Wednesday, June 09, 2004

It does not take much to impress nowadays. Most people can offer up any form of bullshit and people will stare wide eyed at them in amazement. This happens in elementary school when little Bobby lied about his father knowing Mickey Mouse ( ok well I only did that ONCE) and it happens with adults when my mothers boss starts talking to me about things he thinks I know nothing about. ( I am afraid to tell him he is wrong since my mom needs her job.)

People are way too intimidated by anyone with a damn title or a pretty face. People are too intimidated by someone with a confident swagger. I wish my brother would not be so impressed or intimidated by those more confident than he. I wish many people like him were not intimidated.

I picture everyone I meet naked it really brings them down to any level I want them to be at, regardless if I am at first intimidated or not. When people are naked they cannot hide the BS and they can't hide who they really are. It always works.


So I am at the Franz Ferdinand concert...a.k.a awesome concert...a.k.a hot guy heaven. The place was crawling with my type of guy. Everywhere I turned indie rock guys walking with that cute modest confident aura, glided around me and I could do nothing but smile. I even encountered some faux hawks.
So I am standing at the bar with Shaun and Jason and we are playing the people watching game. Who is best dressed, who is gay, who is hot, who is not, etc. Shaun pointed to the back of a guy standing at the other end of the bar and as he turned around I was about to point out that his outfit was on my "best dressed" list when I accidentally pictured him naked. He was too much of my "type" I had to picture him naked. Problem was, he looked too damn good my mind anyway.

So there I am pointing to this "best dressed" guy at the bar to Shaun, blushing like a little school girl and of course he sees me pointing at him with a face as red as a sunburn and a grin like I know something he doesn't. He smiled back at me, probably really confused as to what the hell I was doing. :)

That is when picturing someone naked might not work

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