Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Musings and a peek into my purse for GRINS

So being that my soreness was leaving my body and once again I could feel my ass I decided to take said ass to the mall to look for a dress. I tried on so many damn dresses and of course the one dress that looked hot on me…the ONE dress I wanted..was the most expensive dress I tried on!! Damnit I want that dress!

So I won’t be posting for a bit I am off to go to San Fran, attend a festival (all the paid for drinks we want!), see a game (free tickets right behind home plate!), go to Napa, and see some friends….I will guarantee all of you I will have a ton of fun and will misbehave the entire time

I had a dream about Mr. Beach Boy last night and now feel pretty lame for not giving him my number. OK this is for the girls - do you know some guys who just have a body that gets you wide eyed by looking at it? They have a face that is so precious and a smile that kills you. Their confidence is such a turn on and their personality and sincerity make it all the better. You all know that guy...I know a few down here. BUT - it is THIS guy who I have only met once that haunts my dreams and fills my thoughts. I got it bad people - I got it worse than ever.

However, before I go I will leave you with some random musings from yours truly:

Something is happening to me Saturday that will change my life...but it is a secret :)

Yes I take a stuffed animal with me when I travel – it’s a carebear -deal with it

I get to go to the Toronto Film Festival and wear like a real red carpet GOWN. A GOWN!!!! With a stylist!!!!!

I start my personnel training and pilates training soon – ok so excited about that. I will be certified!!

I am not bitchy enough….but I am getting better

The best thing to say to a guy is stare at him in the eye and say "I want you"

A mirrored closet right next to your bed is deadly

I am spoiled rotten

I am still on a total high from the half-marathon, I want to go run one again. There are only a few feelings in this world that match up…and funny enough the word “marathon” is used for that too

I seriously need a day planner – this is getting ridiculous. I am double booking.

The best panties ever are Hanky Panky

If DUSTIN does not smile soon I am going to kick all 170 pounds of his cute ass into next week.

Too little too late....three strikes your out. I LOVE cliches

I learned the most important lesson there is to learn in life - what I am worth, peoples actions speak louder than words, I can't spell worth a damn, I can always grow and learn something, what I want has changed from what I used to want, if we dont learn from the past it will repeat itself, people will love you as much as you love yourself, if you dont love yourself you will attract people who dont love themselves, life has some amazing things happen if one is brave enough to jump, I don't have to be nice all the time, honesty is better, I can always improve, sociopaths are the only people who can never admit they are or were wrong, dishonest people have an alterior motive, most people dont know they are one of those people, we are all that person at one time or another, some kama sutra positions are damn near impossible, it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of you if you have with integrity, you can get everything you want if you are willing, settling is another word for fear, change is for the strong, love is everywhere, its better to accept who you are than pretend to be something you are not, no one is 100% noble and those that pretend to be are pretending to satisfy their ego, age does not equal maturity, people tell you everything you need to know without telling you direct, dogs are the best thing, tilex is awesome, my brother is always right about people as is my grandfather, everybody in this world is better and smarter than they think they are, life is pretty simple if you get your ego out of the way, I have no time for anything other than a second chance, third chances don't exist, if you dont love your own company for an extended period of time then you dont love yourself, loniless does not exist, admitting wrong doing does not make one weak it makes them strong, running is amazing, dancing naked in your living room is fun, never burn a bridge unless it is an unstable one, you can do anything you put your mind to unless you are scared of what you want to do, not doing what you want is another way of saying you have a fear of failure, a good book and a good beach can change your life, there is not a big difference between 800 thread count and 1000 except the price, its good to get dirty once in a while, there is nothing wrong with a woman acting like a woman, let no one make you feel bad for being who you are, always be yourself, and my last one....never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams


My sister is amazing.

Seriously Dustin...SMILE!!!!!

Everything is hidden under the one is what they seem to be.

Shout out to Lyndsey because of her graduation. Congrats babe! I can't help but feel envy, I am only human. But I will graduate someday. If only I didn't feel like I were too stupid to. (hello Rachel's weak spot)

Mr. Beach Boy needs to leave my head. Or should I just go back to the beach and wait there?

I promise to drive safe and I won't pick up any hitchhikers. My first road trip without anyone there to overprotect me...damn it feels good.

I will give you all some fun stories when I return..and plenty of pictures :)

And big ole SHOUT OUT to GRINS because she tagged me today (THANKSSSSSS a BUNCHHHH Grins) Go over to and bug her just because for me

Allright here it goes Grins, just for you

5 Items in my Fridge

1. protein shakes
2. water bottles
3. salmon
4. strawberries
5. diet coke

5 Items in my Closet

1. about 50 pairs of jeans
2. a bunch of shoes
3. a bunch of handbags
4. a memory box
5. some really hot tops

5 Items in my Car

1. cell phone charger
2. water bottle
3. flip flops
4. beach blanket
5. sunglasses

5 Items in my purse

1. lip gloss
2. ipod
3. small notebook
4. wallet
5. breath strips

5 People who are tagged

1. Mr. Black Rim Glasses
2. Old Lady of the Hills
3. Shpprgrl
4. Dustin I am tagging you too cause I want to kno what is in your purse
5. Mazing Amy


D said...
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D said...
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Anonymous said...

The only thing I got out of that is that you did not dream about me.


You said you liked my butt!

All joking aside, please be safe up the coast. People worry about you little dancer.

Anonymous said...
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rabbitfish said...

When you return, go back to the beach - he'll be there. I'm still struggling with the carebear, but I'll get over it! Love 'ya

shpprgrl said...

Your beach guy, it's just like Serendipity! I betcha he'll resurface!

Me tagged...oh boy!