Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Have Fun With The Things You Like….Joke Around…
Act Goofy….It all makes life more fun.


“Rachel I think you have a dangerous obsession with asses,” My good friend B told me.

“It is not dangerous I just like asses…can I touch yours on Saturday”?

For those that don’t know me, this is how I always talk, I always joke around

“No you can’t touch my butt, I don’t do that.”

“ But you have the 5th best ass I know, so it is only fair.” I say, because it is true B is number 5 in the top 5.

“I don’t do that without marriage,” he says sarcastically.

“Well marry me then.” I laugh

“No” he says monotone.

“Well why not”?

“Your brother would kill me.”

B is another one of those guy friends that is like a big brother to me. He is, however, in a band that I KNOW will make it and Saturday he was playing the Viper Room in LA. B is so talented it is almost crazy. In fact, (shameless promotion) you can check out their website at and see for yourself.

“So…well….can I touch it anyway.”?

“Whatever, it is not like I can stop you.” he shrugs it off.

Saturday: Location: Viper Room

“Hey Brother, where is Rachel you guys lose her already”? I overhear B asking my brother.

I come to his side and reach out to give him a hug. He towers over me by more than a foot so my hands are in perfect grabbing position for his….

“Hey! There you are, you found my ass”

My brother looked on perplexed.

“Hey Brother, did you know that your sister gave me the honorable award for 5th best ass out of the top five asses of guys she knows”?

My brother just shakes his head.

The show, as always was amazing. B comes alive on stage like a true rock star. It is almost as if he becomes a different person on stage, he grabs the entire audience and doesn't let them go until it is all over. After the show we continued the night at Red Rocks where I made a new friend simply for the fact that the new friend was 6’8 inches tall…so we felt we must take a picture together. Me and Brother sent insults through text messaging to each other throughout the night. Can you feel the love? I told a guy who said, “Hey you are a Spinner, that’s hot,” to me, to fuck off as I now know what “Spinner” is.

We stopped drinking and bickering for a few minutes to take some snapshots...

If you need further proof of how different I am than my brother...this pretty much sums it up:

me and brother

If you wanna see how cute his wife is, this pretty much sums that one up:

and here is me and The B...with the beard he just grew..grrrr.

The night ended and the busy few days ahead were just starting. (more on those days later)

We said our so longs, I gave B a hug and then reached down and, there on the street, right on Sunset, I planted one on his butt.

So, yes I have a mild obsession with people’s butts. In fact, if I were to take any of my friends and have them line up far away with their backs to me I could identify who they were simply from their rear end. It has become the running joke with many of my guy and girlfriends that they must prepare to be pinched. So now some of my girlfriends have resorted to getting back to me by grabbing my butt whenever they can.

Hey you gotta do what you gotta for some entertainment….

So anyone wanna show me their backside? ;)


deepsat said...

LOL!!! you are too much!!! dont grab mine coz its already reserved by my lady :-)))

keep posting!

work in progress said...

Rachel, you kill me. I don't know very many people with the attitude and energy you embody. Keep it up, it's refreshing.

Steve said...

I wish I wasn't out of town on Saturday, The Quiet always put on a damn fine show. Definitely would encourage everyone to check them out. Hanging out with you all would have been a good time. Glad to hear you were able to make it. B is looking sharp with the beard.

Tiffanie said...

Rachel, you're cute.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Sounds like you had a GOOD Time! And you were right up there on "The Strip"...WOW! You and your brothers wife look alike---at least from that photograph you do!

I agree with you about Celebrating one's Birthday as long as you can...a month? Well, if ever there was a time to do that, it's this Birthday of mine!

shpprgrl said...

I think Blogger ate my comment.

You are too funny! You and your sister in law definitely resemble each other. You face shape is very similar!

Glad you were all having fun!

Tim said...

quick question - are your eyes real? I mean the color of course, not the eye ball itself.

Rachel Heather said...

Deepsat - no worries your butt is safe LOL

WIP - aww thank you, that means a bunch

Steve - yeah they were amazing on Sat. But then again, they always are. B thinks he looks hot with the beard.

Tiffanie - thanks, I bet you are too cause only cute girls say other girls are cute LOL

OOLOTH - that is whatI always do. November is my birthday month and everyone has to service me and be my bitch for an entire month :) Happy Birthday!!!

Shopgirl - Yeah we have the same face shape just different eyes and different nose. Also she has perfect eyebrows and mine are crooked. LOL

Tim - yes they are real..the balls and the color.

Nigel Vossap said...

You may be an ass woman, but I have reverted to a breast man. Together, we could make a really dynamic duo.

rabbitfish said...

Apparently there are four bodacious butts out there that I've missed. I have two words for the world's fifth greatest ass: beard trimmer.