Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lazy Days – Few and Far Between…But Oh So Fun

What I did yesterday

8:00 AM Woke up..crap its too early need more sleep

8:30 AM Ouch how did THAT get sore? Need water

9:30 AM – slog out of bed

10:00 AM shower and cover myself with aloe

10:30 – 3:30 - sat on the sofa, chatted, talked on the phone, watched two movies , ate chocolate cake, internet window shopped (damn I want that Bebe dress…oh loveeee that handbag wish I could afford said handbag),

4:00 – 5:00 – had to leave the house for an appointment – went to said appointment in the juicy sweats I went to bed in…forgot to brush hair.

5:00 – 9:30 – sat on sofa, chatted, watched some Sex and the City, ate more food, tried to rub the kink out of my legs, took a little nap, checked baseball game progress…wished had enough money for mlb direct tv package

10:00 – 12 – left the house – same sweats – to a movie…

12 – came home, took a bath, read some Ovid, went to bed ..took the sweats off

my sofa got some lovin today

What a perfectly lazy day :)

And ladies how much do you love a) Moulin Rouge and b) juicy terry sweat pants c) sateen panties d)cocoa butter body oil e) Love Actually f)fudge cake g) silk h)Aruban pure aloe I) Massages and J) warm breezy nights and K)Ovid

Now a day that combines all of those and doesn’t involve having to work or even move….priceless

Damn too bad today is going to be busy again..ahh well at least I got one lazy day.

So tell me – what do you all love to do on lazy days?


Anonymous said...

You read Ovid?

I thought Cosmo was your favorite bedtime story.


D said...
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D said...

see for lazy days I like to clean it's a release of sorts. Then I'll spend the afternoon trying some moronically challenging recipe that is the hieght of gastronomy, which inevitably fails. then usually reread one of my favourite joyce novels.

Steve said...

Lazy Days. It all depends on what my mood is. Typically I will find a new book to start, but if I am really lazy I will watch a movie or two. That's how I ended up watching the entire first season of Six Feet Under in one day. That was depressing.
If I am feeling a little more industrious I might do a little creative writing or some design.

shpprgrl said...

You pretty much described how I like to spend a lazy day. I can be such a great couch potato. I can watch Sex and the City reruns 24 hours a day and never get too much. And Love Actually? Colin Firth any day. He is one of my favorites.

I have winter and summer scents too. I have to check out that Bobby Brown one you mentioned.

Oh yeah, on the mom jig story. I failed to adequately describe the mom. She was a female version of Meatloaf...yeah you can do mom jigs because you will never look like that and can dance! Don't worry!