Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick Note to the Mom and the Dad

Happy 29th!!!!

Mom thank you for finally accepting Dad's date even though you thought he was a total player...

Dad thank you for getting your head out of your ass 29 years ago when you decided that, no, in fact, you could not live without the Mom so you had to beg her back.

Because then you would not have given birth to this wonderful, beautiful, daughter who you lovingly call the devil spawn.

Oh and that smart guy who is your would not have had him either...yeah whatever.

Happy Anniversary!! And may you have 29 more years :)


Anonymous said...

see thats the way romance is supposed to be. youre whole family is a disney movie, which makes ethan which character, I'll let you decide

Keshi said...

ur Mum n Dad look awesome! Thanks for dropping by my blog Rachel :)

**the devil spawn

I can see that ur devlishly beautiful!


Rachel Heather said...

Keshi - it was my pleasure..I love your blog can I link to you? :)

As far as Disney goes - I would have to say Ethan is Donald Duck - because in the words of a friend, "he is the only character I can picture using the word fucktard"


shpprgrl said...

Wow, Happy Anniversary to the still happy couple!!!

Steve said...

Happy Anniversary to Ma & Pa Kaplan! Great picture of them

Keshi said...

sure sweety!