Saturday, June 26, 2004

My cheeks hurt. My cheeks hurt because I have been laughing my ass off for the past 24 hours and I have not been able to stop. They also hurt because pictures have been taken of me for many hours of that and at the moment my face feels like it is going to fall off.

Friday night was the Decemberists show. I don't need to talk about how awesome they were because that is just an obvious statement. What I will say is Colin sounds flawless. Not just flawless, but his voice is exactly like it sounds on the CD. It was perfect. Mixin a great set, a bass drum player dressed as a pirate and a really cool crowd and what came out of it was just....Well you know.

So after the show I met Colin and I gave him and hug while I told him how amazing his voice was. I then proceeded to pinch his cheeks really hard while screaming out, "AND YOU ARE JUST ADORABLE!!!!!!!" followed my a friendly slap and a, "REALLY THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!"
Amy in the mean time is drooling behind me because she is convinced that is in love with him, which she did tell to my brother. She was so nervous, that all she could say was a nervous, "I really like your music, I listen to Los Angeles, I'm Yours on the freeway" followed by giddy laughter. Colin, being so un rock star like started giggling uncontrollably and blushing like a school boy. It was fantastic.

I met a guy named Bart at the show. He stood out because his name was Bart. Seriously besides Simpson I have never heard of anyone named Bart before. We talked for a while and he was cool and I love love love his name. The next morning I am telling this to Shaun when he tells me that his roommate, KC's brother is named Bart and jokingly says that maybe it is the same guy. After describing the guy and KC calling Bart to see where he was he night prior we figured out that it was the same guy! So without telling him that I was there, KC told him to come over. The look on his face was priceless when he walked in!!

Saturday was the Bridal Shower and the only thing more hectic than getting 30 more women in the same room together is getting 30 or more women in the same room together when they include kaplans and habers. The games were fun, especially when my 90 year old great grandmother found a condom I had planted in her purse and held it up, unwrapped it and looked at it for a few minutes before figuring out what it was. The worst was everyone telling me I was next to get married all day. I am 22 years old!!!!! Give me some time man.

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