Friday, June 16, 2006

The Biggest Secret to Feeling Sexy

Many girls I know and friends I have always wonder what the secret is to being sexy. I know girls of all sizes, all shapes, all looks, and all that and while many think and feel sexy many do not. I know this feeling. I had this feeling as a teenager. Women need to know that sexy has nothing to do with anything except the knowing and feeling that one is, in fact, sexy.

So how does one achieve this?

Well, the normal secret is you gotta fall in love with yourself. You have to look at your naked body in the mirror and find what you love about it. And then look at your naked body again and start loving all the things you don’t like about it. There is something inherently sexy about all woman and what baffles me is how so many women don’t see how freaking sexy they are! So what to do about it? Fall in love with the way you move, the way you feel and the way you look. No matter what!!

And what is the other BIG secret to being sexy?

As Karl Kraus said, “A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful”

So my other secret to being and feeling sexy….go play in the mud, get dirty, get ugly and have some fun.

Hahaha, and here you thought this was going to be another deep post.

All of these pictures were from the Marine Corps Mud Run last weekend….and hows dat for sexy!! Haha

I did the marine corps Mud Run last Sunday which is a 10K (6.2 mile) race full of obstacles,

muddy trenches,

lakes to swim through, sandy steep uphill battles, and hot marines heckling you the entire time.

I cannot begin to tell you how freaking fun this race is. If you have the stamina to do it…GO DO IT!!!

I think the best part of the race was when I came to the last wall. They had a few marines in the trenches to help the ladies with a boost if need be and as I came up to this cutie marine he said, "Hey wanna have some fun"?

"Well sure what did ya have in mind"? I replied.

After saying to his other marine friend, "hey...this girl is tiny we can have some fun with this." He tells me to put my foot in his hands and my hands on his shoulder.

"Ya ready"?

ehhh what did I get myself into?

Suddenly I was FLYING over the wall. FLYING!! So how did I get so much muddier than my teammates? Because I FLEW over that wall and completly submerged myself with the three feet of mud water on the other side.

It was fantabulous!

note to self: never open your mouth to smile while swimming in mud

So there ya have secret to feeling sexy

Get ugly in the mud



twobuyfour said...

That sounds like a blast! Are you going to enlist now? The Marines are hiring. Good pay, plus benefits!

I don't know about your technique, but I agree with your concept that any woman can be sexy if she believes it. It's kind of like magic, or love, or faith or trust (or the idea that the Padres will will the pennant). If you believe in it, it can happen, but if you doubt it, it cannot. A woman who thinks she's sexy isn't always, but a woman who knows she's sexy is - regardless of size or shape. I think women are wonderful creatures, and I think a lot of them are sexy. I think the key is SELF CONFIDENCE IS SEXY. Guys love a woman who's confident (except the stupid guys, they like women to agree with them all the time and not talk back - that's not sexy).

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I sure wish I had heard that when I was about 18 or 19 years old! I think that is terrific advice!

That Mud Run looks like it was soooo much fun! What a great thing to do! And you do look sexy! (lol)

Rachel Heather said...

Twobuyfour -

I agree with you 100%. Sexy is as Sexy does.

But I will play in the mud every now and then...just for fun. :) and sexy

I doubt I would do well in the marines though. I mean a marine had to throw me over the wall! I also slipped down the "suicide hill" and took out a few people below me. I had to swim across the lake while others could hold their heads above the water because I am too little.
But damn it was fun :)

P.S Padres fan? having a rough time huh?

Lady - You can do the Mud run too!! :)

Um Hi said...

You are so level headed. Your blog made me smile today when I found it! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Rachie - love the mud mustache

Now that is hot babe!


Sudarshan said...

You're right..its internal confidence and attitude and the feeling of being sexy that makes a female look sexy haha:-) I came here first time..great blog you've got here..nice pics and great posts!! Will visit more often now..have fun and keep posting!!
Enjoy your weekend!

twobuyfour said...

Yes, it is occasionally a tough road as a Padres fan, particularly when I live 3000 miles away and can almost never see them play because of the time difference. On the other hand, it's not as bad as being an Angels fan when their team loses to the Pads. LOL!


mrsmogul said...

Great post! hehe a guy could say two girls in the mud is sexy..

yeah I agree, you gotta love yourself

Rex Venom said...

Your beauty is aided by those cute devils in your eyes.
Rock on!

Keshi said...

U r always spot on abt things Rach, thats why I like u!

**Women need to know that sexy has nothing to do with anything except the knowing and feeling that one is, in fact, sexy.

so darn true! It isnt in the dress, shoes or the car u drive. It's in U girls!

**“A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful”

And thats very very very very true! Cos if a woman cant loosen up and be free-spirited, then she's just as boring as a stiff dancer. :)

whoaaa u got in the mud with the lucky some girls can get ;-) Lovely n funny pics!

And we dun even have to say that U R SEXY, do's all over ur blog posts!


Rachel Heather said...

Juliette - thank you so much!! not sure about how level headed I am though :)

sudarshan - thank you and welcome! Glad everyone sees sexy the same way I do!

twobuyfour - as for yesterdays game...I will give you your one moment of glory. Damnit. It made me cry

rex venom - should I say thank you? That was a compliment right?

Keshi - I love ya girl. Seriously..coolest girl EVER!

Mr. Burns said...

Sexiness: simply will it, and you are.

Ooh, and don't open your mouth while swimming in mud. Taking for granted the fact that most people don't get the chance to actually swim in mud, I'd say that's good advice. Between you and your grandfather, you're two for two today!

shpprgrl said...

I love that photo, I'm glad you decided to post it. You look so happy! I'll remember your advice about not opening my mouth when I'm in alot of muddy water, IF I'm ever in that position. So funny!

Rachel Heather said...

Shoppergirl and Mr. Burns - thank you for taking my advice about not opening your mouth is perfect advice. I learned the hard way

Twobuyfour - It was pure luck. We are in a slump. I have faith that we will get out of it...damnit. I had to watch Sundays game with Pad fans...that was a rough one

coffeygirlb said...

You're hilarious. I wish that I could get to that "sexy" place. It would definitely make my life much easier! And my husband would much prefer it to my self-loathing days! That Marine Corps thing looks crazy fun...and hard.

Nigel Vossap said...

I found you through Tiffanie. Awesome post. I love your blog. I agree with almost everything you have here, and I would add that dudes dig confidence in their women. I have gone out with women of all proportions, but the thing I dig the most at the end of the day is that they love themselves (as you suggest), love me, and have all the confidence in the world.