwood Mac concert last week but that will have to wait. I have the Decemberists tonight so I will tell everyone about both of them when I get back.

So aside from getting that job at Hot Topic corporate they were so charmed by me that they might want me to also fulfill the role of being the new reviewer of concerts on their website!!! OK that has to be the coolest thing ever in the whole wide world. I get to write which I love about stuff I love and go to about a million times a year anyway. Only this time I will be getting paid to do it and won't have to pay for the concerts. Now I gather I will have to go to some dogs as well (I can't just review the concerts I like) but that's work.

So I saw this special on Discovery about sexual desire and physical attractiveness . It was purely based on science and no psychology so I was already a skeptic, being that I am so icky toward all this, we are just primate science stuff, but it was sure damn interesting. Here were the highlights:

- Physical attractiveness was largely based on symmetry regardless of weight, race or size of facial features...They just had to be symmetrical, as well as proportional. Meaning certain ratios apart from one another, even distances (both eyes same distance away from the nose, both corners of the lips underneath the same section of the eye etc. )

- a man who was more symmetrical smelled more sexual desirable to a woman (not to say others smelled bad..We are talking pheromone smell) and they think this may be that symmetry in males has to do with testosterone levels

- symmetry in females triggered the male mind to mean more healthy and fertile hence more sexually desirable.

- a woman's body becomes more symmetrical when she is ovulating

now symmetry has nothing to do with "model good looks" although most models do have symmetrical faces. Someone can be 200 pounds and symmetrical, or 90 pounds, big nose, pointy nose, it was all about measurements proportions and distance to these people. So I had to admit I was curious. This couldn't be all bogus right? Now I know everyone has different taste in people but they explained that. Someone who has different taste still picks and chooses based on that taste, and they choose the symmetrical model. The pictures they put on the television screen made sense to me. No matter who the person was (and they put famous and regular people up there) you could tell who was symmetrical.

But can it be all based on science? Wouldn't that make it so that our sexual desires have not evolved much since we were primates?

I am not sure how much of this I believe, believing in more psychological and philosophical views and desire. But some lines do cross. Although maybe part of us are still just monkeys after all. Or as Lyndsey would call us, Bonobos.


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