Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night...and Party Every Day

When we experience something freaking awesome, we react with passion. Our insides get hot and tingly. We are filled with joy and appreciation. Life, to put it simply, rocks when something awesome happens.

At a concert, we jump up and down (sometimes not even to the beat) and scream and yell. WOO HOOO!!! We smile and laugh. We sing along to the words. We tell the rock stars we love them! “I love you”!!!!!!!!! We lose our voices we love so much. We may even shed a few tears of joy.

When we are having sex we are totally into it. We yell out. We call out. We talk dirty. Afterwards we jump up and down…YES!!!!!! We kiss our beloved and give thanks that he/she just gave us a rockin’ good time. We rocked so much that the bed sheets are across the room. The neighbors are yelling at us to shut up and there might be ringing in your ears. WOOO HOOOO!!!!

When we are at a baseball game…we jump out of our seats to cheer strangers on!! We yell at umpires. We throw beer at the Yankee fan 10 rows below us. (oh please like you have not done that) We sing a song about peanuts and cracker jacks. We dress like dorks and laugh about it. We wave flags and cheer!! WOOO HOOOO!!! We rock the game!

Ok so why not do that all the time? Hmmmmm???

When we are out with friends we laugh and giggle. We smile and get giddy. We talk and talk and talk and talk and talk…(ok that might be a girl thing) We rock!!!

What would your life look like if you created that much joy everywhere? What if you made it your goal to rock every day?

When you are at work and you just completed a project – Jump out of your chair! Scream WOO HOOOO. Say, “I rock”!!!!! YES!!!!! “I would like to thank myself, because without me this might have never been possible” Throw some silly string while you are at it. Make yourself a banner and put it near your desk.

Next time you are at the grocery store stocking up on your goods, dance down the aisle way. Take that cart and do some zig zags! Leave the cart for a minute and do a twirl! You found a bargain? Are those Lean Cuisines a dollar off? Rock on! Put your fist in the air (oh you know that fist-in-the-air-joy-jab) and scream out, “A dollar saved! AWESOME!” Marvel in awe at that beautiful perfect apple. If you want, juggle them.

The guy at a restaurant gives you great service? - Jump up and give him or her a big hug. We scream out and cheer on strangers why not cheer for someone who actually gives you some food? “Awesome waiter”!!!! Pretend the table is a stage and throw that tip down with abandon. :"I love you and the way you hold that menu waiter"!

Stuck in Traffic? –Throw on some music – start dancing (yes this is possible) and give smiles to all the souls in the cars next to you. Blow them a kiss. Roll down your window and tell them to have a blast. Sing at the top of your lungs!!!

Try walking into your boss’s office and paying them a compliment…see what happens. In fact, pay 10 people a compliment today…treat them like rock stars. Better yet, make at least 5 of those compliments to people you dislike, are not friends with, fear, intimidated by or don’t converse with on a daily basis.

Try this for a day…

If you like it….try it for a few days…weeks…months….years…

Maybe then you might create rock concert (or whatever your “thing” might be) joy all day.

Now show me that sexy smile (yes that one) and get to it....


Steve said...

I have jumped out of my chair at work and said "I rock" when I nailed down a big project. That was about 4AM and nobody was around though. Thought was there

Mr. Burns said...

Ultimate optimism...I like it. I tend to sing and dance around the office. People are used to it now, and I think the vibe is contagious.

D said...

See with footbal (soccer to you) we get even more rowdy. We drink we chant, we cry openly when our team loses. You're talking to a guy who did a kartwheel in his office when his team scored.

There is nothing like having a few pints with your compatriots throwing your arms around them draped in your team colours and singing like it's going out of style.

Rachel Heather said...

good you rock stars!!

and now go do your compliment homework


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...


Great idea, and thanks for reminding me that life is filled with fun exciting inspiring things to be savored...!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, seriously, I have never met anyone like you and I doubt I will ever meet anyone like you in my life.

You bring love to everything you touch. Thank you for reminding us what is important.

Bravo Babe!

Keshi said...


Great post girl..I always 'rock' anyways...ask my friends lol!

**Next time you are at the grocery store stocking up on your goods, dance down the aisle way.

do it all the time but when no one's watching :) I even dance inside the lift, car etc etc...

U got style for life!


coffeygirlb said...

Very good point. I have never been able to talk dirty during sex though. I don't know why. I just feel stupid and silly, eek, TMI??

coffeygirlb said...

But I DO proclaim that I rock on a daily basis. And then I do the whole "Superstar" pose.

CP said...

I'm new here, but...did you do some X or Cid during that excurion?

It sounds like you have a great outlook on life, and we all need more like you around. As far as the "just got a new Toyota" moves...knowing me, I'd break a hip or sumthin.

I've had the pleasure of being around the ulitmate optimistics, and it can be fun at times.

Change the world!

shpprgrl said...

I love this post. I know that feeling. I will try to live the next few days just like I was at the Bon Jovi concert this past February. I just hope a drunk girl doesn't throw up on my shoes...and then I have to throw them away. ha! Cya in a few days, I'm hitting the trail again!

twobuyfour said...

Classic good advice. Live every day as if it were your last. Carpe Diem and all that. You are absolutely right. I try to live each day in the best way I can - and I have no bones about passing out compliments. People love getting them, even if they tell you they don't.

twobuyfour said...

Just outta curiousity, when you're throwing down on the Yankee fan, who are you rooting for? Angels?

Tiffanie said...

I came to your site from CP's place. WOO HOOOO!!! YAY FOR ME ;-)

Rachel Heather said...

TwobuyFour - Yes I am an Angels fan....here are pictures of me dressed as the "fan" somewhere around this blog :)

Tiffanie - see now I like your attitude

coffey - see now that pose is hot - I got to see a picture of that. and its ok if you cant talk dirty. LOL...I wont go any further or I might do a TMI

CP - What is Cid? :)

Rachel Heather said...
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kat said...

i have been known to act so childish and fun-loving in so many occasions that people are surprised to discover that i have substance. really, it's all in the skipping and giggling at just about anything...like whale sex. there is such an under-appreciation for whale sex.

Keshi said...

just came to tell ya Rach that Mercury Rev is a huge part of life..