Monday, June 21, 2004

OK my new weekly heavy rotation post. This week is the 10 albums I am listening to that probably hardly anyone else is. Here it goes!! I am no rock journalist (yet) so I have no clue what I am talking about, well neither do they (except for about three of them)
So here is me, having no clue what I am talking about. Yet as Mike McCready and Michael Stipe both say, we need to give the listeners a lot more credit for being smarter about music than we think they are (paraphrasing) Plus I have perfect taste :)

So here it goes!!!

1. Keane - Hopes and Fears.
Three guys from England. Somehow the wee countries are putting out the good stuff right now. There is no guitars, just piano, drums and vocals. Vocals are very passionate a la Fran Healy. In fact if you don't like Travis, don't even go here.

2. Gomez - Bring It On
The first CD from the popular British band. Why are they not popular in America? They are playing Lollapalooza so maybe that will gain them some fans. Gomez sounds raw and funky. They got more talent in this CD then most have in their little finger. In fact this is probably the best debut CD in a longggggg time.

3. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Ok probably the most popular on this list. The four guys from Glasgow which is the biggest budding music city at the moment. Funky beats which take me back to the new wave era. Yes the 80's are coming back, tight pants and all.

4. Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Not Scottish or British. But they are Irish! (although they are Glasgow based) I promise I will have some Americans on this list somewhere. I played a song for my brother and he thought it was derivative. He does not have perfect taste. Some people like Snow Patrol, some don't. I do. It is britpop. Light, melodic, filled with distorted guitars, and lots and lots of heartache.

5. The Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere
OK I hate when people quote rock journalists in everyday conversations and make it their own opinion. I was once at this signing thing with this guy I used to be friends with. We were standing in line and these tools in front of us, complete strangers, were trying to impress each other by having an "intelligent" conversation about music. Me and this guy were practically on the ground laughing because this tool was pretty much quoting Q magazine when talking about why he liked the first Kings Of Leon album best. I should know, I had read the review the prior day. Now that I have made it clear that that is a pet peeve of mine I am going to quote Mark Spitz, one of my favorite music journalists. BUT...I am saying right now, this is what Mark sais. This is my self indulgent wanna-be rock quote. I just have no words to describe The Secret Machines and I thought Mark's words said it best. The Secret Machines are like, "Pink Floyd with Alez Van Halen wailing on the drums"

6. StellaStarr* - Stellastarr*
Funky New York beats. You either love them or you hate them. But no matter how you feel the fact remains, they rock rock rock live. Trying to get tickets to one of their live shows is another story. Maybe if they played the freaking Wiltern instead of the El Rey it might be possible!! Since the new New Wave hype is starting to hit big in Europe and New York, Stellastarr are starting to gain popularity.

7. Safri Duo - Episode II
Two Danish, classically trained percussionists make a drum and bass centric dance album. nuff said

8. Elbow - Cast of Thousands
Very pretty atmospheric rock. Again another import, from England. Man, they are really kicking America's ass right now.

9. The Decemberists - Her Majesty, The Decembrists
Meloy's voice is so unique. It is on key but mean to be gritty and there is just something about it that makes the songs work. That and the fact that the songs are narrative are some of the things about this album that I just love love love.

10. Prince - Musicology
He will never age. A solid album. Although it pains me that we will no longer hear songs like Gett Off and Darling Nicki, this album holds me over just fine.

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