Friday, June 02, 2006

Homework and Thoughts to Ponder While I am Gone

Allrighty I am off to San Francisco and various spots around the bay area. I might even have to stop by my home-town except its not like I even remember my old address.

Before I go I would like to leave you all with these thoughts to ponder for the week

Sexy Scissors - learn it live it

The Goddess Rules – Read it (if you are a girl)

Gomez – How We Operate – listen to it

When my sister is stressed – she goes so crazy its like all access comedy

When you are all out of thoughts – your mind goes blank and you reach Nirvana

If a guy brags about his "number" (or tells you it without you asking) or you notice all his friends know – no thank you next go away

I have really ugly feet. Years of dancing and now running has just turned them into ugly damn things

Now that I am paying for shit on my own I have yet to turn on the AC. But also the AC knob is high on the wall and I have yet to figure out how to reach it

There is a Lean Cuisine that is just fettuccine Alfredo and another that is Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. The one with chicken is only 10 calories more than the one without. (Sister gave me this info) and we would both like to know then why do they make both? Wouldn’t you just want the one with protein?

Instant messaging and text messaging is the only thing cutting down on my cell phone minutes. Love the sidekick!

Skippy now makes EXTRA chunky peanut butter – there is a God

You have one obligation in life….and that is to rock (my man Greg)

And that kills me
And I hope slowly (best thing my brother has ever said)

5 phone calls today said the following: “Please call me when you get there I worry about you” - I am 24!!!!!! I can drive!!!!

Does anyone remember the meatballs and spaghetti song from childhood? I can’t remember the words. It started with on top of old smokey.

How about the Baby Beluga song? Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea…that’s all I remember

Lord Byron – a-freaking-mazing (a poet )

Noted freebie – If you are crying to a girlfriend on the phone while driving through a drive through the guy gives you your stuff for free.

I just completely changed my career agenda. I changed my major. I am beginning to think maybe I was not too stupid for school before but rather just was not in the right place,. And yet I am still freakeddddddd out. Will I ever freaking graduate? When I do I kid you not my family is going to be so happy and in shock I can ask for a pony and they would get it.

However, on the above note, I still don’t think any less of me ; )

I ate so much tonight I have a food baby

You know if you reread children’s books as an adult you get more out of them. Everyone, go reread The Secret garden….amazing

Me and R are seeing Rick Springfield tonight before my trek up the coast– don’t laugh

Saturday will still change my life forever

My brother is so uncool he is cool again

Why do some men make you turn into a babbling nervous looney around them?

Why do they make dressing room lighting make everyone look bad? I mean don’t you think they would make it soft lighting so you look good in everything therefore spend more money?

On that note you know you can’t trust a sales girl when she says “Oh your legs look long in that” WHAT? I am pushing five feet!

My Guardian Angel gave me permission to misbehave. So that is what I am off to do.

I will give all the details (except the ones I don’t want to give) upon my return

Have a great weekend all of you and for those about to rock..I salute you

And please post answers and comments to any and all of these..I want some answers when I get back damnit!


Anonymous said...

rick springfield, jaysus feels like being trapped in a bad joke. Tell you what I'll be turning on the brit charming pulling birds with bare white hot wit at the arctic monkeys show. So who is opening the show anyways Huey Lewis and the News? have fun up the coast

Anonymous said...

Monkey Buns!!!

BTW, we make you call when you go off by yourself only because we love.


Steve said...

Rick Springfield. Watching the audience should be more entertaining. Not as fun as seeing the crowd at a 80's hair band show, but should be entertaining people watching.

I have never heard of Baby Beluga song.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My thought about The Lean Cuisine? It's for Vegatarians...Make sense?
I can't believe that the Chicken could only be 10 calories....! Hello?

Hope you have a great trip, and if you want to be a photographer just start taking a lot a lot of pictures...Hope you took your camera with you on this trip!
Thanks for your visit and for your lovelycompliment.

work in progress said...

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed. It rolled off the table, and onto the floor, and then my poor meatball, rolled right out the door.

My granmother had that in a song book when I was a kid, I remember her singing it to me. How sick is it that I remember the words 20 years later?

And you are absolutely right, don't trust the sales-girl working on commision when she says those $200 jeans "Are VERY flattering on you!"

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying your last hurrah!

It is empty down here without you. I am just reading your blog a lot because I miss you.

but homework I will do

sexy scissors - I plan to many many times over. Did I mention many times?

your carebear - still won't scare me away

And your life did change regardless of Sat., remember you are a better woman. You are better than letting any assholes hurt you for a second.

I can't wait to hear the stories of your trip.

and once again...stay safe

shpprgrl said...

Ok, I could be phone calls 6-20 of "please call me when you get there safely".....when I read your comment at my place....yikes! Yes, you have a mom in the blogworld too. I know I'm probably old enough. Hope you're having lotsa fun! Rick Springfield...oh my! Yep, don't talk to strangers...ha!

coffeygirlb said...

Hey woman, thanks for stopping by my site. I just checked your profie out and your gorgeous, I see no gray hair!!! Silly:) I definitely be back to read more later!! BTW I love the name of your blog. I have always hated mine. It's just that when I started I didn't really know what the eff I was doing so it's all I could think of. It's sounds really un-interesting and prissy, which I m not really. I used to have the exact same blogger template that you have.

rabbitfish said...

I'm loving your Guardian Angel - she's one cool broad.